Wednesday, 22 July 2015

speedygeese training

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Training last week at Dickson: Roger, Ruth and I trained early (4:15pm) when we could see and it wasn’t snowing; Jen, Susan and Thea trained at the normal time (5:30pm) and it was pitch black, freezing cold wind, and there were hints of snow. Ruth ran a paced 5k in 30 minutes plus; Susan a 5k time trial in 22 minutes.

Sunday at Stromlo Forest Park: Andrew, Dave & I ran intervals in the frost. Mine were only 100s, Dave's were 300s.

Monday at Parliament House: Paul, Marie, Julia and I ran early. The main session was a repeat of last Monday’s, a series of hill runs on 2 minutes. Participating were Alex, Andy, Bron, Colin, Isaac, Jen, Lorena, Paul, Ruth, Susan and me. Next week there should be birthday champagne, and the following week (3 August) we will retire after training to the Yacht Club for dinner.

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