Wednesday, 3 June 2015

speedygeese training. running late.

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On Thursday 28th: I ran long early, then supervised a small group of Colin, Jen, Kathy, Roger, Susan and Thea who did a 31 minute ladder - 5 minutes fast (3 minutes slow); then 4 (3); 3 (3); 2 (3); and 5 to finish.

Monday 1st June: The first day of winter was freezing. Once we were moving though it was OK, though. I ran early with Thommo and Paul; we started a bit late. At 5:30pm we warmed up then ran under lights along the west side of Parliament House on the grass: 400m fast; 200m float, 200m fast and about 3 minutes break, repeating this 3 more times. Attending were Alex, Andrew, Andy, Garry, Isaac, Jen, Nicole, Paul, Peter, Pieta, Susan and Warrick. Others to call in were Julia (injured), Diana (warm-up only), and Christopher (late).

Coming up: There are quite a few events coming up this long weekend: I will be at the YCRC race early Saturday afternoon, a 6k at Stromlo Forest Park; then on Sunday resume my 7:30am training session at the same venue; and on the Monday holiday, conduct training at Parliament House at the usual time. Hoping to see you at one of these!



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