Wednesday, 29 April 2015

speedygeese training

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On Thursday 23rd, another session at Dickson. Miranda, Thea and I ran early, up Antill street, down the tree line to Northbourne Avenue, and return. Then at Dickson oval interval training we ran 850m with handicap starts enjoyed by Bronwyn, Janene, Jen, Julia, Louise and the improving Susan.

On Sunday, Andrew was at Stromlo Forest Park running 3 x 1k.

Monday we resumed at Parliament House where I ran 8k early, then because many had raced a hilly 10k the previous day, we did an easier session of up to ten x 200m at the Rose Garden. Participating were Andrew, Andy, Dan, Diana, Isaac, Jen, Julia, Marie, Mick, Nicole, Peter, Pieta, Ruth & Susan. Cookie made an appearance, too, in high heels!


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