Thursday, 9 April 2015

Dickson Oval preview

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Starting today, we return to Dickson oval for Thursday interval training. My Dickson oval page, copied from the "Our Training Venues" link above:

On Thursdays at 5:30pm the speedygeese meet at Dickson for training.
This occurs when track season is not on. i.e. the months April thru September
Parking is alongside the athletic track as indicated by the red circle on the map below.The track is 400m with 8 lanes, is all grass, and is lit by bright overhead lights

Even when wet the ovals are usually open. You can check availability at under "wet weather and ground closures". Our training is cancelled at Dickson when the ground is officially closed.

Access to the oval is from Antill Street, Dickson.

The timetable is:
5:30pm: we commence a warm-up jog around the perimeter of the ovals or beyond
5:45pm: after a stretch back at the start, a second warm-up jog is usually held
6:00pm: we begin training on the 400m track.
6:30pm: intervals are finished and we complete a short cool-down.

The training session varies, and usually includes middle distance intervals done either on times, on distances, or in continuous relay teams.


Occasionally a few of us meet earlier, at 4:00pm sharp, for a long hilly run before joining in with the main session. We park in the same location. If you are interested, please check in the "coming events" and also let me know you are coming.

A typical course taken for the 4:00pm run is this lap around Mount Ainslie

Another is this loop on the old Bush Capital 25k course, past Mount Majura and down to the highway.

Both of these courses are around 13k in length.


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