Sunday, 24 August 2014


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"If I had to pick a single art/artist I would have to say musicians light my world the brightest. All forms of music, vocal and instrumental, can fill space and provoke emotion, memories, and inspiration. When I find myself in a place where my energy levels are low, whether it’s due to physical fatigue or emotional fatigue, I am grateful to have music to raise the vibrations of my spirit. Sometimes it’s the words and sometimes it is simply the melodic sounds of the notes that can fill an emptiness deep inside and raise my energy back up. At other times the musical arts can raise my joy to another level, melodic sounds can multiply the good emotion to levels of euphoria. As I sit here and reflect upon the feelings provoked by music I sense a warmth and fullness deep inside for which I am truly grateful. I am also grateful for my own ability to make music, a gift that lights my world and will always be with me." - Kind Spring.


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