Sunday, 17 November 2013

2014 goals

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Goals for the year 2014

1. Run the Centenary Trail
The plan is to run each of the seven sections of Canberra's Centenary Trail in 2014, on seven separate days. Company would be good and I will have to arrange transport. Information about the trail is found at Here is an excerpt and there are maps and very detailed guides.

What is the Centenary Trail?
The Centenary Trail is a 145 kilometre self-guided, non-motorised loop trail for walkers and touring cyclists that showcases Canberra and takes users on a journey between urban and rural environments past iconic sites and hidden treasures.
The Centenary Trail is divided into daily sections, spaced for walkers and bike riders. Users are able to join or leave the trail in many locations.
The Centenary Trail is:
  • a seven day walk, averaging just over 20 kilometres per day or
  • a three day ride, averaging just over 45 kilometres per day.
The trail is designed to be accessible for as many walkers and cyclists as possible. It follows fire trails, walking tracks and shared paths in urban and natural areas and is open to everyone. The trail is designed for low intensity use by all walkers and cyclists of moderate ability and is generally less than 10 percent gradient.
Trail Sections

Section 1 - Parliament House to Watson
Section 2 - Watson to Northern Border Campsite
Section 3 - Northern Border Campsite to Hall Village
Section 4 - Hall Village to Black Mountain
Section 5 - Black Mountain to Stromlo Forest Park
Section 6 - Stromlo Forest Park to Tuggeranong Town Centre
Section 7 - Tuggeranong Town Centre to Parliament House

2. Keep working out at the gym (as well as running)
I have enjoyed working out at the CIT gym for the last couple of months and will continue to do so. Unlikely to go elsewhere, too.

3. Break 20 minutes for 5000m.
This goal says it all. Obviously there are a host of sub-goals about training I might have listed. Let's just say "whatever it takes"*

*not in the Essendon Football Club sense of this motto


  1. Are you thinking 7 consecutive days for the Centenary Trail? That would be fun.

    1. If I had the time. .. so very unlikely but an interesting idea

  2. I'd be interested in joining you on the trail but not on consecutive days!

    1. Sounds like a plan: and we could supplement the runs by caching (you) if any, and by exploring as in "what you will see on the trail", with camera (me). I intend taking my time!