Friday, 24 June 2011

planning ahead

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, June 24, 2011 with 4 comments
Having entered the Australian Masters Games 5k track in October, I have to start some track 3k runs in July. So I intend running the High Noon Meet's 3000m on 10 July, 1:10pm. Fields are very small for the High Noon 3ks so it might turn out to be like a solo time trial but I still need to run it. However, if some of the speedygeese would like to join me and make a bit of a race of it, or so we can work together at a quickish pace, that would be great. Details of the day's program and entry processes are at this link. Think about coming along.

I also entered the 8k cross country so am running some 8k tempo runs at Stromlo Tuesday lunchtimes in July and on. However the last Tuesday of the month is the Lake Ginninderra handicap over 7k which I will run next week before starting out at Stromlo. That suits because my third and main race at the Games will be the road half marathon.

Please join me for training if you like because company helps with these time trials/tempo runs.

By the way, I am still collecting ideas for accommodation in Adelaide during the Games. Thank you to those who have already suggested where I might stay. I will have to make up my mind soon.

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speedygeese Dickson Training last night: Abi, Bronwyn, Craig, me, Janene, Maria, Nadine, Neil, Rod, Roger & Tori participated. The main session was a set of five handicapped 400m runs preceded by a 400m to see how fast everyone was going to be on the night. Handicap runs are ideal because they pressure runners to maintain their best training pace throughout the session. Better probably than the continuous relays we often run, which have the extra pressure that comes with being part of a team.


  1. bummer, I missed the handicap 400s...I like those!

  2. Double bummer. Would love to join you in that 3000 but I'm leaving on a jet plane on the 10th.

  3. I'm flying up to Brivegas the evening of the 10th, so I might consider doing a 3K time trial at the meet. Alas, there won't be any speed involved at this stage, I just want to see where I'm at. That said the last time I thought about doing a 3K time trial at a High Noon meet, I fell in a water jump pit and seriously tore a calf muscle. The horrid memory may keep me away!! ;o)

  4. A/R, I plan to run 600m handicaps next Thursday but it all depends on sunspots, or something. ET, with any luck Chilean volcanos will erupt in which case you will be stuck in Canberra and be forced to run the 3000m. Janene, don't worry, the 3000m won't involve any speed on my part either, and anyway you need to exorcise that jump pit demon.