Saturday, 11 June 2011

on the road again

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Training at Dickson last Thursday: Running long first were Bronwyn, Craig, Nadine, Tori & I; we were joined at Dickson Oval by Abi, Amanda, Colin, Janene, Maria, Neil & Rod. A session of 330m fast/220m jog in teams of three for 30 minutes was followed by Brownies to celebrate a certain 47th birthday during the week. Janene along with everyone else was delighted with Bronwyn's cooking prowess.


Mary was farewelled at breakfast at Urban Food Cafe this morning and flies home to Singapore today. She has been a great Saturday morning running companion for the first half of this year.

馨文 (Mary)

The girls at the farewell

Geese on a Seattle highway, from

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  1. Very cute. They had to be Canadian Geese - they're walking on the wrong side of the road.