Saturday, 18 June 2011

Keep moving forward, never look back.

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, June 18, 2011 with 5 comments
Happy Birthday Kym, 30 years old today!

And Happy Birthday Susan, 37 years old today!

I shall be at Stromlo tomorrow running off the 8k race we suffered there today. I did OK, achieved my main goal of getting an M60 medal (despite all the M60s with more than one leg also running). And I survived the icy wind off the snow which was falling on the ranges at the time. It was just one of those tough, tough racing days. If you want to join me there Sunday for some recovery running, it's 8am. Not too hard, obviously.

I thought you might be interested in seeing my bucket list which was published on Facebook in February.

1. Write a book
2. Learn to dance
3. Complete my family tree
4. Learn one new musical instrument
5. Play in a band
6. Attend an AFL grand final
7. Save a life again
8. Run an ultra marathon
9. Live in new Zealand for a year
10. Learn Japanese
11. Set a world record
12. Have a street named after me
13. Get 1000 hits per day on my blog
14. Enjoy the company of many great-grandchildren
15. See a live U2 concert in Europe
16. Visit London’s Natural History Museum
17. Compose a song
18. Fly over Lake Eyre
19. Revisit Singapore
20. Do a Western Australian wildflowers tour
21. Read every book written by China MiƩville
22. Attend a Switchfoot concert DONE!
23. Collect every book written by Neil Gaiman
24. Watch every Coen Brothers movie
25. Run 100km per week indefinitely
26. Make the front page of the Canberra Times again
27. Mentor young people
28. Audition for a play
29. Be highly regarded by my peers DONE! or so they tell me.
30. Go on a second honeymoon
31. Develop discernment
32. Fly up the east coast of Australia
33. Hike south-western Tasmania rainforest
34. Run the Australian Outback Marathon at Uluru
35. Eat at a durian store in Singapore
36. Catch up on my reading
37. Meet people socially each week
38. Stay financially secure
39. Buy the best new car one day
40. See all my children, children-in-law, and grandchildren flourish.

And that's not all, I shall probably extend the list at year's end. After all, there is no finish line.


  1. So when are you doing the ultramarathon? :o)

  2. Not in 2011! "Before I die". Possibly the 60k bush capital, maybe in 2013? No running plans have been formulated for Nov 2011 and on yet though.

  3. That's quite a "bucket list". Would having so many items on your list makes it difficult to prioritise? Its not about quantity. But great idea.

  4. A couple a year should see me through. Number 18 will be ticked off in October.

  5. Thank you for the bday wishes :)

    That cake looks lovely and I wish I could eat it all!