Tuesday, 21 June 2011

hidden treasure

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A new Simon's cat, a short one. Similarly our place after 40 years in the one house would have tons of hidden treasure.... from http://youtu.be/HYlD0KXujAk

No run for me. I had planned a cross country run today, but Canberra is cold, wet, windy, and promises volcanic ash pollution. Indeed, the planes aren't flying this afternoon. Despite my resolve to keep running, I won't compromise my health for the sake of fitness!

It's boys week again! The same day my son Nathan turned 40 - yesterday - he became an uncle again. Another son was born to Nathan's wife's sister. A cousin for Nathan's new little boy who is 3 weeks old tomorrow.

And at Parliament House last night the two girls who trained, Rae & Nadine, were out-numbered by the boys, Andrew, Andy, Christopher, Craig, David W, Ewen, me, Joel, Mick C & Neil. We ran 12x200m on 2:30, down the east-side sandy stretch, with the "rose garden" loop as recovery.

Results from the Customs Joggers 5k Friday 17 June: Yili Zhu 22.57, Caroline Campbell 28.12; Geoff Barker 35.23

On-line Vetrunner. I have finally made the switch to the on-line  version of "Vetrunner" magazine, i.e. cancelling my printed copy. Saves the club printing and postage, and anyway the photos are in colour on-line. If you would like to do the same, Vetrunners are downloaded from http://www.actvac.com.au, and the email address to advise that you want toe be taken off the Vetrunner mailing list is vetrunner@actvac.com. July's Vetrunner will appear on-line very soon if it is not already there.

This Sunday's Mt Ainslie handicap is the best of the monthly ACTVAC handicap courses. Everyone aged 30+ do come out. The running surface won’t be affected by this week's rain. The Mt Ainslie course starts at the end of Phillip Avenue, Dickson (Yellow Pages Map 50, C7). The long course is 9.3 kms and the shorter option is 4.5 kms.

Threatening storm hides Canberra sunset

At last we have some rain instead of the storm passing us by.


  1. If the weather's like this Sunday I want a shorter option than the shorter option.

  2. The Mt Ainslie run starts straight into the wind off the snow. Should be a good one to win, the rest of the field will be wearing five layers of clothing.

  3. Today is the shortest day. I hope that means tomorrow will be at least 10deg warmer :)

  4. One of Simon's funniest!

  5. Well, it WAS warmer today!

    Simon's cat is stupid. Dogs make better pets - they're smart:

  6. nonononoewenno, Cats rule, OK?