Friday, 3 June 2011

A diversity of views

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Last night's Clarke&Dawe, from

Dickson Training: Bronwyn, Craig, Miranda, Tori & I ran early, 13k or so. Then at 5:30pm the main session consisted of 10 x 200m with 200m jog as a continuous relay; others present for that were Amanda (new), Colin, Dale, David (new), Janene, Joel, Maria & Neil. On this occasion the Bilbys well and truly out-numbered us. They train after we do; and another group, Gerard Ryan's group of young athletes, trained before we did, having moved down from Southwell Park which is apparently closed for renovations for the rest of winter if not longer.

New Moore baby

Samuel Jordan Moore, dob 1 June 2011


  1. Yeah AR, looks healthy enough I guess.

    Easy birthday to remember. You'll have to get them all to stop at lucky 12!

  2. Resting up for his first run, I suppose.