Sunday, 13 March 2011

Kerrie & Kym fly

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, March 13, 2011 with 10 comments
Saturday’s Six Foot Track Result:
one member of the speedygeese ran this year.
227th Kerrie Tanner, 6th female, 1st W50 by 25 seconds
843 official finishers.
Kerrie ran 5:10.40, which was 30 minutes faster than her time last year. Congratulations!

Sunday's Weston Creek Half Marathon
I achieved my goal, breaking 95 minutes, but the star was Kym who finished second female and won her age group.

Speedygeese gold went to both Kym and Caroline

Metro runners Chuan and Ann successfully completed the Half Marathon.

By way of a report, I found it harder than I had hoped, but managed to stay on 4:30 pace right to the end, with some effort of willpower. It was warm and I was never comfortable. But it was great to achieve my goal, and it was great to complete the race with no niggles, blisters etc.

My Garmin 405 experience was interesting. I had set it to beep every 5km, but that proved to be a mistake. While I could see my time at 1, 2, 3 and 4k, I could not read the display after it signalled at 5k even though it stayed on the dial for a brief time. The lap split display was far to small for my eyes to make out. So I won't be setting lap splits in future.

The other thing about the Garmin was, after one hour the display changed from minutes/seconds to hours/minutes. There may have been seconds on there but again, if there were, the display was far too small for me to see. That means after one hour I did not know exactly how far ahead of schedule I was. From 5k on it had always been about 15-20 seconds up, and I had an idea that I had maintained that, but I didn't really know. Is there a setting for keeping minutes/seconds after one hour? I haven't checked yet. [edit: trial & error -> if I display two data fields, not three, seconds become the same size as hours/minutes].

Shoes? Perfectly happy with the Saucony Kirvana, the best shoes I have ever worn. I would wear them in a marathon. If I were to run a marathon, which I am not.

The Weston Creek Half Marathon is an excellent race for trying out the gear you plan to use later in the year in bigger races. Not to mention seeing what your form is like before the winter season gets underway. Therefore I declare the event a resounding success.


  1. Well done everyone! It sounds like you are all running so well!! I soooooo miss running :o(. Oh well, no doubt my day will come in the not too distant future.

  2. Well done Speedy Geoff!

    Keep on inspiring us!

  3. There you go! I knew you'd do it! Congratulations on a great time even for a youngster like yourself!

  4. LL, there is no doubt in my mind that your encouragement as much as anything else helped me persist to achieve my only-just-achievable goal.
    Which all shows the value of mutual support via blogger, facebook etc.

  5. well done SG! and good work from the rest of the flock as well...!

  6. I did a big "Wow!" when Andy sent me a text message saying you'd broken 1:30. Still, 1:34 is very fast. You would have geezered 100s of whipper-snappers.

    Did Kym test her new skirt? Must see if the Runners Shop has the 13 Kinvaras. The 12 1/2s were too tight for my foot.

  7. Yes Kym looked lovely in her new skirt. Do you think we'd all run a couple of minutes faster if we also wore a skirt like hers?

  8. The skirt has certainly been helping Heidi at track, there might be something in it ;-)

  9. I'm going to try one of these. There'll be something in that. Got to love running "without inner-thigh leg chafing"!