Thursday, 17 February 2011

joining the dots

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, February 17, 2011 with 2 comments
Running: For the March 12 Weston Creek Half Marathon, online entries close on Wednesday 9 March. The website is, entries at

For the April 10 Australian Running Festival events, it's not recorded when online entries close, but early entries close on 25 February. The website is and the events are 5k & 10k on the Saturday, half marathon, marathon, and ultra marathon on the Sunday. Breaking news: apparently the Griffin program will be going ahead.

Broulee Runners
The Broulee bunch have just celebrated their four year anniversary - and here they are! Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys.

Meet them at

Music: four brand new album releases are on the horizon: Hillsong United's first studio album for two years, "Aftermath", Death Cab for Cutie’s “Codes and Keys”; Radiohead’s “The King of Limbs”; and Switchfoot’s “Vice Verses”. My favourite band, Switchfoot, have a Sydney gig planned for 21 April, then a quick trip via Ringwood (Vic), Toowoomba (Qld) and Albany (WA) before playing Singapore on 28 April and continuing on with a comprehensive world tour.

Weight revisited: I have joined the dots in yesterdays’ weight graph, things were looking good for a while back in 2008, let’s hope we can revisit that and improve on it as well. As I have known since marathon days, there's definitely a connection between (a) my distances run in training (b) my race times (c) my weight. Not sure what causes what, but they are obviously interconnected. As I lose weight over the next few months I am making sure I stay strong by (a) doing gym work and (b) keeping weight losses small, even if the losses look dramatic on the graph. Incidentally, twenty years ago (when I was 42) and before that, I was never more than 56kg, often less. So I'm not worried about getting "too light", it won't happen.

The weight graph (updated)

The full version looks even more impressive than yesterday's partial one.


  1. I wonder how much of improved performance is due to the weight loss vrs the better training?

    When I was running my best I was about 70kg (mid-30s) but probably looked uglier than I do now (too scrawny). Got up to 82kg at one stage, and now hover between 73 and 75.

  2. Good question Ewen.I was really thinking about this lately! Looks like an opening for a new blog post!

    As for Broulee, I know it well. My ex-girlfriend's Mum had/has a house on Mossy Point and I had some of the best surfs there, often by myself, that I've ever had!