Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's a known fact

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...that body weight and distance race times are related. Here's a chart which shows how my body weight increased since June when I got the hamstring injury which lasted until December, and how it has decreased since January where there has been 100km of running per week. I weigh myself every Monday morning, and record it in my diary, linked above.

It looks more dramatic on a graph compared with just reading the numbers from a table. By the way, the gap is where I simply haven't had time to enter the numbers yet. So, since the beginning of 2011, the graph is heading in the right direction again. Even before the injury, you can see there was a gradual increase in bodyweight. Better though than my highest bodyweight of 76 kg, back in 1998/99.

Summer Series Race #3 - North Curtin 5k, Tuesday 14/2
34.     Bob Harlow     M60     21:34    
37.     Kym Chisholm         22:06    
42.     Yili Zhu     M45     22:22    
59.     Susan Sturgeon     W35     25:46    
61.     Ruth Baussmann     W60     26:19    
64.     Caroline Campbell W65     27:43    
67.     Mick Charlton     M55     28:39    
78 finishers
I usually run this one, but I am saving myself for the Stromlo Running Festival 7.5k age handicap race, 10:15am this Saturday.  Many of the best runners from around the nation will be running, so I want to be at my very best. It will be the first time for a long time I have "tapered" for a race. It will be fabulous to have someone out there to support me, in my first attempt this year at running flat out.

Kayleigh, Jarod, and their grandad, running laps of Stromlo. (yes we did! I was breathing heavier than they were!)

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  1. Funny, but when I first glanced that photo I thought it was me jogging with Ruth and Yelena.

    Good luck tomorrow. Try and stay ahead of Keith for as long as you can!