Thursday, 24 February 2011


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Last week I felt weary most of the week. This week I feel like I have plenty of energy. Could the reason be that I bought a fuel belt on Monday, never having owned nor worn one before? Does a drink of Gatorade every 5k on my long runs make that much difference? Apparently so. After 49 years running, I have learned something new. Alternatively, after 49 years running, my body has changed and I need to drink more.

Summer Series #4: Barrenjoey Drive 5k, 22 Feb
31. Kym Chisholm 22:08
40. Bob Harlow M60 23:08
52. Craig Davis M40 24:40
55. Mick Horan M50 25:07
72. Ewen Thompson M50 27:01
73. Ruth Baussmann W60 27:29
76. Caroline Campbell W65 28:07
77. Mick Charlton M55 28:13
79. Geoff Barker M65 28:23
91 finishers.

Song of the week: "Everything In Its Right Place" – Radiohead.

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Bucket List - 40 things to do before I die
See my Facebook Notes page: The first one to be ticked off is #22: just this morning I have bought tickets to a Switchfoot concert. Better not tick them off too fast.

After Stromlo
Ruth, Jen, Kym, Brett, me, Emma. Ewen as usual is hiding behind the camera.


  1. You forgot Deek on the left pointing to all the Geese ;)

    I think you'll enjoy the fuel belt (make sure particular seams don't rub the skin - I put tape over them). Perhaps a combination of both? Even 12k is a long run these days!

  2. I should have announced a caption contest. What's Deek saying?