Tuesday, 15 December 2009

you all count

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 with 4 comments
There have been an amazing number of visitors to this blog in the last month:

And that doesn't include people who read only via bloglines, google reader, and the like. I guess it will drop away a little over the holiday period. But wow, the numbers until fairly recently were at the most 55 or 60 a day. Over 100 was unimaginable. Well, I commit to continue to provide items which are light, interesting, and current. You, the reader, all count.

Thursday's track program
6:00pm 300m, also a caber toss (somewhat modified)
6:15pm 1k turkey event (ie guess your time, no watches)
6:30pm 100m shuttle relay. No real rules.
7:00pm 100m “President’s Handicap" (but which President?), also a LH/RH shot
7:15pm President’s Handicap final
7:30pm Standing Triple Jump
7:40pm “Twosome 2k.” Teams of two, each individual age handicapped, finish together. Means that every second runner gets a rest.
8:00pm 100m walk relay. This one is fun. To watch.
8:15pm party. Happy Christmas!

Monday training at Parliament House. A good turn-out. After a very warm 4:30pm start it cooled down rapidly for the main session, which was thirty minutes of 200m hard plus a jog from the Rose garden. Participating were Andrew, Bronwyn, Caroline, Christopher, Craig, Emily, Ewen, Gary, me, Helen, Jennifer, Jodie, Kelley, Melanie, Mick H, Miranda, Richard, Ruth, Tim, Tony & Warrick.

Signs that you are Webbed Out
 Your opening line is, “So what’s your home page address?”
 Your best friend is someone you have never met.
 You are overcome with disbelief, anger and finally depressed when you encounter a Web page with no links.
 You are driving on a dark and rainy night when you hydroplane on a puddle, sending your car careening toward the flimsy guard rail that separates you from the precipice of a rocky cliff and death. You look for the “Back” button.
 Your dog has his own Web page. So does your hamster.
 When you read a magazine, you have an irresistible urge to click on the underlined passages.

On Reflection

Katie. And I can be seen, on reflection, taking the photo.


  1. It must be all those photos of me increasing the people traffic ........... not ;-)

  2. The photos must be the key. Numbers peaked on the 9th when a photo of Rod appeared, Rod obviously being the most photogenic person in the group. Then it dropped away again on the 10th when I put in a photo of Ewen. And recovered on the 11th with Gary.

  3. I'll do my bit for visitor numbers by not submitting photos of myself ever again! ;)

    What does 'every second runner gets a rest' mean in the twosome 2k? What if both runners are evenly matched?!

  4. Sounds like a great way to enjoy the holidays you don't have! All the best!