Thursday, 19 March 2009

Twenty Years Ago Today

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... well not today, and not twenty years either. I was playing some old Beatles songs - by no means the oldest - and noticed the date ...Strawberry Fields Forever, and Penny Lane, recorded with Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1966, that's 43 years ago!

Are we there yet?
...  I will never ask that question again. We are already 43 years past the best of it!

song of the week

... which made me want to go back to some old songs for my song of the week. With "No Line on the Horizon" on repeat in my playlist, I thought an old U2 song would be appropriate. U2 have always excelled.

With Or Without You.
... and if you don't have U2's "Live in Boston" DVD, you should! The best track on the DVD is an amazing rendition of "With or Without You", my song of the week this week. What a great live version, a must see!

"With or Without You" was first recorded in 1987 on the "Joshua Tree" album, still rated amongst the best albums ever.
... but that's 22 years ago!

Summer Series #7 – Lake Ginninderra 7.1k – Tuesday 17 March
35. Thea Zimpel 32:39
52. Adam Robinson 36:28
56. Caroline Campbell W65 40:06
62. Margaret McSpadden W60 42:00
63. Geoff Moore M60 42:02
66 finishers

See How She Runs

After a huge St Patrick's day breakfast, followed by a race up Mt Ainslie at lunch time, Caroline still ran really well in the 7.1k race later on the same day. Not too bad for someone born 67 years ago!

That's me in six year's time. Time will fly and so will I. Running on Athletic Fields Forever.


  1. Oh wow - that live rendition gave me butterflies - what a lucky girl!! She would be on a high for weeks after that. Think I'll go and buy the DVD now!

  2. Great song. I wonder if she remembers that concert?

  3. Nice song.

    You like me would remember the day the Beatles arrived in Sydney. I was going to scholl and it was cold and wet.

  4. I remember the day the Beatles arrived in ADELAIDE. I was in second year High School, all we Adelaide Boys High School students lined West Terrace to see them pass; the only time we were ever allowed to do so! I went to the Beatles concert; not as good as any of the other concerts I went to because I couldn't hear them properly for the screaming. I played "I Want To Hold Your Hand" full blast whenever it came on the radio; I don't know how the olds ever coped with that but they said nothing. Among the many many other concerts I went to in Adelaide the best were The Who, The Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison, and the best live concert of all, Eric Burdon.