Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Geese of a feather

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Doing it with your eyes closed

Sherryl lets Ken have it at the Sprint Marathon Relay.

Thursday Feb 14 track program:
6:00 pm800m(Pennington)
6:30 pmLong (200m) Hurdles (Boag)
6:40 pm3000m (GM)
6:45 pm100m (Daniels) 100m Scratch
7:00 pm10,000m Walk Championships)
7:15 pm4x100m Relay
7:30 pmSpiral Run 5 (non-Adler, start Lane 3)

Note: A new spiral event has been added, just for the distance runners.

A reminder: Enter the ACT titles! Entry forms are on the website. Entry fee is $10 + $3 per event. Races to enter in advance include:
Thursday 21 February10000m
Saturday 8 March1500m
Sunday 9 March800m, steeple
Thursday 13 March5000m

A further reminder: please remember to enter the Australian (AMA) championships asap. Entries close 21 February – that’s very close! Go to and click on AMA Nationals 2008. See if you want more. I have entered the 10k, 1500m, 5k and cross country. If you don’t enter I will be very sad as I will have no friends there! Lots of speedygeese went to Hobart last year, Blacktown is much closer.

Birds of a feather flock together.

See you in Blacktown at Easter.

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  1. That's me with the wings out, flying off to Wagga for Easter :)

    Just wear your flannelette shirt, get some mags for the Commodore, and you'll make plenty of friends.