Friday, 21 July 2006

Running Commentary

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Thought for today - "Anyone can run 100 meters. . . . It's the next 4900 that count!"

Here's Saturday's program again for you locals, copied from "Coming Events".
Cross Country Championships, Weston Park.
10.15 am Under 12 Girls 2k, Under 12 Boys 2k
10.35 am Under 14 Girls 3k, Under 14 Boys 3k
10.55 am Under 16 Girls 4k, Under 16 Boys 4k, Under 18 Women 4k
11.25 am Under 20 Women 6k, Under 18 Men 6k
12.10 pm Under 20 Men 8k, Open Women 8k, Veteran Women 8k, Veteran Men (Over 60) 8k
1.00 pm Open Men 12k, Veteran Men (30 – 59) 12k.
Entry for veterans who are members of ACTVAC is no extra cost, but all veterans wishing to run as veterans must register before the start. They will then be tagged so as to be identifiable to the recorders. One day membership is $1.00 for non-members.

After publishing yesterday the photos of a seven year old grandaughter doing gymnastics, I took a grandson, who is about to turn six years old, to see the movie "Cars". Another high quality Pixar masterpiece. With a great message for pot hunters!

He laughed at the same bits I did. Scary! We laughed all the way through it. At the end (and we stayed to the very end for some very funny scenes after the credits) he said, with a wide smile, "Can we watch it again?"

It is great being a grandfather, rubbing shoulders with the young and learning again to think like a little child, one keen to explore everything around them and gain a larger understanding of reality.

Imagine you are six or seven years old, experiencing challenges for the very first time!

Recapture that sense of wonder, of wide eyed adventure, of openness to all the novelty that real life has to offer.

Stop watching that stupid "reality" TV program, don’t let them script reality for you, get out there and find the real reality.

Encounter the freshness of the new day, see the world with inquiring eyes, hear the sounds with new ears, realise that today has never happened before!

That's all I have to say today.

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  1. That's really beautiful what you said Geoff, and so true. I wish more people thought like you do.