Monday, 24 July 2006

One Step Away From Where We Were

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Another philosopher joke. Heisenberg is out for a drive when he's stopped by a traffic cop. The cop says "Do you know how fast you were going?" Heisenberg says "No, but I know where I am."

My training progress:
last week's target 70k actual 76k, 2 gym sessions
this week’s target 90k, 2 gym sessions, Vets handicap Sunday
weight 64kg and falling
movies I’d like to see #1 “April of the Penguins”. Unexpected sequel. The penguins are back, and guess what, they still can't fly.
song of the week Concrete Girl from Switchfoot - "Legend of Chin"

Laugh or cry
I won't mind
Sing it louder …

And we're standing on top of our hopes and fears
And we're fighting for words now concrete girl
And we're swimming around again, again
And we're swimming around now ...

I am getting back into it and my "dire rear" is mostly better but.. it looks like raining this week, that will be a challenge to get to the 90km.

Result 8k Cross Country Championships Women
11. Maria O'Reilly F 51 W50 35:01 4:23 per km
12. Helen Larmour F 46 W45 35:07 4:23
13. Katie Forestier F 40 W40 35:08 4:24
14. Annette Sugden F 43 W40 35:08 4:24
17. Thea Zimpel F 23 36:47 4:36
20. Kathy Sims F 55 W55 39:26 4:56
22. Charmaine Knobel F 54 W50 40:21 5:03
24. Caroline Campbell F 63 W60 41:24 5:10

8k Cross Country Championships Men 60 and over
4. Kevin Chamberlain 60 M60 35:38 4:27
6. Trevor Cobbold 58 M60 36:38 4:35
8. John Alcock 60 M60 39:17 4:55
9. Geoff Barker 61 M60 39:34 4:57

Lots of cross country highlights - spectacular close finishes by the women; Kevin first run as an M60 (three days after his birthday); Trevor officially an M60 in the results even though listed as 58; my easy defeat of "he who must be beaten"; Maria's W50 gold medal.

Now for the Bush Marathon and the Mount Taylor handicap runs next weekend.

You the reader range in years from 12 (I believe) to 76 (I believe). I read in turn what the 12 year old and the 76 year old write in their respective blogs and find them both unputdownable. And I read the blogs of over 100 other writers. It is amazing how much in common, people of diverse ages cultures and life experiences have, when they share the desire to excel in our competitive sport!
... Sing it louder
Concrete girl …
----dedicated to you-know-who-you-are.
How fast are you going now?

Although there comes a time of life when even aerobics is a bit extreme.


  1. No, 77 Geoff. Just thinks she's a mere 76.

    Can you get your mate Costello to put some Mondo down on the PH carpark?

  2. No Ewen, she MUST be 76, because that's what LL's "complete profile" says. I know she reads this so I have to defend her against you! And her incomplete profile says "I'm a three score & sweet sixteen". See? And isn't it nice to know that someone can turn sweet in her 61st year? I wonder what she was like before that! You might be about to find out!

    Oh and by the way, the only Costello who is my mate is the Treasurer's brother, so no luck there I fancy.

  3. Awww, I wanted to run in that 35:00 - 35:10 group, I feel like I was left behind. Lol, that's cause I was! :)

    Can't wait until I'm mature enough to run times like that! Go girls!

  4. Aki, you are one hot road runner, but! Just look at that 10 mile result a week ago!

  5. We'll all be eating your dust soon enough Aki......and we ain't getting any younger!!!!

  6. Neither is Aki getting any younger SG but she'll learn how to run cross country one day.

    LL was sweet sixteen plus something, but I do believe she's had a birthday since then.

    How can two brothers be so different? We need a prime minister who runs.