Thursday, 6 July 2006

Googong Dam Half Marathon

Posted by Aki on Thursday, July 06, 2006 with 2 comments
Geoff is away at the moment, which means that his poor blog is open for me, as a co-contributor, to destroy...

The first Googong Dam Half Marathon was held on the weekend by Ken and other ACTCCC members and was a fantastic opportunity for a run in the bush. The event was rather affordable, indeed for quite a few, free, and it proved to be a great work out for any other runners similar to me who are still developing their hill running muscles. In fact, I'm still walking a bit strangely, and I believe a few others are as well.

I do not have Geoff's extensive knowledge of Team-Moore-ese runners, so I may have missed a few of you out. If you wish to be included, e-mail me at and I'll get around to it, or better still, e-mail Geoff and annoy him. :)

Googong Dam 21.1k

37. Alan Duus 60 M60 1:58:44
40. John Alcock 60 M60 2:00:00
45. Geoff Barker 61 M60 2:04:58

5. Cathy Newman F 45 W45 1:53:33
15. Thea Zimpel F 23 2:11:48
16. Caroline Campbell F 63 W60 2:12:04
18. Carolyne Kramar F 42 W40 2:16:50
19. Pam Faulks F 46 W45 2:21:27

I also spoted Magaret and Ruth in a team, doing a challenging Saturday run, and Maria O'Reilly and Peter Hogan were a welcome sight at the half way mark with drinks. Thank you to both of you.


  1. Good report Eh Kay Eye!

  2. Great Report; See you at the next challenging run!