Wednesday, 26 July 2006

chiropracticalistically clear

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, July 26, 2006 with 2 comments
I missed the BBQ Stakes today - it looked like a good day for it, another balmy 14 degrees like Saturday was, albeit muddy under foot I would think - but I was sore from yesterday's Lake Ginninderra 7k, and just jogged 9k today at 6 minute pace.

Then after my bi-monthly* massage from michael today I also attended dr back-quack** whose manipulations I used to rely on when the miles were many, but since converting to kms, have only needed an irregular grease and oil change. You see I couldn't believe it had been twelve months since I saw him last; my lower back no longer screams for relief after only a few weeks, no symptoms have been evident. Sure enough, everything was in place, and I was cheerily told "see you in twelve months" as I departed, a few dollars down.

*bi-monthly = twice a month, or alternatively, once every two months. How often I go to my masseur depends on the extent and frequency of running induced damage. And whether my medical benefits have run out as we close in on a year's end.

**Dr back-quack. A nice enough fellow I also see walking around Mt Taylor in my once-a-year masochist run around the mountain with the Vets. As this annual event is unhappily rolling around this Sunday, have a look for him strolling by as we curse our way upwards or free fall downwards in what is laughingly called a "race". We also know it as a "handicap", a much more accurate term.

Here's something interesting - the Adelaide marathon times for every race for every runner can be found at I appear three times.

Here's something interesting; another in the "Maxine" series.

p.s. it looks like netspeed email is in trouble today. I don't know if that means I am missing emails or not. Only one email had got through today and that was from Friar (thanks for the info I requested, Doug)


  1. Just got back from 3 weeks away - visiting family & friends in the USA. I read & enjoyed your article on Percy Cerruty - how true (sadly) what he said about the US. The size of the general population now is unbelievable. The portion sizes are huge and general level of exercise non-existent in most people. The general health of most of my high school friends is pretty sad. Anne & I did a fun run while there though & had a ball. Times were slow , it was very hot & humid but the numbers and enthusiasm were great. There is a lot of encouragement but changes will be slow to come.
    Keep up the good work Geoff & group. C U around.
    Congratulations to all those who did the ACTCCC Championships.

  2. Good news on the back front. Tee hee, get it, back front :-)

    Thanks for the Adelaide link. My name is there also, but only once. Would love to go back, I really enjoyed that one.