Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Terry Fox times

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 with 3 comments

one photo they didn't publish.

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Some of the results for Team Moore and friends

Female 10km
6 Melinda Cockshut 41:48
14 Bronwyn Calver 45:00
16 Cathy Newman 45:20
Gabrielle Brown ~48.20
Charmaine Knobel 50.08
Pam Faulks 51.11
Barbara Tucker ~51.59
Margaret McSpadden 54.49
Ruth Baussmann "55" she said

Male 10km
Richard Faulks 39.44
Geoff Moore 40:56
John Kennedy ~41.20
David Webster ~41.30
Bob Harlow 42.35
Dave Baussmann ~46.20
Alan Duus 46.48
John Stoney ~49.59

Female 5km
6 Kathy Southgate 19:13
14 Katie Forestier 21:08
23 Barbara Williams 24:02

Male 5km
20 Roger Pilkington 19:29
Graeme Small "28"

There are many I do not know.
eg Neil Boden?

Quite a few pbs here, congratulations.


  1. i can see you!

    Jodie did 28:49 in the 5k...

  2. Hey Speedygeoff, did I dream it or did you once tell me that the Barbara Williams in those results is the ex Brissie Barb?

    BTW, well done on your race!

  3. I know quite a few "Barbs", but she is "the" Barb, no one who knows her has the least doubt about that!