Monday, 5 June 2006

Redcliffe Run (but no cliffs)

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, June 05, 2006 with 5 comments
Today I ran along the shore line from Suttons Beach to Albatross Canal and back at lunch time, a total of 17km. This is around the Redcliffe/Scarborough area. There is a 15km cycle track marked every 100 metres! No hills (hurrah!) and the 17k took a comfortable 90 minutes. Obviously I am completely recovered from yesterday's race. Next time I might head south instead of north and do the other half of the track. It was very warm, clear and sunny, with a light easterly breeze off the sea. While we were there at Suttons, men were pulling in, with the aid of two cars, a huge net which contained truckloads of large mullet. We bought six off them for $4.00 altogether. We know they are fresh as they were still kicking! Fresh fish for dinner tonight, yummmm.


  1. That's such a great place to run Speedygeoff. And going the other way is so different, especially if you run over the old Hornibrook bridge. Its even more fun on it when there's a bit of a breeze blowing.

    Queesnland beautiful one day, perfect the next :-)

  2. Ha ha, but we can't spell.

  3. Queesnladners are so friednly!

  4. You said "It was very warm" on your run.

    Lucky you are here in winter. This is as cold as it gets! Pity you didn't bring some of that southern rain with you.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay in sunny Queesnland.

  5. Stop it you teasers - it was 13 degrees here today, bbbrrrrrr - fortunately the freezing biting wind that nearly blew Maria into the lake on Saturday at the Cross Country has passed.