Thursday, 1 June 2006

Old Photographs #5

Posted by Ewen on Thursday, June 01, 2006 with 3 comments
I like this one because of the good view of the main stadium which is now obscured by pesky trees.

Note the 'tucked in' singlets - very neat.

I'm guessing this was a 1500 metre race. The bearded runner is Andrew S, who, for many seasons had the ambition of running sub 4 minutes for 1500 metres. He eventually achieved this goal due in no small part to his single-minded focus on the event.

Andrew used to 'double' and run the 3k steelechase for Interclub points. His technique was so bad that even a slow wombat could beat him and that was before the said wombat was coached by Geoff to run under 11 minutes for the event.

This is my last post for a while as I have to pack my bags for our trip to THE BIG ONE. Geoff will be back soon to report on his fabulous, fast and hot half marathon.


  1. Andrew S is also a "backward runner" of Note.

    Look for the exploits of Effilctus Werdna, especially around Lake Ginninderra.

  2. C'mon guys you've gotta know who the other runners are! They are all legends you know. (Some more so than others)

  3. If Andrew S is racing then Garry Lee is leading with Dick Telford at the rear.

    However, if Effilctus is in the race then Dick will be leading with Garry at the rear.