Sunday, 4 June 2006

Cutting It Fine

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, June 04, 2006 with 10 comments I went out at 4:10 pace in the Queensland Half Marathon today knowing I was nowhere near fit enough to maintain it on current performances but interested in how long I could keep it up for assuming that I could get on the pace to start with!

.......and the first four km were on pace, then reaching 5km in 21 mins flat which was perfectly satisfactory, halfway in 44 mins or so; well up on the time in Canberra three weeks ago and well on target for a sub 90.

......not sure what happened after that but just like Canberra the left hamstring seized up after 15k, however unlike Canberra the lower back was alright. And it was getting rather hot. 17k was running about 4:35 pace, up and down a bit, and realised that I needed 4:25s exactly, from that point, to crack the 90 minute mark. So I tried to ignore the pain and make a race of it with the other runners as they continued to pass me.

......and I finished in a time of 1:29:55. Phew!!!!

.... silver in the M55.

Ron Vines (silver in the M60s) and John Diamond were also running, and also I enjoyed meeting (how's my memory?) Eddie, Tesso, Lady Jove, Cato, ILikeToast (resplendent in psychedelic tights), IHateToast, Robert Song, Beagle, Karisma, Run67, Digger, and a few more whose names elude me now.... meeting them all for the very first time. And many other coolrunners I didn't get to meet including a cool cheer squad of two (Davo and Cirque). Thanks to all of you guys!

postscript - I was 88th out of 499 official finishers. An M55 pb at the age of 58, and my second best time since the early 1990s. Can do better!


  1. Geoff, that's fantastic. Silver in the M55. I really was inspired by reading your post and especially want to say I admired your courage in going out hard, when your mind seemed to be playing a few little games. Just a great run.

  2. Hey congratulations - fantastic run. You did it - a sub 90 - well done you! And better still a silver medal - woo hoo!!!

  3. speedygeoff...looks like Plan B panned out, well done champ!

    Fantastic effort, given that the left hammy started to play up, and a silver medal in the M55, very well deserved!

    Great to hear that there were other CoolRunners there too, I shall have to get onto Coolrunning and catch up on their post-race reports.

    Once again Geoff, well done and hope to see you out on the road sometime soon.

    Yours in Running Writing

    Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen

  4. Woo Hoo Speedy Coach ~ When are you coming home?

  5. Hi all, thanks for the comments. It is beautiful up here, 23 degrees today and forecast to reach 24 or 25 later in the week. It is going to be very hard to leave but we expect to get home Friday night and I will most likely run Goorooyarroo on Saturday. I miss you all! And of course I have got to get back and train up for the Vets half in two months time. Then roll on spring!

  6. Huuuuge congrats again Speedygeoff. Good to see a southerner come up here and show our guys at thing or two. Guess the Doomben Race Course is the perfect venue for a 'dark horse' ;-)

    PS I think the CR you called Eagle was Beagle.

  7. Yes thanks, "Beagle". We engaged in a very short conversation around the 5km mark before he kicked on ahead, and I see he ran a 1min 40 pb.

  8. Actually Speedy Coach, now I have had time to ponder this wonderous achievement of running a sub 90 half at such even pace............I hereby award you with 1 delicious enourmous caramello koala choclate froggy thingy :o)

    Oh yes, Neil tried to kill us at training tonight we are all exhausted!!!

  9. Sorry I missed you there... will have to keep my eyes open at the next meet