Monday, 25 July 2005

Editors! A grumble.

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, July 25, 2005 with 2 comments
One good thing about writing my own stuff here is that I, wholly, alone, am responsible for the content and appearance of what you see - when I am the contributor, every word, nuance, syntactical curiosity, semantical vagary, is mine and mine alone. Typos do occur, most I detect and correct. Ambiguities and unclarity (all right; "lack of clarity") are less likely to be remedied, but I have been known to reconsider retype and reword whole paragraphs. This "Compose" panel does not have a spell checker (not that I use anyway) but I trust only a few spelling crimes are committed here; nor does it have a thesaurus, but might be handy when my flow of words seizes as it does every sentence or three.

So whenever I open up the latest Vetrunner magazine I cross my fingers and still my beating heart as I see what the editor has made of my monthly contribution this time.

Generally the text I submit appears unchanged; but the editor ALWAYS changes the title to something else! And sometimes with cringeworthy results. (I should add that the editor is a good friend of mine).

This coming Vetrunner (August; now available on is no exception to the rule that SOMETHING will grate. Hahaha - page 6, "PROMINENT MEMBERS CELEBRATE BRITHDAYS". That's a good one. Page 7 "INVITIATION TO COMMENT ON ACTVAC IT". OK, I consider myself invitiated. Good things come in threes. There it is, my article. DEAR OH DEAR, where did THAT heading come from? Page 23. "COACH WHO SPECIALISING IN CONDITIONING".

It's enough to make you.... go back over all this year's posts of mine to see what little mistakes I can find in my own creations. And hurriedly fix them before anyone (else) notices.

p.s. the best is yet to come


  1. So much publicity for The Canberra Times 30th Fun Run:-

    In the photo are Dave McInnes, Michael Thompson's elbow, myself, Gisbert Zwolen (immediately behind me), Steve Brown next to Gisbert, and it looks like John Gilbert next. I can't quite tell who the others in the photo are but I will find the results (in my 1976 diary) to try and identify them.

    SpeedyGeoff, have you found the results, and when will they be posted.

    Another piccy of Rick Hatcher in today's Canberra Times, taken indoors, I would think.


  2. ..have I found the 1976 results? Not yet - hopefully I can locate them before this year's Fun Run! I am in no hurry - I could spend YEARS digging through my "files" for things I know are there somewhere.