Saturday, 16 April 2005


Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, April 16, 2005 with 2 comments

Thank goodness for the banner.
Click on the photo to see the full size version, if you dare.

A highlight of today's Cross Country race at Reconciliation Place was Helen's 5k pb of 22.12.

Tomorrow (Sunday) a group of us are meeting for a long training run from the rowing shed at Black Mountain Peninsula, starting at 8.30am.

This is usual for Sundays when no race (eg Vets handicap or women's jogalong) is scheduled - we decide the day before on a fairly ad hoc basis where and when we would like to meet.

Anyone can join us.


  1. I loved the boys behind the banner - but perhaps not a good avert for getting younger members to join!!!! Good on you boys!!!!!


  2. I plan to scan and post the original picture one day Cate - i.e., the picture from the Vets calendar - just holding off to see if anyone wants to offer me a big enough incentive not to!
    Just think, these guys are even older now than when the photo was taken. (Wiser is still debatable.)