Saturday, 30 April 2005

Training Group Dinner- take two

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How many sound technicians does it take to change a lightbulb?
Two ... two ...

The 13 May Training Group Celebration dinner - marking the end of a very successful track season and the beginning of winter training. As well as a few birthdays. Will be at 7:30pm at the Addis cafe/restaurant.

Cost - just $20 for a banquet including vegetarian and meat dishes.

Numbers - now 40, so just ten places left. Contact me to book.

Addis is an Ethiopian restaurant in Cape Street Dickson.

See you at Mt Tuggeranong Saturday or the jogalong Sunday.

Friday, 29 April 2005

False Start

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False start rule to be tightened.

Any athlete making a false start could soon suffer instant disqualification.

In a bid to "prevent gamesmanship", athletics' governing body the IAAF is proposing to disqualify any athlete making a false start.

At present, an athlete can false start once, but any competitor who does so a second time is disqualified.

The proposal will go before the IAAF Congress in August for confirmation, just ahead of the World Championships in Helsinki.

"The opinion of a majority of council members was that this rule change would prevent gamesmanship, by penalising those athletes who deliberately false start to unsettle their rivals," said IAAF General Secretary Istvan Gyulai. "But this is just a recommendation, and Congress will take a decision in Helsinki."

Jon Drummond protesting after disqualification at the 2003 Worlds

Thursday, 28 April 2005

John Morton Everyday Canberran

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From Sunday’s Canberra Times:

"This week’s column on how everyday Canberrans keep fit focuses on two-time 800m and 1500m Australian Masters champion, John Morton, 46, from Kaleen."

As you get older, what kind of things do you need to do to keep your body in tune?
The most important things are to make sure you drink lots of water and every day empty that stale air sitting in the bottom of your lungs. I am running as fast now as I did in my school days but I need to train smarter, plan further forward and include longer recoveries.

How important is warming up/cooling down?
It becomes even more important as you get older. Too many beginners and veteran runners suffer an injury because they are in too much of a hurry to train.

I believe running is particularly hard on the knees?
Actually I had more trouble with my knees when I was playing rugby in my teens than now. Knees are a major mind block for many would-be-runners who are too scared to break out of a brisk walk. The best thing you can do is to lose any excess weight, look at how you stride when running, keep off hard surfaces while training and wear appropriate footwear.

How does running compare to other sports?
Running can be harder on the joints but is the fastest way to improve fitness.

What’s the best piece of advice you would offer someone?
Don’t be down on yourself if you miss a session or you have a poor session. Train hard enough to feel rewarded but not too hard that you need more than two days of no exercise.

What is your philosophy when it comes to sport?
I had an active childhood, then stopped any sort of physical routine because I thought I was too time-poor to participate. Now I see just how wrong that thinking was. Spending even two hours a week on regular exercise will make you more productive and happier.
Interview with Lucy Gibson

Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Music on the run.

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I have always liked to listen to music on the run. Music which is inspirational, has a solid beat, and drowns out most other thoughts!

But it is many years now since I donned a headset and listened to a CD of my choice. Although these days it's an MP3 player people carry?

Maybe you can tell me what is good value and will survive a real pounding at the awesome pace at which I run !?

So I don't have a headset currently, but it is usually the last song I listened to that keeps on reverberating through my head as I run along.

Just about my favourite song at present is the Newsboys singing "Landslide of Love", off their latest album, Devotion.

Landslide Of Love
opening salvo
didn't help solve anything
every time we shout our rights out
we get all grouchy and gray

it's all about me, me
it's all about what I can take
and if that doesn't ring true anymore
maybe it was our first mistake

and since we don't believe in Santa Claus
maybe we'd best stay awake

every time a teardrop falls
it's kicking up dust in our world of pain
let's get drenched under God's good rain
caught in a deluge of mercies
like a pebble clings to dirt
we're still clinging to bedrock sin
let's get swept off our feet again
caught in a landslide of love

it's all about me, me
it's all about all I can take
the good I try to do goes nowhere
the bad just seizes the day

and if we're here for something bigger, baby
there's gotta be some better way


no, not angels or devils
no, not famine or war
no, not the past or the present
not even the ground separates from God's love
not even the ground separates from His love

'cause every time a teardrop falls
it's kicking up dust in our world of pain
let's get drenched under God's good rain
caught in a deluge of mercies
and like a pebble cased in dirt
we've been anchored in bedrock sin
let's get swept off our feet again
caught in a landslide of love
caught in a landslide of love

I have seen the Newsboys move in the many years they have been recording their music, from a position of defensiveness, bitterness and resentment (as in the "Take Me To Your Leader" album) to one of pure joy and exhilaration.

A bit like my own journey over the years.

Great running music! Let's absorb ourselves in the positive lyric and get swept along as we run. There's nothing like it!

Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Sunday's Majura Handicap Results

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The official results are available on the actvac website, although they may not stay there permanently. They will also appear in Vetrunner next month. But I thought I would copy the "important" names and keep them on this website.
There is an interesting new data item in the official results, a field "Corr Rt". This field is a km rate corrected for the degree of difficulty of the course.
In the results below, I have deleted a few of the columns, and the non-Team Moore rows.

Tony was first eligible and won the Thomas; Angelo although not eligible was first across the line in the Frylink.

Place FirstName LastName GpActual Start NetTime
4 Tony Booth 19 20:00 46:36
6 Cathy Newman 13 15:00 55:26
8 Helen Larmour 23 23:20 47:48
9 Graeme Small 18 19:10 52:36
15 Alice Scott 6 08:20 1:03:58
24 Christopher Lang 20 20:50 52:11
28 Mary Ann Busteed 23 23:20 49:54
30 Rod Lynch 38 32:55 40:26
34 Alan Duus 23 23:20 50:10
37 Geoff Moore 30 29:10 44:43
39 Peter Hogan 24 24:10 49:51
40 Bill Leyden 26 25:50 48:23
41 Diana Schneider 18 19:10 55:06
43 Kent Williams 38 32:55 41:27
45 Lynn Williams 8 10:50 1:03:36
46 Colin Farlow 38 32:55 41:31
49 John Alcock 24 24:10 50:24
57 Margaret McSpadden 13 15:00 59:58
66 Charmaine Knobel 22 22:30 53:44
68 Geoff Barker 22 22:30 53:48

Place FirstName LastName GpActual Start NetTime
1 Angelo Cataldo 19 12:30 27:04
9 Katie Forestier 35 19:10 22:47
10 Marian Blake 23 14:10 27:48
11 Ellen Lloyd 29 16:40 25:19
14 Cathy Montalto 33 18:20 23:58
23 Sarah Pau 30 17:05 25:47
26 Consie Larmour 16 11:15 31:47
29 Vicki Matthews 23 14:10 29:12
34 Kevin Matthews 31 17:30 26:14
35 Neil Boden 35 19:10 24:35
42 Kerry Boden 24 14:35 29:29
43 Maureen Rossiter 24 14:35 29:31
45 Francis Harris 21 13:20 31:29

Happy Birthday Ewen.

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This photo is of a younger Ewen. Really! If you want to know all About a Ewen, check out this website! There will be something worth reading there.

Monday, 25 April 2005

Happy 60th Birthday Rod Gilchrist

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Rod turns 60 today! (Anzac Day) Congratulations. The picture is of him learning to run before he decided walking was a better option.

Sunday, 24 April 2005

Guo Cairu's apprentice

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Here's Tony Booth last year wondering if he would ever win a Vet's Thomas Series handicap. Well he did so today! Congratulations Tony. Team Moore Strikes Again!

And Graeme was third.

World's fastest 105-year-old?

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A 105-year-old man is to make a challenge on the world record for the 100 metre sprint for centenarians.

Guo Cairu, of Nanjing city, Jiangsu province, has just been chosen as torch runner for the upcoming 10th National Games, reports Dahe Daily.

The current centenarians' 100 metre record is held by South African Philip Babinowitz with a time of 30.86 seconds.

He became the world's fastest 100-year-old last July when he slashed more than five seconds off the previous record.

And you thought it would get easier as you got older?

Saturday, 23 April 2005

Training at Dickson - 3x1k PVP

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Another mild night at Dickson oval last Thursday, and twenty-one runners attended training, including first-timers Katie and Eloise.

After our two big laps warmup and stretching, we ran 3 lots of one-km runs with a 600 jog between each.

I called the kms "Pace Variation Practice" (PVP) because we ran them as follows -
a 200m stride (40% effort), then
a 100m float (25% effort),
400m fast (90% effort),
a 100 float, and
a 200m sprint (95% effort) to finish.

I let the "sprinters" in the group skip the middle km. Which they appreciated and can show their appreciation by turning up again next week!

Colin raced away from everyone else and seems to be almost fit. Sunday from a back mark will sort him out.

The session was voted a success and I plan to repeat it next Thursday.

Friday, 22 April 2005

Record Breakers

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(Click on the photo for large version)

Three Team Moore members showing off their medals after breaking a relay record earlier this year. Note the cheesy grins. The fourth person in the relay team, not a Team Moore member, contrived not to be there for the photo. Explanation follows.

This photo originally appeared in March 2005 Vetrunner, which was the only issue which failed to get published on the web, owing to a "transition" from one provider to another. I thought you might like to see the colour photo, as the snail mail copy of Vetrunner contains just black and white photos.
The Vetrunner caption read - Record Breakers. Three members of the relay team that broke the ACT M40 record in the 4x200m, from the left, Michael Rutter, Ken Gordon and Kevin Matthews. They came third in the Open Men’s Relay. The missing member, Leo Kennedy, had quite a nasty fall at one of the change over stations and had to seek first-aid. He eventually had to go to Calvary Hospital where it was found that it was a broken wrist.

Thursday, 21 April 2005

Training at Parliament House

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Circuit training at Parliament House was GREAT last Monday night. We have certainly had mild and enjoyable running weather recently (although some rain as soon as training finishes would be welcome!). Nevertheless, five more people were introduced to the fitness circuit, including newcomer Carolyn fresh from her debut marathon. Great to see her join the group; anyone who has been around for more than a couple of years will know what struggles she has had with her health.

At training I couldn't manage more than two chinups in succession, so THAT'S IT! I have joined a gym. This time to do some upper body training so I can work towards minimum respectable upper body strength. Fancy - fifteen years ago I could a dozen chins no problem. Now only two and no longer "no problem". Anyway, I was tossing up which gym to join when on Tuesday Kathy Sims suggested Canberra Uni; I checked it out and it seems ideal - always open, lots of room, not expensive, aerobics class options thrown in, and a contemporary feel to it. Stay tuned (highly tuned!) and you may read how it goes!

Back to Parliament House - yes it's on again as usual on the 25th; despite it being Anzac day. Oh yes, it was getting darker this week too, so if you are coming along you may need to bring a TORCH.

Wednesday, 20 April 2005


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From Ken Eynon, Race Director - a reminder to everyone that entries for the Canberra Half Marathon close on Monday 2nd May. This year for the first time we will be having events on the Saturday afternoon and of course on Sunday morning the half marathon. We would like to make this a great weekend of running in Canberra and emulate last weekend's Marathon Weekend. Of course the weather won't be so hot but nice and cool and great for PB's. Please pass this advice on to your family and running friends interstate, get them to come to Canberra for a great weekend of running. The great thing is it all happens the weekend before the Sydney Morning Herald Half. You can enter online at or you can download the entry form and post it in. Details on accommodation and places to stay can be obtained from Australian Capital Tourism ( The backpackers accommodation in Canberra is some of the best accommodation in Australia and well located. Don't forget you can if you like run the 5k Fun Run on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday all for one cheap price.

Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Just what IS success?

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“Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it” – Mark Twain.

Everyone talks about success, but nobody really knows what it is.

On Sunday 13th February I proposed in this blog that success could be understood in terms of the journey and not just the destination.

I said the Macquarie Dictionary defines success as 1 The favourable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavours; 2 The gaining of wealth, position or the like; 3 a thing or person that is successful. I said I disagreed, because my definition would also include - having set achievable goals, showing focus and commitment by working industriously towards achieving the goals.

There were no bites, and I had better come clean and say that on deeper reflection I no longer feel that success is equivalent to goal-achievement, even.

Think of this image of the addicted athlete – never satisfied, always striving to do better, but living a life of frustration and unhappiness.

And compare this with the endless pursuit of money. “Money has never made a man happy yet, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness” – Benjamin Franklin.

Or of fame. “The sound of a great name dies like an echo; the splendor of fame fades into nothing; but the grace of a fine spirit pervades the places through which it has passed” – James Thurber.

Or power. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power” - Abraham Lincoln. In fact Plato says “he who seeks power is not fit to hold it”, in other words, if power comes to you, let it come to you as a result of what you have achieved, not simply because you have spent your life chasing it.

“Contrary to what some people think, sharing power increases your power… the more you empower others, the bigger you become in their eyes. There is a law in the universe which says that power shared returns; power withheld diminishes” - Sheila Murray Bethel.

Or pleasure. “Do not bite at the bait of pleasure until you know there is no hook beneath it” – Thomas Jefferson.

Pursuit of fortune; fame; power; pleasure are detours that keep people from achieving and enjoying true success.

So let’s bite the bullet. What do I think success is? Well, I am still thinking, but here’s a start at describing what I see as true success.

Five key things –
1 Success is not having to “control everything” yourself. It seems to come as a result of sharing everything with others!
2 Success is doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.
3 Success is always doing your best.
4 Success is always seeking to do new things, always wanting to stretch and grow.
5 Success is the balance between putting no limits on what can be achieved, while setting yourself targets and goals which are achievable.

I want to refine this further. To help me, I would like to hear your ideas of how “success” can be defined. There are probably as many concepts as there are Vetrunner readers! You may like to add your comments here.

To finish I will “originate” a quote of my own.

“When you want to play to win, remember that if everybody wins, so do you”. – Geoff Moore

Monday, 18 April 2005

4x1500 national records

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The following ACT relay records have been officially recognised as national records.
Team Moore members are in bold!

M40 4x1500 18:57.9 Dale Moore, Colin Farlow, Paul Considine, Bryce Anderson
M45 4x1500 20:24 John Morton, Gary Bowen, Nigel Coldrick, Rod Lynch
M55 4x1500 21.42 Garry Maher, Trevor Cobbold, Kevin Chamberlain, Geoff Sims
M65 4x1500 25.42 Tony Booth, Ian Kenny, Ray Bramwell, Roger Abbott
W50 4x1500 25.06 Kathy Sims, Cathy Montalto, Maureen Rossiter, Charmaine Knobel
W55 4x1500 29.02 Alice Scott, Jill Brown, Margaret McSpadden, Rae Palmer.

We all know we can break these records next season! and come on the M50s! Victoria holds that record at 20.02.

Next season the plan is to conduct 4x800 relays. Meaning we should be able to snare some of those records as well!

Sunday, 17 April 2005

Training Group Dinner

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Announcing our May Training Group Celebration dinner - marking the end of a very successful track season and the beginning of winter training. As well as a few birthdays.

The dinner will be at the Addis cafe/restaurant on Friday 13th May, at 7:30pm.

A discount has been arranged and a banquet is being negotiated!

Please contact me when you know you are definitely going to be there. Numbers however are limited, so you had better get in touch as soon as practicable.

Addis is an Ethiopian restaurant in Cape Street Dickson. Hey, these guys know how to run!

Saturday, 16 April 2005


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Thank goodness for the banner.
Click on the photo to see the full size version, if you dare.

A highlight of today's Cross Country race at Reconciliation Place was Helen's 5k pb of 22.12.

Tomorrow (Sunday) a group of us are meeting for a long training run from the rowing shed at Black Mountain Peninsula, starting at 8.30am.

This is usual for Sundays when no race (eg Vets handicap or women's jogalong) is scheduled - we decide the day before on a fairly ad hoc basis where and when we would like to meet.

Anyone can join us.

Friday, 15 April 2005

What distance should I train for?

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Answer - Train for the longest distance you have time and energy for; but race the shortest distances you enjoy.

Training for longer distances gets you fitter; and when you race the shorter distances you are testing your fitness levels without having the extra stress that comes with a longer race.

Your shorter race times will improve as a result of the longer training. Guaranteed.

The Time Predictor below is pretty good if people are trained up for the longest distances - but building up to the workloads involved takes years and is probably only possible for the younger runners.......

I raced at a high level for 13 years before I ran my first marathon .. I was 30 when I ran my pb but had been running for 17 years then.

Deek raced and trained hard for ten years before he ran his first marathon, and look what he became.

I advise people to do marathon training if they want to, but to race shorter distances and avoid marathon races until they have achieved their shorter distance targets.

Then the Time Predictor works really well.

Because if you a fit for a particular distance (eg 6k), then you are also fit for all shorter distances (eg 3k to 5k). But not necessarily for any longer ones (eg 10k and up).

Thursday, 14 April 2005

Time Predictor

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Assuming you are fit for the longer distance being compared, the following chart should enable you to predict an expected time for one distance based on your best recent time for another distance:

3000 5000 10000 1/2Mar Marathon
9.45 16.40 34.30 77.00 2:41.30
10.00 17.05 35.20 78.50 2:45.20
10.15 17.30 36.10 80.40 2:49.10
10.30 17.55 37.00 82.30 2:53.00
10.45 18.20 37.50 84.20 2:56.50
11.00 18.45 38.40 86.10 3:00.40
11.15 19.10 39.30 88.00 3:04.30
11.30 19.35 40.20 89.50 3:08.20
11.45 20.00 41.10 91.40 3:12.10
12.00 20.25 42.00 93.30 3:16.00
12.15 20.50 42.50 95.20 3:19.50
12.30 21.15 43.40 97.10 3:23.40
12.45 21.40 44.30 99.00 3:27.30
13.00 22.05 45.20 1:40.50 3:31.20
13.15 22.30 46.10 1:42.40 3:35.10
13.30 22.55 47.00 1:44.30 3:39.00
13.45 23.20 47.50 1:46.20 3:42.40
14.00 23.45 48.40 1:48.10 3:46.30
14.15 24.10 49.30 1:50.00 3:50.20
14.30 24.35 50.20 1:51.50 3:54.10
14.45 25.00 51.10 1:53.40 3:58.00
15.00 25.25 52.00 1:55.30 4:01.50
15.15 25.50 52.50 1:57.20 4:05.40
15.30 26.15 53.40 1:59.10 4:09.30
15.45 26.40 54.30 2:01.00 4:13.20
16.00 27.05 55.20 2:02.50 4:17.10

Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Happy Birthday Pam

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Pam Faulks turns 45 today - welcome to the new age group! Pam, I hope you enjoy the celebrations, as you continue to celebrate that wonderful marathon run last Sunday, 4:36.27 on debut. You gave it everything and fully deserve everyone's heartfelt congratulations. Your performance and effort was as good as anyone's on the day. Well done! It was a lot of hard work to get there, but you did it!

Pam has been running in Canberra for at least 15 years, running 6k jogalong times in just over 30 minutes, and 10k times just over 50 minutes. That 5 minutes per k rate has always been a bit of a target and a bit of a challenge. Who knows, with a good marathon run under her belt, there may be some good shorter races on the horizon, and maybe a chance to get down under that 5 minute barrier.

Another Team-Moore-ese who has just moved into a new age group. Ray Bramwell turned 70 last week.

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

2005 Canberra Marathon

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Last Sunday saw the running of the 2005 Canberra Marathon. In very hot conditions the biggest field in twenty years struggled to run the times they had marked on their forearms. A few ran PBs, while for many it was their very first marathon.
I am pleased to say that all in our group did well - not one dnf.

Here are our training group performances.

112 David Webster M ACT 53 3:14:27
221 John Kennedy M ACT 54 3:31:15
313 Ken Eynon M ACT 59 3:44:54
337 Bill Leyden M ACT 59 3:48:46
392 Cathy Newman F ACT 44 3:54:38
512 Ruth Baussmann F ACT 54 4:09:31
541 Gabrielle Brown F ACT 41 4:14:23
674 Pam Faulks F ACT 44 4:36:27
681 Ewen Thompson M ACT 47 4:37:39
721 Karen Collins F ACT 57 4:50:03

Full results are available at

There are also quite a few other friends whose performances were of particular interest to me.

11 Nick Walshe M ACT 26 2:43:10
16 Trevor Jacobs M ACT 53 2:45:39
22 Angela Bateup F NSW 35 2:47:15
80 Richard Faulks M ACT 45 3:07:30
126 Bob Harlow M ACT 57 3:16:27
200 Rob Ey M ACT 45 3:27:42
231 Carol Baird F ACT 56 3:32:49
233 Graham Burke M ACT 58 3:33:13
244 Debbie Cowell F ACT 45 3:34:43
327 Carolyne Kramar F ACT 40 3:47:56
568 Mario Larocca M NSW 55 4:18:22

p.s. Just what IS success?

ACTVAC SGM - Constitution

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In regards to this Thursday's Special General Meeting to discuss IT issues (see post of 7 April, below), and the AGM on 19 May, I have a copy of the club's constitution, and I will email it to you should you contact me and request it.

Monday, 11 April 2005

Success pursues Team Moore members

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JIM O'DONNELL submitted six pictures, two in each category, in a photographic competition that was running in conjunction with Seniors Week (last week) and won the first prize in active seniors that was worth $600 in the form of a Minolta digital camera and the second prize in humorous seniors that was worth $130 in the form of free enlargements and free framing.

Jim says "not bad for a strictly part time photographer that has to take more than 10 shots to get one good one that can be used in Vetrunner!
"Thank heavens for the digital revolution!"

Success continues to pursue Team Moore members this year.

Marathon results tomorrow!

p.s. Just what IS success?

Sunday, 10 April 2005

Ricciuto Rout in Rivalry Round

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Off subject, but I cannot help it! Adelaide Crows 18-16 124 defeated Port Adelaide Power 8-8 56 2005 Showdown Medallist Winner captain Mark Ricciuto Best On Ground in his 300th game. YAY! See comment for Ricciuto interview.
Yes, alright, I will have a marathon report soon.

Saturday, 9 April 2005

newsflash - Roy Jones the big winner

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Roy Jones was the big winner at the marathon eve 10k. No, I don't mean he crossed the finish line first on the lead bicycle. This time he ran the 10k and won the random draw prize of free entry to this year's Gold Coast marathon!
THEN just as I was telling Thea that joining our training group guarantees you win big prizes, and mentioned that Jill Brown was the winner at the Women's and Girls' Fun Run prior to Roy being the winner today, Thea's name was drawn and she won a t-shirt and cap!

Roy just keeps winning ...

AMA Championships photos

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Hundreds of photos of the AMA Nationals in Brisbane last Easter can be found at

Arthur Brown and Graeme Small finishing the 8K cross country.

Ron Vines powering home in the 10k

Jeni Greenland finishes the 10k

I push on in the cross country

Jo Cullen in the 10k

Friday, 8 April 2005

Training at Dickson

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Our first training session at Dickson oval went without a hitch. After our 2.5k warmup we went out on the grass track and ran 5 laps sprinting the straights, had a break and repeated the session aiming to go faster in total the second time. I got my idea for this session from Phil White; although ours was run out in lane 4 of the track. Next Thursday we are back at the track again; however because of meetings and other commitments not many will be there. I won't be - so to those who turn up, please do a repeat of the same session.
I am very pleased to welcome a new starter, Thea, into the group. Thea's run with us last night was her first ever run with a training group. I asked her about what racing she had done and she said her women's fun run time was 26:13, and she has been running even better than that.
Good to see Rod Lynch back training too.
Finally, best wishes to everyone running in Sunday's Canberra marathon. Should you need any extra assistance, I will be around the course somewhere lending a hand.

Thursday, 7 April 2005


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There is a Special General Meeting at the West Deakin Hellenic Bowling Club, Kent Street Deakin, at 7:00 pm, Thursday 14th April, to discuss IT issues. Please attend if you can.

The official notice from the Secretary says -
"Under Section 25 (2) of the constitution the requisite number of members have called for the holding of a General Meeting for the following purpose: "to enable the ACTVAC committee to explain decisions made and actions taken since December 2004 in relation to the club's website and associated information technology services".

The club's Annual General Meeting is at the same venue, at 7:00 pm, on Thursday 19th May. If everyone who reads this attends, we can make a difference! There are some constitutional amendments to discuss first, followed by the AGM.

Wednesday, 6 April 2005


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The Women and Girls 5K Fun Run $1,000 Lucky Draw was won by Team Moore member Jill Brown! It certainly pays to join our group! Let's hope Jill can be at our group dinner in May so we can help her celebrate.

Thursday training is at Dickson

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Another quick reminder - training on Thursday 7 April is at Dickson oval - Antill Street, the 400m running track. Yes I am sorry to say, winter is on its way already. At 5.30pm we start with a lap of the ovals, then do some stretching before running a second lap. After that it's whatever exciting and challenging training session I can devise.
By 6.30pm we have finished our training and set off for a cooldown lap. These 'laps' are a bit over 1k.
New runners are welcome and you don't have to be a Veteran to participate. Please contact me for more information.

Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Training at Parliament House

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Winter training resumed last night with our first session at Parliament House for the year. In cool conditions - but not too dark to stop us seeing our way around the maze of construction work - we did our warmup and stretching, talked about a couple of different hamstring stretches, and then did a tour of the fitness circuit.
I am going to get the group to do at least 2 sets of chinups, pushups, dips and situps each Monday night for the next few weeks. The chinup challenge - can you increase the number you can do; up to eight the target! The situp challenge - how many bent legged situps can you do in 90 seconds?
I also showed them what an eccentric stretch for the calf looks like; and challenged the group to train as hard as younger people train; BUT ensure proper rest and recovery is built in to the training regime.
After the tour everyone sprinted a lap or two of the circuit, doing their chinups etc on the way. Not too many could do even one chinup; a bit of an eye opener. Really, a good middle distance or cross country runner needs to have a high strength/weight ratio, and as is often observed, weight reduction should not be overdone! Strength improvement is the real answer. Also, you cannot have muscle strength if there is little muscle mass.
It was good to see a new face in Katie join the group; and Gaby had her first run with us at the Parliament House venue.
See you all next week. For those starting then, there will be another tour; for everybody else, it's all systems go!

Monday, 4 April 2005

Womens and Girls Fun Run results

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In the annual Women and Girls Fun Run Maria O'Reilly starred; she was first W50 and 23rd over all.

Current Team Moore members -
23 Maria O'Reilly 21:55 -- 1st W50
36 Helen Larmour 23:16
51 Amanda Walker 24:14
55 Cathy Montalto 24:24
74 Charmaine Knobel 25:28
108 Margaret McSpadden 26:56
110 Pam Faulks 26:58
124 Jill Brown 27:46

Gabrielle Brown ran about 24.58 but her name wasn't in the results.

Other Team Moore members -
06 Kathy Southgate 19:40
25 Annette Sugden 22:08
62 Lisa Wilson 24:39
83 Michelle Wells 26:05
157 Marian Blake 29:01
193 Kerry Boden 30:41
211 Cory Collins 31:41
226 Consie Larmour 32:18

..And some family connections -
43 Lauren Boden 23:45
198 Natalie Larmour 30:50
386 Judy Blake 42:55

Sunday, 3 April 2005

Training is at Parliament House!

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A quick reminder that training on Monday 4 April is at 'New' Parliament House. We meet in the underground carpark at 5.30pm. We then run a 'lap' upstairs, pick up any latecomers at 5.40 before running another lap.

Then it's up to Geoff as to how he makes us suffer. We finish about 6.30ish. New runners are welcome and you don't have to be a Veteran. Contact Geoff for more information. By the way, I now have the list of marathon entrants and will update the post below when I get a round tuit.

Friday, 1 April 2005

I should write about something

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It's Friday and I haven't posted anything all week! Geoff will be angry. I might just say 'good luck' to all those runners in the Women & Girls Fun Run on Sunday morning! It's certainly getting some good promotion.

I heard Marnie Ponton being interviewed on 666 this morning. She sounded bright and happy about the whole event. She said it was just a lead-in to some cross country training. Marnie had a good track season where she excelled in her pet event, the 3000m steeplechase. Rod Quinn asked her "so, will you be looking around for some garbage bins along the course to jump over?" It should be a good battle at the front of the 800+ field. For the Vets I'm tipping Kathy Southgate. She's in awesome form.

In a little over a week there's the Canberra Marathon. Once won a very long time ago by none other than Geoff Moore! I wonder how his 2:26:58 will stand the test of time? Here is the list of entrants from Team Moore - Ruth Baussmann, Gabrielle Brown and Cathy Newman. I'll be putting in a late entry on Saturday afternoon at $99 - ouch!