Friday, 18 May 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 13 May long run - Helen’s “unofficial” report: I got up before 7am!! I know right? Anyway I had a cup of tea and that wasn't enough so then I had another cup of tea (both with fat cow milk) and after 3 waffling sentences I arrived at the start location of Cook shops. Little Oink was booked out with Parenting Celebration revelers so we had to go for a run instead, beautifully designed by the delightful Susan Sturgeon. At least I believe it was.
Fast people went faster and some slower people went slow enough that I had someone to talk to. I really would have talked to Ruth Baussmann the whole way around but I'm not that fond of running although I like talking to Ruth very much. Ruth had the proposed run route on her watch. I'm not really sure why she put it there as we went a different way which was shorter and better. So we caught up to the faster group on the side of Little Black mountain.
Sadly I had to leave the runners on the precipitous flanks of the dangerous dark side of little black mountain and take a bold solo course along some rarely visited rough narrow tracks, some of which were unpaved!
Along here I did some Intervals. Did you know that 'Intervals' originally referred to the rest intervals between the faster running bits? These Intervals were originally invented by Norgan Vaas the famous and very cold Scantinavian runner. Over time the meaning has reversed. Today I practised the ancient form.
Some time later I woke up and pootled back to the route on Ruth's watch where I was surprised by David and Bron so I quickly broke into a run. At the Caswell underpass I had to explain to Bron what the elevated log railing was for. She had no idea! Where else are giants going to dry their pasta?
I must have lost them because I spent the rest of the run alone with nature and on a swing (to improve my core strength).
Now this all sounds fine and ordinary and expected so what I am about to tell you will truly shock and dismay. After the run there was No Breakfast. I am not making this up! I only do Speedygeese long run for the Breakfast.
Luckily Jen and I, not having kids, were able to make it to 2B10 for some breakfast and coffee. Yes I know she says she has kids but I don't believe it. There was something about a waitress and fat cow milk but I didn't mean it to come out that way.

Sunday 13 May
long run “official” report [edit – I’m thinking of making Helen’s the official report next time]: Dave reported on the Mothers Day Classic, see last Tuesday’s blog post!

Monday 14 May: At Parliament house running 3 x 800m with a 400m jog between, then a jog followed by some sprints, were Joel, Ricky, Colin, Tori, Bernardo, Vanessa, Ruth, Jennie, Sandeep, Craig, Sarah, Isaac, Jen, new Dave, Dave, Pieta, Candy (new) and me. We also saw Jessica, Warrick and Christopher nearby

Thursday 17 May: Parliament House training was along the west side on grass under lights and a fingernail moon. Those training were Susan, Dave, Ricky, Craig, Isaac, Brendan, Tori, Allie, Colin with me supervising. Plenty of distance was covered: Colin reported a total of 10k for the second session in a row. This time it we did 6 x 400m with a 400m jog interval, another jog of 800m followed by up to 8 x 100m with 100m jog after each.

The Thursday Crowd (thanks Dave for the photo). Tori and Craig are trying to out-dazzle the photographer.


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