Wednesday, 2 October 2013

training update

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Saturdays the speedyducks run at Acton Ferry Terminal.
28 September Caleb, Elspeth, Daisy and I ran a few kms up and around the National Museum and the National University.

Sundays the speedygeese train at Stromlo forest Park. I start at 7:00am and others have tended to join me later, although once the weather improves they will be happy to start at 7.
29 September SFP Jed (new), Ewen and I ran 3 x 1km on a new course which I like - from the start line, up and around the hilly 500m circuit and back, finishing 100m past the start line to complete each km.

Mondays we run at Parliament House come rain, hail, shine, or coups d'état.
30 September Ewen and I ran 8k at 4:30pm as is our custom, then the main group of Andy, Craig, me, Jen, Peter and Ruth started out at 5:30pm for warm-and-chin-ups, 15 circuits of a 330m loop which consisted of a 100m uphill sprint and a 230m return recovery, on 2 minutes, and a cool-down-and-jelly-beans. It was a nice evening but numbers were down as it was a public holiday in Canberra - a silly "Family and Community Day".

Tuesdays I am going to start meeting anyone who wants to at Kippax for a medium-longish run. So far it's only me and my music-playing-android. Next one of these is 15 October.


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