Wednesday, 23 October 2013

can you spot the geese?

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 Goorooyaroo Half Marathon - Kym, Bronwyn, Craig

Goorooyaroo Half Marathon - rear view. We are all there. Can you spot (from left to right) me, Bronwyn, Kym, Craig, Jen? Of course you can.

 Goorooyaroo Half Marathon - Jen

 Goorooyaroo Half Marathon - me, Craig

Goorooyaroo Half Marathon - Bronwyn

O'Connor Ridge ACTVAC handicap - Caroline

O'Connor Ridge ACTVAC handicap - Mick

Training: last Sunday it was just me of the speedygeese at Stromlo Forest Park, running four easy km intervals after having raced five times in twelve days. Glenn and Elaine were there too and it was good to catch up with them. Then on Monday I decided to scratch from the early run for the time being; Mick and Cathy ran early all the same and Cathy plans to continue to do that for anyone wanting to join her. For the main session I took the group down to the "tunnel" at the lake and we ran 12 x ~140m on two minutes up through the tunnel and up the hill, Participating were Ruth, Cookie, Garry, Bronwyn, Craig, Jen, Warrick, Andy & me. We were adjacent to a boot camp at the tunnel; they pay to huff and puff, good luck to them.


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