Saturday, 5 February 2011


Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, February 05, 2011 with 6 comments
Thursday night's Vets track
3000m early heat
M50 Rod Lynch 11:29.76 73.5%
W50 Helen Larmour 12:45.06 77.8
M50 Roger Pilkington 13:26.13 63.4

M40 Damian Rutledge 25.57 83.9%
W35 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee 31.01 71.0

3000m late heat
W45 Katie Forestier 11:51.60 77.7%
M60 Geoff Moore 12:28.58 74.4
W55 Maria O'Reilly 12:34.83 84.4
M55 Ken White 13:58.10 63.6
W60 Ruth Baussmann 15:18.74 73.4
M65 Geoff Barker 16:16.65 59.1

M40 Craig Davis 22:01.12 61.5%

Consistent with the theme of the last few days:


  1. Aaaaaw:) Wonder how many hits you'll get from this post!

  2. No extra hits, because the word "boobies" is in a jpeg. Unless of course these comments attract hits. I should therefore point out to any knockers out there, they are pretty baby boobies.

  3. I'm not big on knockers (especially big ones - you know, the knockers that are going at it all the time), but I like baby boobies.

  4. Ha! I haven't seen boobies for a while. I'm married, you know!

    In fact, Ewen if you want to pretend your married just look at this photo on Birthdays and Christmas! That will do it!

  5. Thanks Scott. Sounds like I'm closer to seeing boobies than you - I'm trying to convince my female training partners to take their tops off on these sweltering 38C days ;)