Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Where to from here?

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 with 3 comments
It's Tuesday and I am looking at another six months track season ahead. It's Tuesday and I am reflecting on the calf tear of eight day's ago. It's Tuesday and I had better start some serious rehabilitation.

Where to from here?

The calf tear isn't too bad; I can walk now, striding out a bit.

Little injuries like this are part of life for the regular runner. It's NOT running which is life threatening.

I had better start a plan of rehabilitation. First, in the short term, because the pain's nearly gone, and because I spent the first two days regularly icing it, I can now afford to exercise it even if it gets a bit sore. So I will apply some heat, then go for a walk/jog/shuffle, then massage and do some gentle calf stretches, then apply some ice and anti-inflammatory. And if it's still not sore, I will try alternating heat/ice, but if it comes up sore I will just do the icing for the time being.

And THIS time there are no pressing races on the horizon so I will forget about racing and speed.

The lesson is, don't ignore the warning signs. I'm pretty good at identifying warning signs now, but I was away when the calf got a bit tight, and didn't get the early treatment (massage) which would have fixed it.

Maybe another lesson is, don't enter races ahead of time! I knew that anyway, it was a risk. The problem is, national events require entry well in advance.

I should be OK in a couple of weeks.


  1. Good to have you back Geoff. Take care of that calf tear - walk before you run! And make the most of all those massages! In other words listen to your own advice!

  2. Hope your calf repairs itself rapidly geoff!
    Thanks also for reminding me i ought to post to my blog more often!!!
    Hope to do some Pbs very soon so cheers and good luck

  3. I ran 1k today. I stopped and walked after about 400 meters then it was stop-start. Still, it's a lot better than yesterday.
    Strewth! I spelled it out in the post mainly for my own benefit!