Sunday, 9 October 2005

Masters Day Two

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I went to the track yesterday for the second day of Masters' competition, primarily to watch the 1500s. The standard was pretty poor if you just look at the times; Team Moore could have won lots of golds in the various age groups. If you look at the weather though you might understand why the fields were down despite good entries and the times were slow. For example Anne Young ran 7:50 for her 1500 and the wind and rain and water on the track would have slowed her down lots. "Terrible terrible" she said, having just won the W70 gold and broken Juani's ACT record by about 35 seconds. My M55 1500 (which I DIDN'T run, not because of the weather, but because I think my calf would have broken had I ran it) was won in a slower time than I could normally run, and only six of the eighteen entrants ran in the race. Could I have run it without the injury? Probably not; one thing I know for sure is that I am very pleased I was not standing out there in the storm that hit the M55 runners a couple of minutes before the start as they stood out on the track.

Other fields were larger but the times still slow.

Roger ran about 5:13 for his M45 1500 and came fourth - he was very pleased.

Masters Day Three is today but I didn't go in; the weather has improved greatly although still no sun. There were the steeple and the 5000 walks on today; Roger was doing the steeple after competing in the triathlon in the morning.

By the way the SA organisation of the athletics component of the Masters Games is (as expected) excellent.

Well we watched "Life and Death of Peter Sellers" last night. Another great movie. Geoffrey Rush is a brilliant actor and the script of the film was better than I expected - full of surprises. Or is it that movies seem better if you see them when you are on holidays? Anyway, early night tonight (after the cricket) and rise and shine for a very early start tomorrow.


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