Friday, 21 October 2005

First Vets Track 20 October

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, October 21, 2005 with 2 comments
Last night was an absolutely perfect night for track - mild, a little humid; still, not a breath of wind. There were not many people there though. Silly: the earlier rain probably deterred them, but everyone should know by now that rain at 3pm doesn't mean rain at 6pm. Team Moore runners were there in numbers however. I stupidly left my notes at the track - I hope someone has salvaged them for me. Good to see a few old faces turning up again - Michael Roden, Dale Moore for example. New faces included our own Charlie McCormack (12.19/2.50 3000/800 double) and Katie (2:52 800) both racing there for the first time.
As for me I am able to jog a little, now. The sore calf improves daily.

Here are the results for our training group. Full results are on the website.

M40 Colin Farlow 10:18
M45 Rod Lynch 11:24
......Ewen Thompson 12:33
M50 Michael Leahey 10:35
M55 Trevor Cobbold 12:14
......Bob Harlow 12:22
......Ken Eynon 12:28
......Peter Hogan 13:15
M60 Geoff Barker 13:19
M65 Tony Booth 15:11
W35 Charlie McCormack 12:19
W45 Ann Marie Calnan 13:37
W55 Margaret McSpadden 15:16

1000m Walk
M45 Ewen Thompson 5:05.50
M55 Kevin Chamberlain 5:00.04
M60 Rod Gilchrist 6:11.06

M40 Colin Farlow 2:17.57
......Michael Rutter 2:45.31
M45 Rod Lynch 2:35.36
M55 Trevor Cobbold 2:44.07
......Neil Boden 3:06.42
M60 Geoff Barker 3:07.29
M65 Tony Booth 3:19.00
W35 Charlie McCormack 2:50.43
......Katie Forestier 2:52.03
W45 Kerry Boden 3:27.65
W50 Maureen Rossiter 2:58.26
W55 Jill Brown 3:17.56
......Margaret McSpadden 3:40.93

M45 Kevin Matthews 8.04
M60 Michael Roche 9.86
W45 Ann Marie Calnan 10.54
W50 Maureen Rossiter 10.07
W55 Jill Brown 10.76
W65 Cory Collins 11.16
W70 Consie Larmour 10.95 (ACT rec)

W45 Ann Marie Calnan 36.20
M45 Rod Lynch 31.84
M60 Michael Roche 33.26
......Geoff Barker 37.30
W50 Maureen Rossiter 32.57
W55 Jill Brown 36.58
W65 Cory Collins 36.78
W70 Consie Larmour 39.05 (ACT rec)

4x100m Relay
W35 Katie Forestier
(M35 John Donovan)
(M40 Michael Roden)
(W40 Jayne Hardy) 58.89

(W55 Carol Baird)
W55 Jill Brown
W55 Margaret McSpadden
(W55 Margaret Taylor) 73.82

Triple Jump
M45 Kevin Matthews 9.45

Spiral 4
1 Consie Larmour W70 10:18
2 Geoff Barker M60 7:11
7 Alice Scott W60 8:27
8 Katie Forestier W35 6:33
9 Maureen Rossiter W50 7:46
11 Kevin Chamberlain M55 6:21
13 Margaret McSpadden W55 8:16
15 Cory Collins W65 9:18
16 Peter Hogan M55 7:26
17 Jill Brown W55 8:34
18 Neil Boden M55 7:05
19 Rod Lynch M45 6:08
21 Michael Leahey M50 5:54
22 Kerry Boden W45 9:07
26 Tony Booth M65 7:50


  1. I'm not that slow as a walker Geoff! My 5:50.05 should be 5:05.50 - faster than my usual running km rate and just behind that brilliant walker Kevin Chamberlain.

    Great effort with the results - there are too many in Team Moore! Thanks for exposing the 'Mystery female'.

  2. Thanks Ewen, fixed here at least. And that explains your comment to Kevin on Thursday about how fast we went!