Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Today's CT page 6

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, September 21, 2005 with 8 comments

click on photo to enlarge..

We are all in it! It's the 40 minute plus people early in the race. Team Moore team are all there... somewhere. I can see myself in CR colours behind the guy in red at the front of the photo, Griffin about six people back and slightly to the right (in the photo) also in CR colours, and Kt way over on the right in red.
Maria, Jenny and Ewen, you must be somewhere too, you were near Griffin and me at that stage. Where are you?

There are many other familiar faces. On the right there's Robbie, on the left there's Charlie Modrack, behind him appear to be Jim White, Peter Ward, Bob Harlow, Brian Wenn, Michael Leahey, and Susan Hobson, all together. Then further to the right there's Colin Neave (?), Hugh Ford.... As you go further back faces are less distinct, but I reckon that's Andrew Sutcliffe out on the grass.

Anyone else you can identify?


  1. A couple of green shoes are also visible!

  2. Katie in red shirt (one green shoe) near green shirt guy about half way up, right side. I can see one of Griffin's green shoes near a guy all in black.

    Yes, Andrew Sutcliffe on grass, Jessamy Hosking on grass. I am in a line between white sign and grey sign on right side of road (obscured by man in white singlet!)

    In front of photo, Gordon Nightingale looking at watch (2k) with Christine Pauling just ahead. Hugh Jorgensen's head just showing!

    A great photo!

  3. Great Photograph !

    Jenny is running along beside me, about one metre to my right in a blue top, dark sunnies and dark running (skins) pants !

    Maria is two places behind Jenny, just on the right shoulder of the guy in the white singlet, wearing a red top and dark sunnies !

    Katie looking great in the red top out on her own, showing the odd green shoe too !

    And yes, I do believe that is Ewan just behind the rude guy in the white singlet !

    Woo Hoo, go Team Moore !

    Yours in Running Writing

    Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen

  4. Nope, but couldn't miss you in your CR gear!

  5. Griffin, you always beat me to everything - I just spent 5 minutes studying that photo to find Jen and Maria - I knew they were there - read the comments and you already found them and described where they were - why doesn't that surprise me, you beat me at everything else........ except the age % (he,he).

    What a great photo!!

    What lovely bright green shoes!!

  6. It's like trying to find Where's Wally!!

  7. yeah right, I should have seen Maria & Jenny. I'm going blind in my old age. I still can't find Ewen!

  8. OK I have spotted Ewen now. Yes he has his CR gear on - singlet and cap - and his height has helped me find him as well.

    Runners like David Webster were WAY too flash and fast to get into this photo.