Sunday, 25 September 2005

Baby's Birthday

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, September 25, 2005 with 4 comments
I wasn't going to do this, Aki, but FD said I had to and a kick in the shins from FD could have done considerably more damage than a punch on the shoulder from you.... so,

The baby of our training group is having a birthday this Wednesday, 28th, when she turns
#### years old.

I haven't asked her, but my guess is all gifts of chocolate or champagne would be appreciated. And we might even be able to get her to come along to Zeffirelli on the 27th October, as an honorary non-youth for the night.

Happy birthday, babe! (blame FD for this)


  1. Aki,

    Happy Birthday for Wednesday the 28th September.

    I'm sure that you will have a fantastic day Thea, I shall stop and think about you at noon on the 28th, so if your ears are burning at that time, you will know why !

    Keep up the great work at Uni, and just keep knocking down those monsters, you are almost there !

    Keep up the good work on your Blog, you inspire me with your sharp wit and articulate prose, I love reading it !

    All the best from a friend !

    Yours in Running Writing

    Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen

  2. Have a good one Eh, Kay, Eye! Very cool gloves. Oh, yes... you don't look a day over ####!

  3. Lol, let it be known that I will have my revenge on a certain little duck, however, thanks heaps. :)

  4. ...and a happy birthday from me too, Aki! Are there any celebrations for this special occasion? Have a big, happy day on Wednesday!