Sunday, 18 September 2005

After the 10k

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, September 18, 2005 with 3 comments

.. 'twas a might chilly when the sun went under a cloud. This bright looking bunch made up for the lack of sunshine...


  1. Aren't we a bright bunch! But boy, it was bloody freezing! Great photo!

  2. an ode to CR's fRom CanbeRRa !

    Cool RunneRs ConveRge in CanbeRRa foR the thiRtieth Running of the CanbeRRa times fun Run.

    Cool weatheR Came and Cool weatheR went, but this heaRty bunch of Cool RunneRs spent; all of theiR eneRgy and all of theiR puff.

    but boy didn't they look good in theiR Cool Running stuff!

    Yours in Running Writing

    Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen

    P.s. what a great photograph of a great bunch of people !

    P.P.s. Well done to all of you, you did the CR community proud today !

  3. GaRy, that was Rather cleveR!

    Yes, you should have seen how fast the tracksuits went back on. Thanks for organising it Geoff. Go green shoes team! And blue, and orange, and mauve...

    Now, if I'd done more speedwork at PH could I have stuck with Katie? No way!