Friday, 13 May 2005

Thursday Training

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I have decided there will be no training at Dickson next Thursday 19th May. First of all there is the ABS Fun Run on at lunchtime (check out the link), and secondly the Vets AGM is on that evening. In regards to the latter, I feel a post entitled "How to Vote" coming on real soon now.

Training at Dickson oval the last two Thursday nights has been well attended, and not easy!
Thursday of last week the training session consisted of a continuous relay with teams of three, each team member running twelve 200 metre intervals. At the end of each interval while the other two team members were running the runners jogged down the 100 metre straight and back again as a recovery. Teams were chosen so that in each team of three, the runners were of approximately the same standard. This session works the slowest runner of the three very hard.

Last night we ran with teams of three again but this time each runner ran 8 lots of 300 with a 200 jog recovery, and teams were chosen so that each team had a faster paced, a medium paced, and a slower paced runner, with the expectation that teams would finish fairly close together.

Finally I must congratulate Thea for taking a full five minutes off her 10k pb last Sunday (check out the link!). This was run on the Acton course, which is a fairly quick course although not as fast as the Canberra Times one.


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