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A real star of last track season was Vicki Matthews. Vicki was a regular winner in her age group despite having other excellent performers to contend with - such as Marlene, Sharon, and our very own Alex and Annemarie. Vicky showed us that it is possible to compete week after week at a high level for a whole season! Her events included sprints, jumps, throws, the occasional middle distance event, and pentathlon. She won six titles at the ACT championships this year - the 100 in 14.12, the 400 in 68.68, the shot in 7.87, the 200 in 29.50, the javelin in 21.76, and the Pentathlon. Vicki also took out the annual Boag sprint series, which is based purely on performance relative to age standards.

It is a pleasure to have Vicki doing much of her training with us, and despite us being primarily a middle and long distance group, she has found our training sessions useful and beneficial, sometimes adapting the sessions to her needs (as we all do anyway!).

Unusually unassuming for such a talented athlete, Vicki is worthy of our praise. She doesn't seek it out. No false modesty either; she competently goes about her training and racing without fuss and with plenty of grit and determination.

Vicki and her Boag award

Finally, to crown a great season, Vicki was awarded the Silver Fristad trophy. I reproduce in full the write-up from Vetrunner she received then. (No apology if there is repetition: I did not refer to the write-up when expressing my own thoughts so far)

"VICKI MATTHEWS W45: Vicki was a regular at the track participating in a variety of events including sprints, hurdles, relays, jumps, javelin throw and pentathlon. She performed well in all sprints, including a close second in the “Gift”, with all her times earning high 70 to low 80% of WMA standards. Her score of 2465 points in the pentathlon was best of the women."

Vicki also competes in the monthly running handicaps. Truly an all round top performer!


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