Sunday, 15 May 2005

How to vote

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The long awaited AGM of the ACT Veterans Athletic Club will be held this Thursday. I cannot advise who to vote for, for the simple reason that the normal practice is that candidates won't be revealed until the night. But I can say that there has never been as much interest and discussion before an AGM as there has been leading up to this meeting. Not to mention contention.

For whatever reason, the current "executive" has decided during the last twelve months to make important decisions and try and implement them without attempting to consult with members directly or through the very good subcommittee system. Even in many cases, without meeting with the management committee, although I should add that there has been little or no attempt at the committee level to reach consensus; the committee has been treated as if composed of two political groups, a governing group and an opposition group.

Crazy days! Never before has this club been run in this way. Everything the office bearers on past committees have done have been openly communicated; transparent; and facilitating club unity.

If this state of affairs continues for a second year, it is obvious, to me anyway, there will likely be a mass walkout of members, including many key people responsible for the day to day operation of the club, and the likelihood of a second masters athletics group being formed in the ACT.

So who to vote for? Well, there is not a single person in my training group I would not trust to be responsible, accountable, effective, and have their heart in the right place. Should anyone in the training group stand for any of the positions, vote for them!

Vote 1 Team Moore!


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