Sunday, 22 May 2005

Half Marathon

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, May 22, 2005 with 4 comments
Results for our training group of the Canberra Half Marathon held last Sunday 15 May
57. David Webster 53 M50 1:28:16
85. John Kennedy 55 M55 1:31:16
136. Maria O'Reilly 50 W50 1:37:44
141. Ken White 51 M50 1:38:02
165. Cathy Newman 44 W40 1:41:14
170. Annette Sugden 42 W40 1:41:49
174. Cathy Montalto 52 W50 1:42:00
187. John Alcock 59 M55 1:43:08
196. Alan Duus 59 M55 1:43:47
238. Peter Hogan 58 M55 1:49:23
246. Mick Charlton 53 M50 1:50:18
279. Prue Bradford 45 W45 1:53:55
298. Thea Zimpel 22 1:56:18
301. Gabrielle Brown 41 W40 1:56:39
314. Ruth Baussmann 54 W50 1:58:37
323. Pam Faulks 45 W45 1:59:28
324. Geoff Moore 57 M55 1:59:51
336. Margaret McSpadden 58 W55 2:02:23

I enjoyed running the entire race at two hour pace and will probably do that again one day. I'm not sure I will do it in the Vets Half though, unless they change from their three start system back to one, because it is not possible to pace people running in three different groups starting half an hour apart! Maybe I will run in group three at exactly 1:40 pace? But not if the people I am trying to help insist on starting in group two.

It was good to see some PBs amongst the team members I have listed above. A perfect day and many fast times. Thea, Gabrielle and Pamela started with me and all managed to crack the two hour mark. Congratulations!

One example of a great run - Peter Hogan took 15 minutes off his time for last year!

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  1. The official results on the web omitted Pamela so I have emailed the webmaster to see if that can be corrected.

  2. I thought that link in the results to speedygeoff's name would show that photo of him in Friday's Canberra Times on the front line at the start of the ABS Fun Run!

  3. Anonymous23 May, 2005

    Watch out for that tree Geoff!


  4. All right Ewen, I might put in something about the ABS Fun Run later. After all Katie ran way under pb pace so deserves a mention (or two now!). But then there are too many birthdays in May and I have a backlog of other topics to cover too!