Tuesday, 17 May 2005

10k training

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Every few weeks I will post a training guide for the 10k. This is for those who have been doing a fair bit of long running and want to know how to improve their times. The goal is a pb at the Canberra Times Fun Run in September.

Not that this is better than any other guide; but this one will be an indication of what some in our training group are doing, and you could join them.

Stage 1 May 2005 (next three weeks, into early June)
Twice a week - long run. 60 to 90 minutes slow recommended. Build up if necessary.
Twice a week - hill sprints or equivalent gym work (eg climbing step machine). We do a Monday session that equates to this.
Once a week - a solid but not flat out run over the same course each week of about 6-8k as a measure of how things are going. Or we do a Thursday session that provides a more demanding interval workout.
Once a week - an easy recovery run
Once a week - a rest day.

Ideally the week should be organised so that each long day is followed by an easy day or a rest day, but that may not always be possible.


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