Tuesday, 15 February 2005


Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, February 15, 2005 with 3 comments
"Security remains an expensive business with Federal Parliament paying more than $2 million for US-made bollards to restrict access to the Parliament House forecourt.

"That's just part of the work, with installation of concrete barriers around the building now well under way.

"For those who regard the white plastic barriers in front of the parliament building an eyesore, there's some good news.

"Senate President Paul Calvert told a Senate estimates committee they would be gone by the end of May.

"He said it could have been sooner, but he decided a $150,000 charge for air freighting of replacement bollards from the US could not be justified. They will now travel by ship.

"Senator Calvert said they had tried to buy Australian, but the locally made bollards weren't up to specifications while those made in the US exceeded them.

"For $2.264 million, parliament gets 38 that are manually retractable and 170 that aren't."

- today's Canberra Times
It's where we train on Mondays in winter. So we will still have to put up with the picket fence - and with works in progress - when we resume there in April.

The article also says the grass around the sides is not being watered and will be replaced once the drought breaks.

So we can wear out a track and pound along the grass to our heart's content.


  1. So, we can't play leap-frog over the bollards just yet?

    The photos from Nth Lyneham were OK. I'll post one tomorrow or Thursday. Save the old one for re-use at a later date.

  2. A news item from the UK. The police have had to pay out thousands of pounds in compensation after officers on duty at Windsor Castle accidentally raised the steel security bollards while cars passed over them, leaving the shocked drivers 3ft off the ground.

  3. We can use the bollards for steeplechase training!

    Still working on the photo - need some photoshop magic to make that crowd look like middle distance runners and not Sydney-Melbourne shufflers.