My old goals for 2008
(1) Do well in the Nationals in March in Blacktown, Sydney. Can I get fit by then? yes indeed! see below.
(2) Run a solid-but-not-too-fast Canberra Marathon in April (say, 3:10?) solid, and not too fast, but not 3:10! see below.
(3) Survive my 60th birthday party in May. "I am still running"!
(4) Run a fast Canberra Half Marathon, my first race as an M60, in May (say, 1:27? I don't think so! I think the marathon, the parties, the travelling and a cold got to me! Still, 1:30's not bad.)

The following races were pencilled in as "flat-out":
03 January 3000m track ran it OK, ~11.39
10 January 3000m track ran it (hot), ~11.49
17 January 3000m track ran a good 1500 instead, ~5:24
23 January 6k BBQ Stakes ran it OK, ~26:30
Then on 24 January I ran the Hour and completed 13,874m. Worth a mention.
29 January 5k Stromlo cross country ran it (hot) 20.27
31 January 3000m track ran a good 1500m instead, 5:22.9

07 February 3000m track ran it OK, ~11.27
14 February 3000m track didn't run, I was the Meet Director instead
21 February 10,000m track ran 41.04, 5k split more impressive, 20.07. Wet!
28 February 3000m track didn't run, still sore from the 10k

04 March 6k BBQ Stakes 30th anniversary run. Ran well, ~25:05
then on 8 March I ran a 1500m in 5:19.86, a season's best
13 March 5000m track 19:32 season's best
21 March 10,000m AMA championships ran fourth in 40:41! Season's best!
23 March 5,000m AMA championships ran fifth in 19:25! Also season's best!
then on 24 March ran second in the AMA National Cross Country Championships, for a silver medal!

08 April Canberra Marathon ran 3:18.19
18 May Canberra Half Marathon ran 1:30.30