Thursday, 17 October 2013

huffin and puffin

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Postcard from Miranda, currently in Scotland. She gives her regards to the geese.

I am forever reviewing my training program. It occurred to me a few days ago that there are ACT M65 records not entirely out of range if I train for them. The records are all faster than I am running but slower than I want to be running.

Current ACT M65 records
800 2:41.2
1500 5:32.0
Mile 5:59.9
3000 11.43.8
5000 20.23.21
Hour 13266
10000 40.54.9

Yesterday I looked at my training pattern, again, and decided to continue for 6 or 7 weeks with what I am doing, then switch to a program in the new year specifically for 800/1500 and see what can be achieved. The new track should help.

I simply haven’t been within cooee of records since my M35 days, except in the odd relay. Now at last the individual times look achievable. Don’t you wish you were an M65 like me?

This Saturday I plan to run the Gooroyaroo Half Marathon if the weather is reasonable. (If the weather is not reasonable I may turn up at the inaugural Gungahlin Parkrun). I love the course: after the first 800m it is all downhill!! (Not really).

I raced a half only last Saturday. If I try to race this one I will certainly be huffin and puffin, especially up the steep climb at the start. Instead, it will be an easy run. And scenic.

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