Friday, 6 May 2016

plantar fasciitis

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This is on my mind at the momemt.
My calf/soleus/achilles/heel problems seems to be moving in that direction.
An article (with links to other articles) on its treatment/cure/prevention is at
So I am bookmarking it here for future reference.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Big event date clash

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It happens doesn't it; you want to run in two big events and they are being held on the same morning.
I could always run both; but is that a good idea?
We'll see what the body is like on the day.

ACTVAC 8k Cross Country Championships
Being held this year at Stromlo Forest Park on Saturday 18 June.
In 2016 the distance for ACTVAC and other Masters entrants will be 8k for all men and for all women.

Do not be put off by the word championships! They are for all members. Register now at this link:

AND ....

>>drum roll please<<
Sat. 18 June 2016 - 8am

I think I will be running Burley Griffin parkrun #2, but not #1.
After all, the cross country championship date was announced first, by a long shot.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

speedygeese training

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Last Thursday at Dickson I ran long (20k altogether). For training at 5:30pm a group of six ran 6 x 600+ in relays of 2. We had Colin, Dave, Maria O’R, Maria S (new), and Rohan participating.

On Sunday at Stromlo the rain stopped at exactly 7:30am, Dave and Pieta ran long, I jogged on the grass, chatted to Amanda, Ken & Katie, and watched Vanessa as she started a long mountain bike race.

On Monday I ran early then donned beanie and gloves for the first time this year which did the job nicely. Doing 6 x 15 seconds then 12 x 30 seconds on the grass were Caroline, Christopher, Colin, Dale, Dave B2, Dave C, Mick, Pieta, Ruth, Warrick & me. Birthday champagne was shared afterwards (happy birthday me, 68 today).

To celebrate my birthday today I will run at BBQ Stakes shortly. Haven't been there for a couple of years probably, although old men sometimes have unreliable memory. However...

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

speedygeese race results

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Friday 29 April Customs 5k
Bill Arthur 27:03
Caroline Campbell 34:25

Saturday 30 April YCRC BMP 10 mile
12 David Clarke M55 1:10:13
18 Jennifer Bright W40 1:14:04
32 Annette Sugden W50 1:24:20
34 Roger Pilkington M55 1:25:29
40 Warrick Howieson M45 1:27:42
76 Caroline Campbell W70 1:51:38
83 finishers

Saturday 30 April YCRC BMP 5k
3 Isaac Muscat U14 20:34
7 Geoff Moore M65 25:33
9 finishers

Saturday 30 April 5k Ginninderra parkrun #209
28 Bron Sparkes 22:57 W35
180 finishers

Saturday 30 April 5k Tuggeranong parkrun #166
27 Bronwyn Calver 21:59 W45
239 Ewen Thompson 38:11 M55
305 finishers

Saturday 30 April 5k Gungahlin parkrun #133
122 Margaret McSpadden 35:53 W65
152 Gary Bowen 55:13 M55
152 finishers

Dave demonstrating his typical racing style. AMA National Cross Country, Adelaide, M55s.

Monday, 2 May 2016

an oldie that doesn't age

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Song of the week: "Original Sin", by INXS

Sunday, 1 May 2016

New Speedy Geese tops - order yours now.

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Jen Bright is organising for a new batch of speedy geese tops. They will be tshirts, male and female ones. Will be either blue or white once we decide and will have speedy geese written on it with geese and Parliament House design. The design is being currently worked on by speedy gosling Isaac. Being made up by same person who designed and produced Anzac ultra tshirt, which is really well made, great fit and comfy. Please let Jen know if you are interested and your size. Orders will be completed when we reach 30 orders. Each tshirt costs only $24 total. For more details, including pictures and size charts, see the speedygeese Facebook page at

Dirt de Femme was on at Stromlo Forest Park this morning and our very own Vanessa was doing the long course. I watched her depart at 9:30am surrounded by a large bunch of other women. By the way, the rain cleared at exactly 7:30am, the time our training began.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

A little video about kathrine switzer

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"No one wanted her to run." Not exactly true, but it must have felt like that.

And this was 1967!

Friday, 29 April 2016

Suzie's news

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The lovely Suzie Gye is expecting! That means there are three members of the speedygeese who will be bringing speedygoslings into the world this year. For the other two, Sarah-Jayne, and Cookie, this will be happening very soon. For Suzie, here is what she says:

"I'm very excited to share with friends near and far the news of my little miracle. Baby Gye is due on 3rd September ❤️."

Here is Suzie with the new car she has bought to go with her new baby.