• Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    This Portrait Gallery showcases many of our runners. It will be added to as time permits. Click on each heading for a relevant link!

    Join us any time, at any training session, or at any training run. You will feel most welcome. All training and running events are completely free.

    **Fly Goose Fly**

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Jen Bright

    Jen is an enthusiastic member of the speedygeese, promoting the group to others and encouraging us all at every opportunity. These days Jen thrives on the long Sunday morning training runs, and can also be found doing off road racing as well as parkruns, mainly Tuggeranong. And if she wants to skip a run any day, her son Isaac makes sure that doesn't happen by dragging her along. Catch her on Facebook Messenger, via the link above, she's always there!.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    William Barlow

    William runs parkruns. While doing that he may be pushing a stroller and running parkrun. Or he may be making a video while running parkrun. Or he may be flying a drone to make a video while running parkrun. Or all of the above. William is versatile. I thought I had found a photo of him just running parkrun, but no, he has a video camera in his hand.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Narelle Desmet

    Narelle is a long distance runner who rarely misses the Sunday morning long run. She is engaged to another Sunday runner, Graeme Smyth. They became engaged after joining the speedgeese, but we cannot claim we brought them together as they had been an item before they joined us. The photo by Peter Brown shows the great views seen on our long runs; who wouldn't stop and take a few photos of Canberra, its runners, and its trails?

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Dave Clarke

    Dave progressed from treadmill to track, and races frequently, often straight after training. Dave has consistently improved over 5k and if he ever tapers for an event he will improve even more.

    Dave looks at his watch a lot. That's because he runs a lot. I had to include again this 2017 photo, it is a classic!

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Mhairi Craig

    Mhairi, famous for her notable Scottish accent, is a regular starter on Sunday morning trail runs. Mhairi would run about 21 minutes for parkrun if she were to do one, but is seen instead on the toughest and longest courses, usually well ahead and often on course. She doesn't mind the odd creek crossing, either. Nor the cold, she's used to Glasgow weather.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Pieta and Andrew Smith

    Pieta sets an example with her regular speedy training sessions, both interval sessions and trail runs. She is a big improver, as evidenced by her 21:43 PB at Tuggeranong 5k parkrun in September 2018. And by her New York marathon in 3:57. Husband Andrew is also sporty and does parkruns, and they are raising sporty speedygoslings too.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Ewen Thompson

    Ewen is a long-time member of the speedygeese, my right hand man. Ewen's PBs include a 17:33 5k and a 36:33 10k. A 2:15 800m is not too shabby either. Ewen's best Half Marathon is 1:21.38 and Marathon 3:11.02. He also likes the High Jump which he practises towards the end of most races, and he has run the Six Foot Track.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Lisa McDonald

    Lisa has discovered the joy of running after joining the speedygeese last year. Despite having two young children, Lisa manages to train with us weekly and also competes in parkrun each Saturday morning, often at Gungahlin. Lisa was our most improved goose in 2018, what will 2019 bring?

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Sarah-Jayne Miller

    Sarah-Jayne did speed work with us here then moved to Albury and flourished as a trail runner. Returning to Canberra, she enjoyed her trail runs here, particularly on a Sunday mornning with the rest of the geese. And now she has left us again.. for North Queensland.. but she'll be back! Sarah-Jayne is fast over long distances, and only a few years ago represented Australia in Sky Running.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Rae Palmer

    Rae was a member of Females In Training (FIT) who joined us to work on her running. She races the Sydney City to Surf, she cycles, she has competed in triathlons, she goes skiing. Rae is a very fit athlete for her age!

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Amanda Cook (“Cookie”)

    Cookie is another fit mum who runs distances at an awesome pace and is a regular at the hilliest parkrun in the region, Queanbeyan. She often runs speedygeese sessions by herself, or hurtles along with her two year old in a stroller. She was a top women’s AFL player and is now enjoying the challenge of a new career in distance running.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Peter Thomson

    Peter Thomson a.k.a "Thommo", is a first class distance runner who joined us to get some speed into his legs, and is fully at home on our long speedygeese Sunday morning runs. Thommo is a recent "Griffins" co-ordinator (a Griffin is anyone who has completed ten or more Canberra marathons), and is also a recent YCRC President.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Susan Sturgeon

    Susan is speedy over short distances and does very well indeed racing longer ones. She has run a few Bush Capital 16k races, and completed in international marathons. Susan can be seen at or near the Ginninderra parkrun, usually with Paul, pushing a stroller, and she also enjoys the long Sunday morning trail runs with the speedygeese. For real speedwork, Susan attends Monday evening sessions at Parliament House.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Helen Way

    Where's Helen? There she is. Helen is a Canberra celebrity who has joined the speedygeese. My guess is she is combining all her talents here of music, dance, acting, running, and general talentedness. Helen is an integral part of the action on a Sunday morning, either present, or, "Where's Helen?"

    To be continued...

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Coming speedygeese events

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Mondays5:30pmInterval training @ Parliament House.
Thursdays5:30pmInterval training @ Parliament House.
Sundays8:00amWeekly long runs. See speedygeese FB page.
This Sunday23rdMt Rob Roy

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Latest race results

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Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 11 June
2. Kylie Wood 34:43
4. Peter Thomson 48:29
7. Natty Beck 34:06
8. Jasen Higuchi 21:39
10. Scott Imhoff 23:36
11. James O'Neill 40:32
12. Sandeep Chandra 40:32
13. Rajeev Bajania 24:12
14. Cameron Curry 35:21
16. Michael Thompson 32:08
18. Ricky Somerville 37:22
20. Ewen Thompson 40:41
22 finishers

Customs 5k handicap 14 June
4 Colin Farlow 19:32
5 Yili Zhu 23:22
8 Caroline Campbell 35:02
13 Craig Wurtz 25:30
15 Peter Thomson 42:10
17 finishers plus one dog

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #370 15 June
Times are incorrect: please add 27 seconds for actual times.
11 Andrew SIMPSON 21:04 M45
26 Geoff MOORE 23:05 M70
57 Kevin MILLER 25:24 M40
64 Bronwyn CALVER 26:11 W45
73 Celina MILLER 26:39 W40
133 Ruth BAUSSMANN 30:10 W65
158 Jennifer MAY 31:50 W60
233 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #331 15 June
7 Jen BRIGHT 19:27 W40
8 Jeff GREY 19:39 M55
9 Jasen HIGUCHI 19:48 M35
11 David CLARKE 20:40 M60
13 Nigel ENGLAND 20:57 M55
27 Shane WRIGHT 22:28 M45
55 Ricky SOMERVILLE 25:31 M50
89 Suzie GYE 28:45 W40
207 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #300 15 June
34 Gavin MONGAN 22:57 M35
156 Margaret MCSPADDEN 34:14 W70
218 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #159 15 June
6 Stuart DOYLE 18:15 M50
16 Louise SHARP 19:36 W35 **New PB**
26 Adrian CENGIA 20:51 M45
31 Amanda MCCORMACK 21:25 W35
35 Richard NETHERSOLE 21:46 M35
36 Will B 21:57 SM30
37 Natty B 21:59 SW30
79 Andrew BRAY 25:29 M40 **New PB**
85 Kerron CLARE 25:57 W50
95 Lisa MCDONALD 26:44 W45
124 Cathy NEWMAN 27:35 W55 **New PB** 48
142 Tracie SCARLETT-ARUNDELL 28:38 W50
143 Chris GAMMON 28:39 M55
155 Caroline CAMPBELL 29:25 W75
278 Penelope BARLOW 52:23 W10 **New PB**
279 William BARLOW 52:25 M35
280 April BARLOW 52:31 W10
294 finishers

Coombs 5k parkrun #66 15 June
2 Scott IMHOFF 20:11 M40
6 Paul QUINN 21:15 M35 **New PB**
18 Pieta SMITH 23:34 W45
38 Kylie WOOD 27:02 W45
95 finishers

Mount Ainslie 5k parkrun #58 15 June
12 Giles LAMB 22:38 M45
16 Jonathan MILLER 23:23 M50
30 Sandeep CHANDRA 26:43 M45
55 William ARTHUR 33:33 M65
89 finishers

Queanbeyan 5k parkrun #111 15 June
41 Vanessa PALMER 34:18 W45
86 finishers

Goulburn 5k parkrun #72 15 June
83 finishers

Braidwood Showground 5k parkrun #36 15 June
20 finishers

Jindabyne 5k parkrun #53 15 June
17 finishers

Bowral 5k parkrun #248 15 June
61 Norma WALLETT 36:37 W85
78 finishers

Batemans Bay 5k parkrun #163 15 June
41 finishers

Wangaratta 5k parkrun #184 15 June
10 Nadine Morrison 23:08
95 finishers

Albury Wodonga 5k parkrun #266 15 June
82 Cameron CURRY 27:31 M35
197 finishers

Mura di Lucca 5k parkrun #43 15 June
39 Carolyne KRAMAR 33:52 W55
57 finishers

Kowen 12k trail run 16 June
5. Bernardo Palma 54:08
36. David Webster 1:07:11
112. Bronwyn Calver 1:24:24
170. Shareen Underwood 1:34:46
184. Vanessa Palmer 1:36:46
188. Rae Palmer 1:37:25
276 finishers

Kowen 21k trail run 16 June
16. Peter Brown 1:49:03
18. Natalie Budd 1:49:42
25. Adrian Cengia 1:53:46
27. Brett Storrier 1:54:23
30. Paul Trumble 1:55:18
38. Mhairi Craig 1:59:34
68. Markus Mannheim 2:16:09
79. Kerron Clare 2:17:53
90. Gavin Mongan 2:22:01
103. Sue Bowden 2:27:25
137. William Arthur 2:53:42
140. Madeleine Kaye 2:58:10
151 finishers

Kowen 42k trail run 16 June
8. Rowan Lewis 3:40:58
23. Rajeev Bajania 4:25:46
36. Shiree Yap 4:43:05
64. Michael Thompson 6:06:39
72 finishers

My winter training day 16

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Today, my last session in Canberra for 7 days, I ran a good 5k and exercised hard in the gym for 45 minutes.

I will see if I can fit in a parkrun somewhere next Saturday morning (preferably one with a slow M70 record)!

Monday, 17 June 2019

My winter training day 15

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Ruth's photo almost needs no caption. 23 people at speedygeese tonight - well there was Dave doing the Dave thing, Joel bringing family, Rae turning up at the end for the bubbly (well she did fall and need five stitches yesterday at Kowen, but still finished, tough girl that), no less than four young ladies under 6 who had a ball (Mya, Vianne, Erica, Maya too), birthday girl from a couple of weeks ago Indigo (24), birthday boy today Paul Q (39 he said), birthday girl tomorrow Susan (45, unbelievable, she looks so young), plus Paul F, me, Kylie, Vanessa H, Yelena, Richard, Gwen, Max, Warrick, Ruth, Deborah D, Jenny M, and James. No particular order. I only jogged 4k while those training did ~12 minutes of a three person relay, then ~12 minutes of "squares", running up and down the flag poles alternately and jogging across in between, this was all at the lower flagpoles at Parliament House, down towards Old Parliament House. I was pleased to see Warrick, recovered enough to be able to walk with the assistance of kind-of crutches.

Slip Away

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Song of the week: Mumford & Sons - Slip Away
At https://youtu.be/FmszJbuihaY
I will be slipping away for a few days, I may have time to post something in advance...

Sunday, 16 June 2019

My winter training day 14

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On another busy weekend, I managed to fit in a run this Sunday morning, and was pleased that leg soreness was at a minimum. I went out early to Stromlo Forest Park, where it was crisp but without wind, and ran with Andrew, completing 8k.

Here's James running a week ago.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

My winter training days 12 & 13

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Friday (day 12) I had off, and Saturday (day 13) I ran the Ginninderra parkrun in 23:32, which, including a 2k warmup, totalled 7k. Official results say (at the moment) that I ran 23:05, but I didn't. I did however run almost dead even 1k splits. Tomorrow I will run at Stromlo on the grass.

Friday, 14 June 2019

My winter training day 11

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Thursday was Parliament House training, with the group running repeat 400s plus some acceleration runs. Present were Ruth, Brownie, Michael, Oscar (new), Jen, Paul, me, Yelena, Vianne, Lisa, with a visit from Joel and Maya. I ran 5k in total though most ran further than that.

Some of the crowd; thanks Ruthie for what are now regular training session photos:

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

My winter training day 10

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Happy geese:

Just another light day today for me, under-doing it rather than over-doing it. An hour doing strength work at the gym, and a very easy 5k jog/shuffle. Feeling good and holding myself back.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

My winter training day 9

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This afternoon once the fog had lifted, I ran 4.5k at a reasonable tempo.

Sunday speedygeese: Shane Wright and friend.

the latest speedygeese race results

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Albert 5k parkrun #394 01 June
42 Paul QUINN 20:16 M35
431 finishers

YCRC Women’s Jogalong 02 June
7. Vanessa Haverd W40 25:56
18. Kathy Sims W65 30:23
22. Cathy Montalto W65 35:38
29. Nadine Morrison W45 28:29
49. Caroline Campbell W75 41:53
56 finishers

AMRA Mount Ainslie 2.2k run-up 04 June
11 Monika Holmwood 15.15
12 Michael Smith 16.00
19 Bill Arthur 23.01.
21 Caroline Campbell 25.52
21 finishers

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 04 June
4. Kylie Wood 35:45
7. Rajeev Bajania 31:29
8. Sandeep Chandra 34:36
9. Michael Thompson 33:21
10. James O'Neill 31:21
11. Ewen Thompson 41:41
13. Ricky Somerville 38:55
14 finishers

Customs 5k handicap 07 June
3 James O'Neill 29:05
4 Bill Arthur 30:39
6 Ewen Thompson 27:59
8 Giles Lamb 22:02
9 Craig Wurtz 24:19
10 Colin Farlow 19:23
11 Kerron Clare 26:32
14 Caroline Campbell 34:41
20 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #369 08 June
13 Brendan BELCHER 20:33 M35
14 Jacob MILLER 20:43 M11
27 Chloe MILLER 21:34 W11 **New PB**
43 Jane LILLEY 23:36 W45
57 Debra KAY 24:22 W50
112 Cathy NEWMAN 27:51 W55
182 Archie SIMPSON 31:51 M11
183 Andrew SIMPSON 31:52 M45
283 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #330 08 June
1 Matt ROBBIE 17:22 M30
14 Nigel ENGLAND 21:27 M55
31 Shane WRIGHT 22:54 M45
78 David CLARKE 26:31 M60
102 Suzie GYE 28:07 W40 **New PB**
268 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #299 08 June
35 Nadine MORRISON 22:54 W45
55 Janene KINGSTON 24:34 W55
78 Andrew BRAY 26:03 M40
173 Lisa MCDONALD 32:45 W45
177 Margaret MCSPADDEN 32:58 W70
267 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #158 08 June
38 Pieta SMITH 22:07 W45 **New PB**
68 Tracie SCARLETT-ARUNDELL 24:40 W50
69 Chris GAMMON 24:40 M55
73 Andrew SMITH 24:53 M45 **New PB**
84 Bronwyn CALVER 25:42 W45
95 Elizabeth BENNETT 26:37 W55
109 Shareen UNDERWOOD 27:20 W35
160 Ruth BAUSSMANN 30:20 W65
165 Jennie BLAKE 30:40 W60
258 finishers

Coombs 5k parkrun #65 08 June
9 Natty B 22:24 W30
27 Craig WURTZ 25:10 M50
93 finishers

Mount Ainslie 5k parkrun #57 08 June
6 Stuart DOYLE 19:27 M50
10 Louise SHARP 20:34 W35
19 Jonathan MILLER 22:03 M50
20 Giles LAMB 22:11 M45
29 Gavin MONGAN 23:36 M35
40 Sandeep CHANDRA 24:56 M45
62 Helen NORTHEY 28:04 W40
81 William ARTHUR 32:22 M65
118 finishers

Queanbeyan 5k parkrun #110 08 June
1 Bernardo PALMA 18:19 M35
100 finishers

Goulburn 5k parkrun #71 08 June
60 finishers

Braidwood Showground 5k parkrun #35 08 June
38 finishers

Jindabyne 5k parkrun #52 08 June
31 Vanessa PALMER 32:57 W45
38 finishers

Bowral 5k parkrun #247 08 June
74 Norma WALLETT 37:22 W85
100 finishers

Batemans Bay 5k parkrun #162 08 June
66 April BARLOW 43:58 W10
67 William BARLOW 43:59 M35
74 finishers

St Peters 5k parkrun #382 08 June
30 James SWANN 20:41 M45 **New PB**
340 finishers

Albert 5k parkrun #394 08 June
133 Scott MARSHALL 23:18 M55
471 finishers

YCRC Age-Gender handicap 08 June
(not the finishing order; instead, sorted into actual time order)
9. David Clarke M60 20:23
20. Geoff Moore M70 23:39
23. Ewen Thompson M60 25:51
31. Caroline Campbell W75 30:31
32 finishers

Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon 10 June
9. Rajeev Bajania 1:32:50
14. Amanda Mccormack 1:36:41
16. Natasha Beck 1:39:01
18. Chris Gammon 1:39:48
20. Adrian Cengia 1:42:00
28. Tracie Scarlett-Arundell 1:49:55
55 finishers

Sri Chinmoy 5 Mile 10 June
24.Ewen Thompson 43:59
27.Elizabeth Bennett 44:25
48.Caroline Campbell 53:07
53 finishers

Monday, 10 June 2019

My winter training day 8

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In the early afternoon I had planned to run around the new parkrun course at Kippax but it was pouring rain, wet and miserable, so I gave it a miss. As often happens though, by the time Monday Parliament House training time arrived, the rain had stopped and the ground was not even boggy or soggy. We had an excellent time at Parliament House and despite the rain during the day and the public holiday, 21 people and two dogs turned up. New were Sarah, Robin, and canine Izzy, and also there were Jen, Isaac, Dave, Mick, James, Allie with Peach, Yelena with Vianne, Rae, Ruth, Giles, George, Lisa, Bron, Bill, Deborah, and me, with Joel and Maya turning up at the end (for the champagne). We wished the Queen happy birthday, and we wished Indigo happy birthday in absentia whose friends apparently had plied her with too much birthday spirit for her to arrive. Better luck Thursday!
Training consisted of 2 x 800m flat out with an 800m jog between, then the faster runners among us (i.e. faster than me) also ran 4 x acceleration runs of ~100m with 100m jog between each.

Some of us tonight:

When We Drive

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Song of the Week:
When We Drive – Death Cab For Cutie: at https://youtu.be/N5SnFhvPy4A