Monday, 20 April 2015

The Wolf

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Song of week: "The Wolf", by Mumford & Sons. From their new album "Wilder Mind" to be released on 4 May.

Video at

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Grandchildren update

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While one family of 3 grandchildren, the Halls, holidays in Fiji...

Another family of 6 grandchildren, the Falconers, records some sporting success...

Liv finished 7th overall at State Championships International Level 8 placing 6th on Floor, 6th on Beam and 3rd on Vault. She also qualified for National championships in May. Great result for all her hard work at training. Fund raising ideas anyone??

Jarod Falconer had a great State championships with three pb's. Placing 11th 400m, 10th High jump, 7th 4x100m relay, 6th Long jump, 6th Hurdles, and State champ 1st in triple jump 12.02m (the second picture is all the kids measuring out his jump.) Not going to specialise yet.

From the tip of Jarod's hands to the tip of Liv's toes is 12.02m The length of Jarod's Gold medal triple jump.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

In Case You Didn't Know

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Major: "I didn't see you at camouflage training this morning, Sergeant!"
Sergeant: "Thank you, Sir!!"

Told my wife I thought her trousers needed taking in
"Do you think I've lost weight?" she smiled
"No" I said "it's started raining"

My wife told me to stop impersonating a flamingo. I had to put my foot down.

Friday, 17 April 2015

See where we went: Morning of June 7, Gibside parkrun

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On the morning of 7 June 2014 I combined running and touring, by visiting the parkrun at Gibside, not far from Gateshead, across the border in Durham. The run was within a national trust area and was most scenic.
Details of the history of Gibside are at We did some exploring but were not aware of the history at the time!
To get to the start we had an uphill walk from the car park into the national trust area, passing through some touristy weekend stalls, then around the back of the walled garden.

There are also parkruns at Gateshead and Newcastle, as well as further south in county Durham, but I thought Gibside would be more fun.

It was a steep course! 
The time at the top of the altitude chart is Canberra time, not British time.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

See where we ran

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Thursday 9 April our "early" 10k run from Dickson Oval:

Monday 13 April our "early" 8k run from Parliament House; new course:

Wednesday 15 April: my 6k run on Holt Golf Course from the gym at Kippax:

More of our courses at the See Where I Run Category.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

speedygeese training and we welcome a new speedygosling.

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Thursday at Dickson: Miranda and I had a run early, setting off at about 4:20pm. This week we shall head off at 4:30pm. Then we were joined by Susan, Colin and Dave, and ran some 200m intervals with 100m recovery. As reported on Facebook, the speedygeese page, "Thursdays at the little athletics track at Dickson: A very successful first Thursday, last week. Lights were on, no-one else was running on the actual track (other than 5 speedygeese), and grass was lush and green. So Dickson is go. Come one come all at 5:30pm each Thursday. If you want an easy run of 8-10k run first, join us there at 4:30pm sharp. Then at 5:30pm we warm up for intervals on the track."

Monday at Parliament House: Ewen, Cathy, Dan and I ran a new 8k course at 4:30pm, then were joined at 5:30pm by Andy, Bron, Colin, Isaac, Jen, Julia, Mick, Nicole, Pieta, Susan, Thomas & Warrick. We headed for the hills and ran a session taking in the two SW slopes, 15 intervals on 2 minutes. Maybe headlamps needed next time? Thanks too, to Andy, for birthday champagne after.

Meanwhile, I am doing the April abs challenge each day still; just; and three classes in the gym each week, and running six or seven days. Importantly, feeling like I am improving. Most days anyway.

And in breaking news: We have a new speedygosling! Will and Abi are very pleased to announce the birth of Samuel John Fargher who arrived early this morning. Mum and baby both doing well.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

speedygeese race results

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Friday 10 April Customs 5k
Peter Burke 19:47
Bronwyn Calver 25:22
Caroline Campbell 31:59

Saturday 11 April 5k Ginninderra Parkrun #155
66 Gary Bowen 25:22 M55
79 Bron Sparkes 26:30 W35
175 finishers

Saturday 11 April 5k Tuggeranong Parkrun #112
7 David Clarke 19:37 M55
27 Isaac Muscat 22:18 M14 New PB! By 2:08!!
28 Jen Bright 22:19 W35
30 Ewen Thompson 22:31 M55 New PB!
50 Leonie Doyle 24:11 W45
232 finishers

Saturday 11 April 5k Gungahlin Parkrun #78
25 Geoff Moore 22:17 M65
26 Julia Anderson 22:20 W40
30 Amanda Cook 22:59 W35 New PB!
40 Ron Vines 23:54 M70
57 Helen Northey 25:04 W35 New PB!
93 Brett Morrison 28:30 M45 New PB!
101 Margaret McSpadden 28:59 W65
117 Gwen Vines 30:31 W65
170 finishers

Saturday 11 April Parramatta Parkrun #112
108 Pieta Smith 27:52 W40 New (Parramatta) PB!
204 finishers

Saturday 11 April Frog Hollow Parkrun #45
16    Nadine Morrison    22:16    W45
70 finishers

Saturday 11 April Australian Running Festival 5k
54 Janene Kingston 22:31
763 finishers

Saturday 11 April Australian Running Festival 10k
1,173 finishers

Sunday 12 April Australian Running Festival Half Marathon
192 David Webster 1:35:25 2nd M60
595 Annette Sugden 1:49.06

Sunday 12 April Australian Running Festival Marathon
Liz Bennett 3:44.21
Ruth Baussmann 4:36.14
Bill Arthur 4:36.51
Peter Thomson 4:42.37

Sunday 12 April Australian Running Festival Ultra Marathon
Congratulations to Kelly-Ann Varey, 12th across the line; first female; 3:31.35. Her marathon split was 2:57.27.

Sunday 12 April Paris Marathon
6,635 Maria O’Reilly 3:31.40 ****W60 bronze*** ***lifetime PB!!!***
16,166 Tori Hennig 3:58.42
22,930 Roger Pilkington 4:16.44
40,176 finishers!

Maria third W60

Elle, Maria, Roger, Jeff, Tori

Monday, 13 April 2015

May we be just like a child

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Song of the week: "Wonder" by Bethel Music, from the album "You Make Me Brave".

Wide-eyed and mystified

Ruth running uphill during the marathon and laughing!

Just turned 11, Isaac knocking >2 minutes from his 5k time. 22:18 for Parkrun! Jen, and Ewen running a PB, also in picture!

That's child-like, not child-ish!!