• Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    This Portrait Gallery showcases many of our runners. It will be added to as time permits. Click on each heading for a relevant link!

    Join us any time, at any training session, or at any training run. You will feel most welcome. All training and running events are completely free.

    **Fly Goose Fly**

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Jen Bright

    Jen is an enthusiastic member of the speedygeese, promoting the group to others and encouraging us all at every opportunity. These days Jen thrives on the long Sunday morning training runs, and can also be found doing off road racing as well as parkruns, mainly Tuggeranong. And if she wants to skip a run any day, her son Isaac makes sure that doesn't happen by dragging her along. Catch her on Facebook Messenger, via the link above, she's always there!.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    William Barlow

    William runs parkruns. While doing that he may be pushing a stroller and running parkrun. Or he may be making a video while running parkrun. Or he may be flying a drone to make a video while running parkrun. Or all of the above. William is versatile. I thought I had found a photo of him just running parkrun, but no, he has a video camera in his hand.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Narelle Desmet

    Narelle is a long distance runner who rarely misses the Sunday morning long run. She is engaged to another Sunday runner, Graeme Smyth. They became engaged after joining the speedgeese, but we cannot claim we brought them together as they had been an item before they joined us. The photo by Peter Brown shows the great views seen on our long runs; who wouldn't stop and take a few photos of Canberra, its runners, and its trails?

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Dave Clarke

    Dave progressed from treadmill to track, and races frequently, often straight after training. Dave has consistently improved over 5k and if he ever tapers for an event he will improve even more.

    Dave looks at his watch a lot. That's because he runs a lot. I had to include again this 2017 photo, it is a classic!

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Mhairi Craig

    Mhairi, famous for her notable Scottish accent, is a regular starter on Sunday morning trail runs. Mhairi would run about 21 minutes for parkrun if she were to do one, but is seen instead on the toughest and longest courses, usually well ahead and often on course. She doesn't mind the odd creek crossing, either. Nor the cold, she's used to Glasgow weather.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Pieta and Andrew Smith

    Pieta sets an example with her regular speedy training sessions, both interval sessions and trail runs. She is a big improver, as evidenced by her 21:43 PB at Tuggeranong 5k parkrun in September 2018. And by her New York marathon in 3:57. Husband Andrew is also sporty and does parkruns, and they are raising sporty speedygoslings too.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Ewen Thompson

    Ewen is a long-time member of the speedygeese, my right hand man. Ewen's PBs include a 17:33 5k and a 36:33 10k. A 2:15 800m is not too shabby either. Ewen's best Half Marathon is 1:21.38 and Marathon 3:11.02. He also likes the High Jump which he practises towards the end of most races, and he has run the Six Foot Track.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Lisa McDonald

    Lisa has discovered the joy of running after joining the speedygeese last year. Despite having two young children, Lisa manages to train with us weekly and also competes in parkrun each Saturday morning, often at Gungahlin. Lisa was our most improved goose in 2018, what will 2019 bring?

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Sarah-Jayne Miller

    Sarah-Jayne did speed work with us here then moved to Albury and flourished as a trail runner. Returning to Canberra, she enjoyed her trail runs here, particularly on a Sunday mornning with the rest of the geese. And now she has left us again.. for North Queensland.. but she'll be back! Sarah-Jayne is fast over long distances, and only a few years ago represented Australia in Sky Running.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Rae Palmer

    Rae was a member of Females In Training (FIT) who joined us to work on her running. She races the Sydney City to Surf, she cycles, she has competed in triathlons, she goes skiing. Rae is a very fit athlete for her age!

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Amanda Cook (“Cookie”)

    Cookie is another fit mum who runs distances at an awesome pace and is a regular at the hilliest parkrun in the region, Queanbeyan. She often runs speedygeese sessions by herself, or hurtles along with her two year old in a stroller. She was a top women’s AFL player and is now enjoying the challenge of a new career in distance running.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Peter Thomson

    Peter Thomson a.k.a "Thommo", is a first class distance runner who joined us to get some speed into his legs, and is fully at home on our long speedygeese Sunday morning runs. Thommo is a recent "Griffins" co-ordinator (a Griffin is anyone who has completed ten or more Canberra marathons), and is also a recent YCRC President.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Susan Sturgeon

    Susan is speedy over short distances and does very well indeed racing longer ones. She has run a few Bush Capital 16k races, and completed in international marathons. Susan can be seen at or near the Ginninderra parkrun, usually with Paul, pushing a stroller, and she also enjoys the long Sunday morning trail runs with the speedygeese. For real speedwork, Susan attends Monday evening sessions at Parliament House.

  • Speedygeese 2019 Portrait Gallery

    Helen Way

    Where's Helen? There she is. Helen is a Canberra celebrity who has joined the speedygeese. My guess is she is combining all her talents here of music, dance, acting, running, and general talentedness. Helen is an integral part of the action on a Sunday morning, either present, or, "Where's Helen?"

    To be continued...

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Up and coming speedygeese meeting places.

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Mondays5:30pmIntervals @ Parliament House.
Thursdays5:30pmIntervals @ Parliament House.
Sundays8:00amLong runs. See speedygeese FB page -
https://www.facebook.com/groups/speedygeese/ -
18 AugustSri Chinmoy 100 leg three practice.
25 AugustSri Chinmoy 100 leg four practice.

Disclaimer: We are an informal group - no membership, no fees, no venue hires, no formal events, no set training programs. Fellow runners conduct, suggest and co-ordinate runs of various kinds, on behalf of the group. Nothing is compulsory, everything is optional, and all participation is the choice of the participant. Anyone may participate in our runs, and do so at their own risk. Each person who participates is responsible for his or her own safety or that of their children and any pets who participate. Join us, your choice, have fun, take care.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

How Monday Night Training went

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12 hill sprints on 90 seconds... 7 on 80 seconds... and a final trot up the hill for those who complained they dislike prime numbers. Present were Mick, Jennie, Paul, Susan, Maya, Tiffany, Dave, Shane, Robin, Warrick, Paul, George, and me just trotting 3k.

And here we are, after the event, cheery as usual.

Monday, 19 August 2019

***no surprises***

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Song of the Week, from Radiohead. At https://youtu.be/u5CVsCnxyXg

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Sandeep's quick 5k

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23:52 at Ginninderra parkrun yesterday.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

It's 50 years

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Friday, 16 August 2019

I got to training last night, not running yet though.

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Here's a pic of most of the runners who ran the Rose Garden 200s last night.

From Ruth: "Thursday night Rose Garden intervals and a big welcome back to our speedychief. Paul brought more of his Tim Tam supply which we enjoyed with our jellybeans after the session. Welcome to Denis as a new Thursday night starter tonight. Sadly he and Yelena had to leave before the photo shoot. It was a good turnout for a Thursday."

I had a set of start intervals planned out in advance, and doing 11 intervals on 2:40 were Paul Q, Brownie, and Shane (new). Running 11 on 2:50 were Don and Lisa. Jennie ran 10 on 3:00, Ruth 10 on 3:10, Denis (new) and Jenny M 9 on 3:20, and Yelena part thereof.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

What Kahlia and Deborah are doing

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In Central Market Hall (Hungarian "Nagyvásárcsarnok") in Budapest:

And also:

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

speedygeese race results

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Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 06 August
1. James O'Neill 38:56
2. Sandeep Chandra 38:58
3. Cameron Curry 40:42
12. Ewen Thompson 37:38
15. Rajeev Bajania 25:38
18 finishers

AMRA Mount Ainslie 2.2k run-up 06 August
8 Peter Brown 15.30
18 Caroline Campbell 24.17
20 finishers


Customs 5k handicap 09 August
1 Peter Thomson 36:17
5 James O'Neill 24:26
8 Peter Daly 24:53
9 Terry Dixon 28:36
10 Giles Lamb 24:03
11 Caroline Campbell 34:24
12 Ewen Thompson 31:40
16 finishers

Parkruns 10 August - hhttp://www.parkrun.com/consolidatedclub/?clubNum=23606
Highlights: Isaac in fine form, running a 17:58 PB at Tuggeranong.

Best of luck to Isaac, who will be at the Nationals in Wollongong on the 24th.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Last night's speedygeese training session at Parliament House

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Via Ruth:
"Another great Monday turnout tonight. Our speedy leader was still unwell but Paul efficiently led us for relays on the grass in front of Parliament House. We welcomed three new starters and Christopher also joined us for our session tonight. Welcome to Nathan, Robin (who has been once before)and Shane and excellent that Clare joined us again with the remainder of her Lindt balls."