• Speedygeese Form Guides - Suzie

    Many speedygeese move away from Canberra. Many of these stay in touch. Suzie moved to Alice Springs and has continued to do well there, joining her local running club, improving her marathon time to 3:42, a 33 minute PB; her half marathon time to 1:41.25 in 2012, a big PB, and her 5000m time to 22:39 in 2013. She ran in the Alice Springs Running Festival Half Marathon, doing 1:47.47 in 2013 and 1:43.20 in 2014. Her 2014 Gold Coast Half was 1:43.58. A move to Darwin is the next big thing.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Susan

    Susan doesn't run track but she is speedy as anything at Dickson oval. She likes travelling to international and national marathons and halves (see the previous slide). In Canberra, Susan specialises in the Bush Marathon 16k, where over the years: 2009 1:35.48; 2010 1:36.08; 2011 1:32.50, 2012 1:28.20, and 2013 1:27.08. The AMRA Bush Capital events from 63k and down, organised by John Harding, are a great drawcard for trail runners from all over Australia. If you haven't done trail running before, this is a great starting point. And the company is excellent.

  • Thea and Andy

    Many of the speedygeese are members of "Vets" in Canberra. The minimum age to compete with the Vets is 30 years. Thea just qualified here. Typical of the scenic Vets Handicap courses, this is "Mount Ainslie Woodlands" on 25/11/12. Thea and Andy are finishing the long course in 7th and 8th place out of 100 finishers. Thea ran 42:12, her only Vets Handicap run to date, and Andy 32:48, second qualifed runner which gave him a silver medal. After the November handicap the Vets present the year's awards, and then everyone is invited to stay around afterwards for drinks and chat.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Thea

    Not seen Thea lately? If you view Thea's website you might see that after weeks of planter fascia problems, her swimming has improved substantially. Then she went and injured her mid back and neck. To celebrate the regaining of neck movement she went for a slow oval jog, which made her unable to walk. Going to the physio, Thea was given both crutches and a three month rest from any running. This is not good!

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Tony

    Tony has not long ago moved to the Atherton Tablelands not far from Cairns, and has left behind some impressive records as an M50 thru M70. Tony also left behind his extensive apple and quince orchard in Pialligo, where we trained for a couple of seasons through the lines of apple trees. Pictured are Jenny and I meeting up with Tony at Millaa Millaa falls recently, just around the corner from his new property. Fast facts: Tony, along with Kathy Sims, were the two who used to attend every speedygeese training session, and unsurprisingly became huge improvers and record holders.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Vanessa

    Vanessa has just joined us so we do not know her form. But we do know her pedigree and if she has taken after her mother Rae or her uncle David Webster she might be able to run a bit. Vanessa appears to have the makings of a tough runner (see photo). In her spare time Vanessa doubles as a pirate, and has been seen paddling a canoe in crashing surf. Fast facts: Vanessa has run no parkruns. Vanessa has run no Vets handicaps. Vanessa may well have done some triathlons but I am not privy to that information. Arrrr.

  • The Speedygeese

    We are the speedygeese! We are a group of runners, fast and slow, young and old, who run together around Australia's capital city, Canberra A.C.T. Our main training session is at Parliament House, Mondays 5:30 pm year round. We meet there in the public underground car-park. It is easy to join us, just come along any time. We are very friendly, and everything is free. All kinds of runners are welcome, especially new starters. More details of our activities are found on this website. Get in touch any time!

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Warrick

    Warrick is a long distance runner. For a sprint he runs the City to Surf. Otherwise it’s all the half marathons he can find, and an occasional marathon. The halves are invariably run in around 1:45, although he has ducked under 1:40 at least once. He always breaks four hours for the marathon, just, so if you want to break four hours tag onto Warrick, preferably towards the end. Fast facts: Warrick likes to train at Parliament House with us on Mondays. He has often run long with the likes of Kylie and Bronia and can sometimes even keep up with them.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Yelena

    As soon as Yelena turned 30 she joined the Vets and has run at 8 Vets track meets. Best 3000m 14:37. Best 1500m 6:45. She has run one Vets handicap, the longest one, the Majura 10k. In ten Customs 5ks, her best times are 25:39 in 2011, and 27:33 in 2012. In ten Parkruns, all at Ginninderra, a consistent 26:47 and 26:46 in 2012, and 26:43 in 2013. Fast facts: Yelena comes originally from Lima, Peru . Yelena is married to Joel. Yelena has a beautiful new baby daughter born in April 2014.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides

    To access form guides in this slideshow, use the Prev/Next navigation arrows below. The slideshow includes an entry for every speedygoose, and for good measure a few of our friends can be found here as well. New entries and updates will regularly appear.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Abi

    Abi is short for Abigail, but it also short for “ability”. Before Abi became a new mum, she was a regular at training, particularly on Sunday mornings at Stromlo Forest Park. Abi ran just one track race after joining us, her first ever 1500m, run in a time of 5:20. And what is not to like about a young lady who has a beer named after her? Next time you are in Parachilna, watching the long long postprandial coal train pass by, give her beer a try. I have.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Alex

    New speedygoose Alex has joined us to get fitter. She is already pretty fit. Fast facts: Alex plays Hockey as her main sport. Alex's hockey team took out the latest competition they participated in. Alex won't take long to develop the endurance to see her through our speedygeese training sessions. As well as hockey and other sports, Alex has participated in dragon boat racing, as the picture shows, and with Ruth, Vanessa and Andy also having competed in dragon boats, makes four of us enjoying this new and challenging sport.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Andrew

    Andrew keeps Colin, Jen, Joel and Lucia honest at training sessions. Andrew's goal was to beat Sarah-Jayne's parkrun time. Having achieved that he is happy to consolidate until his niggles go away. Andrew is a long distance cyclist, having cycled from Adelaide to Geelong. Fast facts: Andrew specialises in the parkrun 5k. Andrew's best parkrun is 19:23 at his original hometown Geelong where he has run twice; 19:52 is his Ginninderra PB in 5 runs; and a 20:18 for one attempt at Gungahlin. Faster times will come.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Andy

    Andy specialises in the Weekly BBQ Stakes 6k. A late starter even though he worked there, he has run 98 times with a PB of 26:16. Andy has completed 25 Vets Handicaps. Fast facts. Andy's Vets track PBs are 400m 72.8, 800m 2:54, 1500m 5:42, 3000m 12:17, 5000m 23:22, 10000m 47:16. My 2014 goal could be to match these times. Who would have thought Andy would be my target? Andy hasn't run track for a while. He'd rather be fishing. To avoid track, Andy has recently taken up dragon boating.

  • Barefoot Running

    Sharene who trained with us for a while but has now left Canberra was the ultimate barefoot runner. Her exploits are still found on her blog. She wore the five toes vibram shoes at times and ran with no shoes at times. I recall the occasion she did the 7k around Lake Ginninderra without shoes and cut her feet up somewhat. But she bounced back OK. I would recommend no shoes on grass or sand if you are young, but when you have worn protective shoes for a while it is pretty hard going back to wearing none again.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Brett

    Brett and Nadine Morrison are now parents of twins! Born on 15 January 2014, a girl, Molly, and a boy, Darcy. Congratulations! Brett has been running the Ginninderra parkrun recently, can we expect to see him pushing one stroller, two strollers, or one twin stroller? Knowing how speedy Brett has been in the past over 5k, it could be something of a challenge to keep up. especially on the downhills. Fast facts. Brett has completed 22 Ginninderra parkruns with a PB of 22:09. His one run at Albert parkrun in Melbourne was 22:03.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Bron

    Bron arrived in the speedygeese in 2014 with fitness already well established. She is the number one female Obstacle Course Racer in the ACT. Husband Shane being "something of a photographer" provided the cool photo. Fast facts: Bron has run 12 Customs Joggers 5ks, her best time being 24:00. And she is improving, watch out!

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Bronwyn

    Bronwyn is the only member of the speedygeese to have been inducted into the ACT Sport Hall Of Fame. Bronwyn played women's cricket when it was in its infancy, and represented Australia in three tests, in 34 one day internationals, and in two world cups. Fast facts: Bronwyn now specialises in the Customs Joggers 5k handicap, having tallied 268 Customs runs and counting, as well as being a point score competition winner. Bronwyn is THE allrounder, she participates in sport of all kinds, often on the same day. See the meticulously detailed record of her achievements on her blog.

  • Caroline, Susan and Kelley

    The friendly atmosphere experienced by Canberra Runners is contagious. In our running groups we have made many friends as we share the joy of running. Non-runners are missing out if they think running is hard and that's all there is to it. In our running clubs we find the same spirit of "Fitness through Fellowship" (to quote the ACTVAC slogan) everywhere. People from all walks of life come together to enjoy developing fitness; there can be a real "team environment" feel to running. Everyone is a winner.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Caroline

    Caroline, a distance runner and triathlete, has recently competed in the World Masters Athletic Championships in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and in the Oceania Masters Athletic Championships in Bendigo. Caroline's W70 record: In the Porto Alegre WMG 5000m 26:05 bronze; 10000m 55:02 4th; 8kCC 44:11 bronze; Marathon 5:19.44 *bronze*. In the Bendigo Oceania Masters 5000m 26:01 silver; 8kCC 45:51 silver; 1500m 7:18.57 silver; Half Marathon 2:06:54 silver. Fast facts: Caroline enters these events under her first name, Mary. Caroline's tall son plays a dwarf in the two hobbit movies.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Carolyne

    Carolyne aka Flashduck is at heart a member of the speedygeese who now spends her time riding a scooter, swimming in the surf, touring on a bicycle, travelling the world, eating Italian food, and generally enjoying herself. Here she is pictured with husband Bob and Canberra seniors legend Rad. Fast facts: Carolyne still attends and usually runs Customs each week. Carolyne's performances may or may not be referenced in the countless blogs she has authored, some of them listed here.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Cathy

    Cathy is a regular six foot tracker and has run in a team of three superb W60 runners, with Mary Ann Busteed and Carol Baird. The Six Foot Track is a 45km trail stretching across the Blue Mountains from The Explorer's Marked Tree, near Katoomba to Jenolan Caves. Extremely popular, with a very large field and several waves, 2014 is sold out already. Fast facts: Cathy runs track and has three ACT record certificates in relays. She has also chalked up 163 monthly handicaps where she is a recent gold medallist. Her jogalong record is 71 runs. And she has run many half marathons and marathons.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Christopher

    Christopher arrives for training.. in his own time. And leaves from training.. in his own time. Other than these random visits he isn't seen competing. When we trained from the Parliament House tennis courts one night, a lady asked us if we were the speedygeese. Turned out she was part of a singing group Christopher goes to after Monday training. If we get a lot of singers joining us, we will know who publicised the group. Fast facts: Christopher used to run some track, doing pretty well in the shorter events. Christopher trains faster than he races.

  • My Gym

    Rod introduced me to CIT Fit and Well. The training I do there includes 20 minutes of stair climber - because I want to get used to running 20 minutes for 5k - and exercises for upper back, shoulders, biceps and triceps, as well as more leg strengthening. Then abdomen work and flexibility. The whole idea is to do this work twice a week for 4-6 weeks, then lay off it for 2-4 weeks to get the full benefit. This strength work is done with light weights focusing on "power", i.e. speed of movement for each contraction. But controlled, not too many reps and definitely not too heavy. I do not want to build muscle bulk.

  • CJ and Janene

    These two have a secret they share. It is this: "never ever give up". They are both overcomers and have had to work harder than most to keep going. What great role models they are! Janene's blog The IRONic Jogger is "about running with limited training tolerance". And CJ's focus is on "One day At A Time". Both know that the benefits of regular exercise far outweigh wrapping oneself in cotton candy against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. That is why they persist.

  • CJ, Ruth and Liz

    CJ, Ruth, and Liz, are all occasional bloggers. Before Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google Plus+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, VK, Instagram, DeviantArt, MySpace, Cafemom, Tagged, Meetup and LiveJournal, there was blogger. Social media aside, we all love to meet socially, often after training runs, and regularly for special occasions. There is little point in being fit, healthy, active and young at heart if we don't reap the benefits? Picture taken at Liz's 50th birthday party. Straight after a long run, of course.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - CJ

    A natural distance runner, Cathy aka CJ trains with us when she can, and likes long distance running the best. Quiet trails are her favourite. She is rarely seen running without an ipod. Fast facts: unlike 99% of runners CJ never starts fast. CJ finishes very fast. Her best marathon is 3:26 and she has broken 1:40 for the Half. CJ has run a track 10k which she described as "round and round and round...", 45 minutes, plus 13 dizzy spiral handicap races. She prefers cross country, running 103 monthly Vets Handicap races, and a smattering of YCRC events.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Clint

    Clint from Canada has run a few interstate trail runs and that's about it. But he did train with us regularly in 2013, at Parliament House, at Dickson, and at Kaleen when the Dickson track was unavailable. Here he is with his new wife Natalie who joined us once at Kaleen. I believe the wedding took place on 22 March 2014. The speedygeese love to celebrate hatches, and matches, but less so dispatches of which there are few owing to the fact the we are fit and healthy although "old". Actually we love to celebrate full stop.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Colin

    Colin continues to train well and is superfit, and had seven years of not racing before recently returning to the track. Fast facts: Colin's ACT records, 7 of them, are all in relays. Colin's PBs on the AIS track include 800m: 2:07; 1500m 4:25; 3000m 9:44; and 5000m 17:28. In his 20 Pennington Series races, Colin has recorded 5 firsts, 7 seconds, 4 thirds, showing how outstanding he was in the Pennington Series events, 800m, 1500m and 3000m, which are handicapped on age group and gender. Colin has also run 59 of the Monthly Vets Handicaps.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Cookie

    Cookie has trained with us at Stromlo Forest Park and at Parliament House specifically to run in the ATO Sports Carnival which she won, judging pace better and blowing them away in the second half. Our interval training sessions are brilliant for learning pace judgement. Having a specific goal in mind is a great motivator for serious focused training. Fast facts: Cookie was our biggest improver in 2013. Cookie's Customs 5k PB came down quickly to 24:30. Cookie has done one triathlon and has plenty of potential there. We are all hoping to see her back soon!

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Craig

    Here he is running past Parliament House in the Canberra Marathon. Hi Craig! Craig is currently Secretary of the YCRC. He has raced the Stromlo Running Festival Lightning Strike, and run leg 4 of the Centenary 100k relay. Craig does his speedwork with the speedygeese and his very long runs with a veryspeedynotgeese group. Fast facts: Craig has recent track PBs of 1500m in 5:43, 3000m 11:42, 5000m 19:58 (to win the sub 20 speedygeese challenge). His marathon time is 3:46. His best (not fastest) half marathon is at Goorooyaroo, a 1:44. Craig will win the 2014 chin-up challenge.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Dave

    Progressing from treadmill to track: Dave turned up at Stromlo Forest Park recently to run km intervals. Quick and consistent, he completed 5x1k first up, despite starting with 3 in mind. Dave runs track, cross country, distance races. By the end of 2013 he completed 50 parkruns; 30 at Tuggeranong; when he arrived to train with the speedygeese he expressed the desire to get under 20 minutes for 5k at Tuggeranong Parkrun, a goal which he promptly achieved. Fast facts: Dave's 5000m PB is now 19:13.23, a time he ran on the track in Hobart in March 2014.

  • The Speedyducks

    We are speedy and we are ducks. We are not as speedy as real ducks. We are on Facebook. We are not really speedy. We are not really ducks. If you want real ducks speedier than speedyducks, see the ANU ducks Facebook page instead. Slow facts: We are beginners who don't mind beng "slow".

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Eliza

    Eliza is the weight loss champion of the speedygeese. She has now made a move from running to cycling and is enjoying the Canberra cycling scene (and beyond). All of us, especially Ruth, look forward to her rejoining us at Parliament House. Fast facts: Eliza deserves congratulations for achieving her 2012 goal of completing twelve major races in twelve months. Her twelfth run was Black Mountain which she ran twice as the first time "wasn't official"!

  • Elizabeth Mountbatten

    The speedygeese were never the same again after HRH joined in the fun. See HRH breeze into training at Dickson, her royal immunity allowing her to drive across median strips with gay abandon. See HRH fall behind on a run around Ainslie/Majura; but don't slow down to wait for her, you will but see her passing by. Fast facts: HRH has run Vets track on 14 occasions. Plus 9 Vets handicaps. There is a lady sweet and kind. Was never face so pleased my mind. I did but see her passing by. And yet I love her till I die (later in the same run).

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Ewen

    Ewen is my right hand man. He knows more about training and racing than any of us; he has done it all. And every running style apparently. Stalwart of South Canberra Tuggernanong Athletics Club, and its website manager, Ewen is an entertaining writer to boot. Ewen will take over from me when I kick the bucket or else become deranged, if he lives long enough. Fast facts: Ewen's PBs include a 17:33 5k and a 36:33 10k. A 2:15 800m is not too shabby either. Ewen's best Half Marathon is 1:21.38 and Marathon 3:11.02. He also likes the High Jump (pictured) and the Six Foot Track.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Garry

    M65 Garry is back from the AMG in Geelong and the Oceania Masters in Bendigo. In the Geelong AMG 60m 9.07 silver; 100m 14.57 bronze; 200m 29.71 bronze; 400m DNF; 800m 2:53.50 gold; 300m hurdles 62.30 gold; Pentathlon 2685 pts gold (LJ 3.58, JT 24.40, 200m 28.99, DT 23.50, 1500m 6:23.54). In the Bendigo Oceania Masters 60m 9:18 bronze; Shot 4th; 800m 2:49.6 4th; 100m 15.2 bronze; Pentathlon (tba)(LJ 3.62, JT 24.31, 200 28.98, DT 20.69, 1500 6:20); 300m hurdles 56.87 gold; 400m 68.74 silver; 200m 29.54 bronze; 4x100m silver; medley relay silver.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Gary

    Gary Bowen is well known for being the pin-up boy of Canberra Times Fun Run publicity - finding himself as the only non-novelty runner in their first 5k, getting a rare gold, and being featured in the Fun Run adverts ever since. Gary's 800m time is so good his car number plate advertises the fact. Gary trained with us and ran track races back when most of the speedygeese ran track. Fast facts: Gary's favoured event is now the Wednesday lunchtime BBQ Stakes at Woden. As of January 2014 when they stopped publishing results he had run 159 of them with a best time of 25:02.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Geoff

    Running: see "about me". Influence: as a youth my biggest influence was Percy Cerutty. I had not come across someone so passionate about fitness and health. Music: my biggest passion. I don't currently play an instrument but my children do. Workplace: I got together with like minded fitness types and encouraged them to run together every day. Goals: your goals determine who you are. Faith: You must believe and act so that your goals will be achieved however impossible it looks. Truth: work hard to see clearly what is true and what is mere conjecture. Heroes: be one.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Heather

    21 year old Heather is a super gosling. She is a mountain runner, cyclist, kayaker, rock climber, anything outdoors. Living in scenic New Zealand, what else would you want to do? She was on loan to us for two months while she worked at the ANU. Fast facts: Heather blitzed the speedygeese chinup challenge on her first attempt, easily achieving ten. Heather's first parkruns were in Ginninderra with a PB of 21:25 in five runs. Heather's longest run has been the 73k Hillary Trail, 73km of bush trails with 3,700m of climbing, which she has run three times! Read all about the 73k here.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Helen

    When Helen joined the speedygeese she started running longer distances in training and her times from 1500m and up improved dramatically. For much of the year longer running is more important than speedwork. Helen's progress demonstrates that age is not always a factor; unless you have been a superstar as a youth, your best days may well be ahead of you. Fast facts: Helen has run many BBQ Stakes, and the picture was taken when she won the event, running a PB. Helen's best times happened when she lifted her tempo to 3 steps a second.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Jen

    SpeedyJen can run, surge, sprint, talk, and look after 4 children, all at the same time without stressing. At all. Fast facts. Jen finally broke 20 minutes for the 5000m this year. Her 19:56 was at Tuggeranong parkrun and her 19:38 at Customs. Jen hasn't run track. In fact "I cannot stand running round and round a track". Jen is now doing interval sessions on a track. Jen has run 12 Vets monthly handicaps, 2 parkruns, 90 BBQ Stakes 6ks with a PB of 25:10, and now 47 Customs Jogger 5ks culminating in her PB.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Jill

    Jill's claim to fame is once being selected to compete for Australia in track at the Olympics. Although she would prefer her favourite events; sprints, jumps, hurdles; they hurt and with some reluctance she joins us for distance sessions. Fast facts: Jill’s best track events are 100m, 200m and Long Jump. Jill has 5 ACT record certificates to her name, when competing in the W35 and W40 age groups. Years ago Jill brought her teenage son Joel along and introduced him to our training group. A very proud grandmother of Joel and Yelena’s new little baby girl Vienne born in April.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Joel

    Joel is just an M30 and just a first time father. Both these facts may prove to be a good incentive to run more. Joel has run mostly AACT track races, 400m and 800m. Fast facts: Joel started training with us as a teenager, and ten years ago Joel ran an 800m in just over 2 minutes, which makes him only a few seconds short of beating my PB. There is a prize for the first member of the speedygeese to beat any of my PBs. No one else has got within coo-ee yet, except for Joel. But if he starts running with the Vets now that he is eligible, watch out. If.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Kathy

    Pictured is Jodie and her mum Kathy at the AIS athletic track. Kathy started with us after taking up jogging from her Belconnen home. Kathy was a faithful member of the speedygeese for many years, never missing a training session. Then with her husband Geoff she focused more on track. Geoff is also a top middle distance athlete. All three daughters love sport. Fast facts: Kathy has mastered the art of peaking for National and World events. Kathy's latest National Championship, March 2014 in Hobart, saw her win two W60 gold medals, the 1500m in 5:51.82, and the 5000m in 21:46.12.

  • Kelley, Mick and Maria

    People come and go from the speedygeese training group, sometimes joining in out of the blue, sometimes being invited by one or other of us. Sometimes leaving without comment never to be heard from again. It is that kind of group: no obligation, join in when you may. But I do like it when those who have dropped out for a while return, as have these three happy runners. If you have trained with us in the past, do stay in touch and tell us what you are doing! And if you want to join or rejoin the speedygeese, you are most welcome. The speedygeese will keep going for a long time yet.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Kelley

    Superspeedygoose Kelley is ex PCRG. Fast facts: In 2013 Kelley ran two Bush Capital races: 16k in 1:20 and Half Marathon in 1:50 on successive days. Kelley is the current W50 Australian Mountain Running Champion. Kelley’s performance to win the W45s in 2010 for the rather hilly Great Ocean Road 45k was amazing: Lorne to Apollo Bay in 3:43:02 (marathon split 3:26:48). In 2011 Kelley ran the Canberra 50k ultra in 4:34.09 after a 10k run earlier the same morning! She was in a W40 relay team which set a 4x1500m Australian record. Kelley's highlight: she travelled to Hawaii to marry Mick.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Kevin

    In 1997 as an M50: ACT 800m record 2.05.9, 1500m record 4.21.1. In 2002 as an M55: ACT 800m record 2.16.2, 1500m record 4.39.4. Along with Garry Maher, Geoff Sims and me, set a national record in the M60 4 x 800m. In the 2008 ACT track championships, won the M60 800m in 2:26.58, coincidentally exactly the same time as my marathon PB! Was the ACTVAC club person of the year 2009. Then resigned in disgust from ACTVAC when the AGM, for no good reason, decided to remain "Veterans" instead of "Masters". Fast facts: Kevin and I trained together all that time.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Kristian

    Kristian trained with us at Acton Ferry Terminal some Saturdays. Few speedygeese have met him. Kristian is Director at the Chapman Gallery. He celebrated the arrival of his second child recently, see the post at http://geoffmoore.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/sathya-lily-pithie.html. Fast facts: Kristian ran in the Weston Creek Half Marathon in 2013. His time for the Half was 1:45.09. Kristian has run parkrun twice. A couple of weeks after the Half Marathon Kristian ran his first parkrun, Ginninderra in 21:50. A month later he ran there again in 21:54.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Kylie

    Friends invite friends to run with them, and Kylie was one of Warrick's training partners who joined up with the speedygeese. It turned out that there was a gymnastics class containing Kylie's daughter, my granddaughter, and my best friend's granddaughter. Small world. Fast Facts: Kylie has trained at Stromlo Forest Park with us on Sundays. She flogged us running km intervals there. Kylie has run the Canberra Times 10k in 44:06, the Canberra Times 14k in 1:00.35, the Half Marathon in 1:39, and the Marathon in 3:27.57. Kylie now a W40 could go even faster!

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Kym

    Kym does not specialise, she runs everything from Vets track to AMRA Mountain runs, YCRC cross country races, Customs 5ks, speedy Half Marathons, Adventure races, etc. She trains with us at Stromlo, Dickson, and Parliament House. Kym has been Race Director for the popular YCRC Women's and Girls' Fun Run. Kym and I both own very speedy blue cars. Fast facts: Kym in Hobart 2014 broke through the 20 minute barrier for 5000m for the first time, winning in 19:48.56. Her previous best was 20:01.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Leonie

    Leonie arrived in the speedygeese recently, after making sure she really wanted to do speed work. Here she is with friends, one of them someone we know well, and she will have made many more friends after running with us. Fast facts: Leonie has run many trail runs and the like. Of Leonie's 17 BBQ Stakes runs, her best time is 30:54. Leonie has also completed 58 Customs 5k races with a best time of 24:51. Parkruns: One Ginninderra in 25:15, one Tuggeranong in 24:30.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Liz

    Liz is a rare visitor to the speedygeese training sessions but we frequently meet up with her on Saturday morning speedyduck sessions. Liz prefers trail and ultra running but a pelvis fracture (see her blog) and trouble with a knee has kept her very quiet for the last 12 months. Liz will take her time returning to the longer runs she likes. Fast facts: Liz's best marathon is 2:59.38, a time she describes as "ordinary"! Liz walked the Milford Track for her 50th birthday last year. Liz has crewed on 3 occasions in the 240k Coast to Kosciusko event and has never been tempted to compete in it.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Lucia

    Lucia trained at Parliament House, and at Stromlo Forest Park with sub 4 minute km intervals. She runs evenly; her jog is almost as speedy as her sprint. Fast facts: Lucia went to the cancelled New York marathon and was happy to have a holiday. In Canberra Lucia has run the 16k Bush Capital, and two Half Marathons with a best time of 1:39. She has run 7 Ginninderra parkruns, PB 22:54; 1 Gungahlin parkrun, 22:19, proving that Gungahlin is faster than Ginninderra. Her one track 3k was 12:14. Lucia's goal is to break 20:40 for 5k by 2040. This saves her setting new goals each year.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Margaret

    Margaret started running with us at about the same time her identical twin sister and champion walker Gwen, who trained with us too, left Canberra for Queensland. Margaret soon showed good form and didn't take long to pick up where Gwen left off. Fast facts: being a twin, Margaret is the only late starter who knows exactly how speedy she could have been had she started running earlier in life. Margaret has a PB in the 3000m of 14:31 as a W55, and a 10k track PB of 51:26 also as a W55. Margaret has competed in 125 monthly Vets Handicaps and heaps of YCRC distance events.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Maria

    Maria joined us 15 years ago and proceeded to improve steadily and run many good track times. She may yet train with us again as she is turning 60 next January and will not be out of place running with us oldies. Maria has run 120 Vets Handicaps and is such an honest runner that she has received only one medal, a silver. Maria is good on all surfaces and likes track, road and cross country. She is pictured here ahead of Annette Sugden in an 8k race ten years ago. There are many more races in her yet. Fast facts: Maria's track PBs are 800m - 2:36, 1500m - 5:18, 3000m - 11:58, 5000m - 20:25.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Marilyn

    She started as a walker. Marilyn has competed in Vets track on 8 occasions, in walks, sprints and relays. Marilyn has competed in 41 monthly Vets Handicaps, starting with the walks, progressing to the short runs then back to the walks, and finally progressing to the long runs at the start of 2011. Marilyn has run 20 of these. Which goes against the trend of Vets finding the long run too hard, and eventually taking up walking. Well done Marilyn, you have successfully bucked the trend. And now you are a speedygoose, to boot!

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Michelle

    The parkun concept has really taken off around the world. The three in Canberra are at Ginninderra, Tuggeranong, and Gungahlin. Michelle has caught the parkrun bug and what motivates her is the challenge of being the fastest W50 in Tuggeranong. Fast facts: By the end 2013, Michelle has run five parkruns. Michelle's main rival at Tuggeranong would be Karen Daniels. Michelle's best time is 23.57. Karen's best is 22.58 in 16 runs. Others are closing in.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Mick C

    Does Mick have his “I have run 100 Veterans Handicaps” T-Shirt yet? Yes. As of January 2014, Mick has run 100 Veterans Handicaps. On the track, he has competed just twice. Mick specialises in the monthly handicap. In 100 runs he is yet to place and claim a medal. He is not the only one in that position. Persistence will pay off, and 2014 may just be his year. This is because Mick has been retired from work for a while now, and with time to train the improvement is just around the corner. Fast facts: Mick’s biggest success so far may have been the 100 run T-shirt he received in January 2014.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Mick H

    Since joining Vets as an M30, Mick has run some excellent times. Among his best times as an M30 were 52.7 for 400m, 4:14 for 1500m. Returning to form as an M45, he managed 2:12 for the 800m. He has accumulated 15 ACT record certificates, as an M30 in individual events and as an M45 in relays. Runners tend to be avid sports followers and Mick is no exception. Coming originally from Melbourne, the sporting capital of Australia, Mick is an insane follower of the Geelong Cats. Avoid him at all costs the week after the Cats lose! This link will help. Go the Crows!

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Miranda

    The best training for runners is running but a brisk long walk on undulating terrain with fabulous views is a good alternative. Miranda frequently travels to her beach house at Kiama with husband Andy R for rest, relaxation, and ocean views. I was privileged to join them on a walk for several hours, camera in hand, and found that while it felt like solid training, it was an excellent recovery session from all the hard running. Next day on the run I felt fully refreshed. Fast facts: Miranda is a runner too, she raced 10k on her 60th birthday and is planning a race for her 61st. Good idea, eh?

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Nadine

    Of my friends having babies in 2014, Nadine was the first, they were twins, and they were her first. Fit and healthy mothers make for fit and healthy babies. Fast facts: Nadine has worked at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and as Elite Development Coordinator at Rowing Australia. Nadine and husband Brett are rivals when they race. Nadine's 800m PB is 2:49, 1500m PB 5:24, 3000m PB 11:55, 5000m PB 20:22, and Jogalong PB 27.10 in 10 goes. She has raced well at YCRC's Boathouse East 5k, consistently under 21 minutes. Nadine has run 63 Vets handicaps.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Neil

    A faithful and long-time member of the speedygeese, Neil has (a) brought up and given away (see picture) Australia's best female 400m hurdler Lauren Wells; (b) been ACTVAC Track and Field Coordinator for many years; (c) taken on the role of President of Athletics ACT, a position he now holds; (d) allowed his running to slip in the face of all these other responsibilities. Neil and wife Kerry are also involved with Little Athletics. But family has always been first priority, and there is no higher recommendation for a parent than the success they have promoted in their happy, healthy children.

  • Peter, Sarah-Jayne and Andrew

    In the 2013 Weston Creek Half Marathon, we had a superspeedygeese relay team of Andrew (Leg 1 8k hilly some headwind ~4:12 per km), Peter (Leg 2 6K of 3k slight uphill into headwind, then reverse at ~4:00 per km) and Sarah-Jayne (Leg 3 7.1k hilly some tailwind ~4:00 per km). As far as I know they ran about 5 minutes faster than any previous team. Fantastic running by all three and some great individual performances by those speedygeese who ran the full 21.1k.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Peter

    Peter practises Health and Fitness at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) at Bruce, where I am a gym member. Rod introduced me to the gym. Peter has gone further and has done courses there. The CIT offers both a fitness and massage therapy qualification. Its gym is my choice of facilities in Belconnen. Fast facts: In 2012 and 2013 Peter has run 22 BBQ Stakes (6k). His best time is 24.23. He has run 37 5k Customs Joggers, PB 19:20. And 4 Tuggeranong Stakes 6ks, best time 25:53. Running doesn't always come easy to Peter but when it does, he is very speedy.

  • Rae and Cathy

    The speedygeese are an inclusive group from all walks of life. Runners come from a variety of different ethnic, work, social and educational backgrounds. But when we get together and run, we forget about the labels our society may have invested us with. We are all simply runners. If we have 52 runners in our group, and each person gets to chat with each other person, we have 1,326 conversations, if my mathematics is correct! So get cracking, if you talk to one new speedygoose each week all year, you have done your bit. Rae and Cathy, pictured, can each tick off one conversation already!

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Rae

    There are many fitness groups in Canberra, all good. Rae was a member of Females In Training (FIT) who joined us to work on her running. She has competed on the track only when her arm was twisted to run a relay. Fast facts: Rae competes in duathlons and triathlons. She has 46 Vets handicaps in 14 years, showing she doesn't race short distances all that often. Rae has run 8 Vets Half Marathons however, and was still under 2 hours as a W65 in 2013. She races the Sydney City to Surf. She invariably wins or places in her age group in all of these endurance events.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Rod

    Rod has run with the Vets since the year 2000, and specialises in track, having run hundreds of track races. He has also raced 118 long course Vets handicaps. Rod's son Brett has also trained with the speedygeese and shows enough pace to challenge his dad in due course. Fast facts: Rod's 1500m PB is 4:42, run in 2001. As an M50 Rod has recently broken 5 minutes again. Rod always cycled to Dickson oval for training but won't next year, as his workplace has changed to Tuggeranong. Rod's wife Amanda, whom I have know all her life, competes with the Vets in the monthly walking handicaps.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Roger

    Roger is an occasional visitor to the speedygeese. Roger is one of the two gentlemen in the photo. Roger also has a blog which he updates when he travels overseas. When he is in Canberra in winter, he likes to join us at Dickson oval, and I am hoping the oval will be available on Thursdays in 2014, unlike the previous two years, so we can resume our normal winter training routine. Fast facts: Roger runs all the track distance events. If no event is on at any one time, he is seen competing in whatever track or field event happens to be on.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Ruth

    Ruth is seen running in all weathers because (a) the training program says so, and (b) the Garmin hasn't yet ticked over to the next km. Ruth works in The Runners Shop (a) to pay for all of her overseas trips, and (b) to get the latest matching running gear. Fast facts: Ruth at 60 is a serial planker. She has run 12 Canberra Marathons including a 50k ultra. In 2013 Ruth ran in the New York marathon. On the track she has a 3000m PB of 14:53. She has run 127 monthly handicaps. She only ever peaks for her favourite event, the spiral handicap. Ruth also has time for grandchildren and jelly bean purchases.

  • Sarah, Katie, Jenny, Karen

    On 15 December 2005 a team of speedygeese runners set a W30 record for 4 x 200m. Sarah runs the occasional Women's 6k Jogalong and Fun Run and may well rejoin us some time when her family is older. Katie still competes frequently and has had a great career running track including Nationals, and likes the short ACTVAC monthly handicap races. Jenny moved to Brisbane and still keeps in touch. We see Karen occasionally but she never really got her running career going.

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne moved to Albury and flourished as a trail runner. In half marathons, she won the Tallangatta Running Festival Half in a PB of 85:11, following a relatively flat rail trail. Then she moved uphill and won the Dinner Plain half marathon up Mt Hotham. Faster facts: Sarah-Jayne took up sky running. In the Buffalo Stampede marathon she ran 5:40:27 for 22nd overall and 2nd female. Then on 29 June at Marathon du Mont Blanc, Chamonix France, in torrential rain wind and cold, she finished 196th out of 2167 finishers. Just think, she started her training at Stromlo Forest Park with us!

  • Speedygeese Form Guides - Sophie

    Sophie trains with the speedygeese on Mondays at Parliament House. Sophie brought Alex along. Hurray for people who bring other people! Everyone bring a friend along, the more the merrier, what fun! We might need a new venue, but. Fast facts. Sophie, if she has competed anywhere, I don't know about it. Sophie has plenty of potential. Definition of potential: "latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness". Also "the quantity determining the energy of mass in a gravitational field or of charge in an electric field".

  • Who Are The Speedyducks?

    The speedyducks running group meets on Saturday mornings at Acton Ferry Terminal. It was started up by a few of us who attend Life Unlimited Church on Sunday mornings at Palace Electric Cinema, New Acton, where there are many international students from the ANU who appreciate the benefits of running. Our run is social, sightseeing, watching unicyclists, dogs, ducks. We have done an Embassy crawl. We have acquainted ourselves with the Carillon. Here Elspeth and Daisy have stopped to admire the Floriade duck. Floriade is a highlight of lakeside Canberra; come jog there one day.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


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Training at Parliament House on Monday: Cathy, Miranda and I ran 8k early. The main session was a series of ~240m runs with ~160m recoveries in teams of 2 (I kept shifting the handover cone) on the 200m straight east of the house. This was followed by 4 laps around the rose garden loop. Participating were Abi, Christopher, Colin, Dan, Jen, Kym, Leonie & Ruth. Normal jellybeans followed.

Hope I haven't missed anyone...

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

unexploded ordinances

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But first, recent speedygeese race results
Tuesday 3 June Mt Ainslie Run-Up 2.2k
17. Leonie Doyle W40 17:24
25. Caroline Campbell W70 21:28
26 finishers

Tuesday 17 June AMRA Black Mountain Run-Up 2.6k
26 finishers

Friday 25 July Customs 5k
Jennifer Bright 22:56
Geoff Moore 23:01
Bronwyn Calver 24:24
Bron Sparkes 30:05
Dom Sparkes 30:05 (8 year old)
Caroline Campbell 30:12

Saturday 26 July Ginninderra #118 Parkrun 5k
69 Ruth Baussmann 29:08 W60
84 Dom Sparkes 30:58 M10 New PB!
85 Bron Sparkes 30:58 W35
118 finishers

Saturday 26 July Tuggeranong #75 Parkrun 5k
27 David Webster 21:56 M60
34 David Clarke 22:58 M55
46 Leonie Doyle 23:43 W40 5k PB by 47 seconds!
57 Ewen Thompson 24:47 M55
168 finishers

Saturday 26 July Gungahlin #41 Parkrun 5k
19 Craig Davis 22:03 M45 New PB!
65 Gwen Vines 30:17 W65 New PB!
107 finishers

Saturday 26 July YCRC Black Mountain Peninsula 8k
12 finishers

Saturday 26 July YCRC Black Mountain Peninsula 4k
5. Ewen Thompson M55 21:12
11 finishers

Sunday 27 July ACTVAC Little Black Mountain 9k
8 Gabrielle Brown W50 49:10 71.9
14 Roger Pilkington M55 45:44 70.4
20 Rod Lynch M50 36:45 87.1
24 Marilyn Banfield W65 60:39 69.3
39 Maria O'Reilly W55 45:49 85.1
55 Rae Palmer W65 57:59 75.9
56 Ruth Baussmann W60 60:31 68.6
57 Christopher Lang M60 57:19 60.7
62 Caroline Campbell W70 57:06 83.5
65 Mick Horan M55 48:43 66.1
70 finishers

Sunday 27 July ACTVAC Little Black Mountain 4.5k
2 Nadine Morrison W40 22:26 68.0%
4 Brett Morrison M45 26:34 52.3
37 finishers

Sunday 27 July Alice Springs half-marathon
Suzie Gye 1:43:20

Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival newsletter
1. New registration centre, start/finish, and car parking for both days
Last year the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club tent was damaged by wind gusts on the Campbell High School oval. To avoid this, the start/finish and registration has been moved to the north side of Campbell High School, outside the gymnasium which has male and female toilets and change rooms. Only 100 metres away there is plenty of parking at the CSIRO Headquarters car park. To access this from Limestone Avenue turn on to Quick Street in Ainslie then turn right in to Hayley Street and follow it south for 300 metres to the CSIRO car park.

See the map and event program at http://www.mountainrunning.coolrunning.com.au/index.php?module=News&action=ShowNews&id=435
The first kilometre of the course has also changed to eliminate 2 road crossings from previous years. After 700 metres there is a narrow gate and there may be a short period of queuing to either get through it or climb over the fence.

2. Event program
SATURDAY 2 August 2014
9.00am 16km bush run and 16km bush walk;
9.10am 10km bush walk
11.00am Under 13 years 2km children’s run
11.30am 10km run
11.35am 5km run & walk

SUNDAY 3 August 2014
7.30am 63.3km ultra run and relay (triple half marathon)
8.30am 42.2km bush marathon run, walk and relay; half marathon walk
9.30am 21.1km bush half marathon run

3. Arrival time for your event
It is recommended that you aim to arrive 45 minutes prior to your start time to allow sufficient time to find a parking sport, walk to the start/finish area, (collect a pre-ordered race T shirt or purchase one), warm up, visit the toiletsd, and attend the compulsory pre-start briefing 5 minutes before each start.

4. Weather update (see http://www.weatherzone.com.au/act/act/canberra)
The current weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday is as follows but may change. Check again later in the week.
Saturday: Frost then sunny. Temperature range -2 to 11 degrees.
Sunday: Frost then sunny. Temperature range -3 to 12 degrees.
There is a slight chance of rain. Please bring appropriate clothing both to run or walk in, and to change into afterwards. Such as beanie, gloves, and a windproof lightweight water proof jacket.

5. Race numbers and T shirt orders
Race numbers have been posted to all people entered to date but make take a few days to arrive in the mail. If your chest number does not turn up in the post, a replacement can be provided at the registration tent. T shirts ordered can only be collected from the registration tent on race day. A limited number of high quality Coolmax T shirts will be on sale for $30 (please assist by having correct money).
Race numbers for all runners and walkers must be worn on the front of the chest clothing and clearly visible as you approach the finish line, to assist the finish line recorder and to assist finalise results if a time is missed or there is some other recording mishap.

6. Pre event injuries and ill health
Each year some runners start the events with pre-existing injuries which they managed by taking pain killers pre-start and while out on the course. The Sports Medicine Australia attendants have said that this is extremely dangerous, both to health and to masking pain from an impending stress fracture or muscle or ligament failure. Please DO NOT START in these circumstances.
You can also swap to a shorter distance or do one of the bush walks if those are manageable within the constraints of the injury.

7. Having a bad day on the day
If you are doing one of the longer events on Sunday, you can cut short and just complete a shorter event and go in the results for that event. However, you must advise the finish recorder you have done this. You will not be eligible for a place getter trophy if you swap to a shorter distance.

8. Toilets and change rooms
There are male and female toilets at ground floor level in the Campbell high gymnasium, just near the start/finish. See the map at http://www.mountainrunning.coolrunning.com.au/index.php?module=News&action=ShowNews&id=435

9. Campbell High School security system
Please do not walk close to any parts of the school building apart from the gymnasium, as this will set off the security alarm.

10. Start arrangements
All competitors in each event must be at the start line 5 minutes before the start for a compulsory pre-race briefing. This is a compulsory requirement in respect of the event risk management procedures agreed by the ACT government approval agencies.

11. Finish arrangements
STEP 1: There will be a finish shute funnelling you to a finish recording tent. In that tent you must go to the finish recorder for your event and have your chest number recorded. If you have timed yourself with a GPS or stopwatch device, please advise your time to the recorder if there is not a significant queue. This helps double check times.
STEP 2: Take off your chest number and go to the Registration tent, hand in your chest number and collect your race mug .
STEP 3: You can get a muesli bar or chocolate bar and a cup of soft drink or sports drink from a table near the finish area. If you are on a gluten-free diet, there will be a box of gluten free muesli bars available.
Water: Providing sufficient water for hundreds of runners at the finish in addition to soft drink and sports drink is a major logistical problem. If you are a Canberra local, can you please assist by bringing your own water bottle. Thank you.

12. Results processing
The Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival is wholly organised by volunteers who have real jobs and are doing this in their spare time. We try to keep entry fees low and do not hire an electronic chip company for timing. However, this means it can take a couple of days to process and double check the results before publishing the results as a news announcement on the website www.mountainrunning.coolrunning.com.au Please be patient.

13. Out on the courses
Nearly all of each of the courses is within Canberra Nature Park. As a condition of access, Park Management has requested that runners and walkers do not drop empty cups or empty gels or other rubbish along the way, and that all such material is left in the garbage bags at each drink station.
We are also required to advise you that Mt Ainslie many years ago was an army firing range and a few unexploded ordinances have been found in recent years. You will not encounter any such things on the Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival trails. However, if you venture off the trail for any reason (such as answering a call of nature) and encounter any metal objects on the ground, stay right away from them and do not pick them up. If they look at all like an unexploded military device, please report the location to police.

14. Marathon and ultra marathon drink stations
The marathon does 2 laps of the half marathon course, and the ultra marathon 3 laps. There will be a drink station at the start/finish turnaround where you may put your own special drinks and food. There will also be drink stations at the 5km, 11 km, 16km points on each lap, with water, Gatorade, jubes and other lollies,

15. Photography
Photographers will be taking photos of as many participants as possible. These will be published afterwards in online photo albums and some will be published in Run For Your Life magazine and similar magazines. If you do not want your photo published, please let me know your name and chest number to ensure it is deleted.

16. Do you have friends who would like to participate?
Please encourage them to register online as soon as possible at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=12906
You can also log in there and see who has entered.

17. Helpers
More helpers are needed on both days. If you can help, click on the Volunteer form on www.mountainrunning.coolrunning.com.au Helpers receive a reward: choice of a T shirt, bottle of wine or chocolate.

Finally, enjoy yourself and have a good time.

Monday, 28 July 2014


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turn another page

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Song of week: The Ghost Inside, by Broken Bells
From http://youtu.be/rVxTsXRjNTw

"Was it all for show?
"Don't turn into one of them,
"Turn another page."

Sunday, 27 July 2014

"Suzie G"

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Hot on the heels of her Gold Coast Half Marathon PB of 1:43.58, Suzie has run today's Alice Springs Half Marathon in 1:43.20. Moving to Darwin soon? Suzie is running hot!

Oh, Suzie G, Oh, Suzie G
Oh, Suzie G, Darwin will love thee, Susie G
I like the way you run
Having fun in the sun
I like the way you run having fun in the sun, Suzie G

Saturday, 26 July 2014

duelling cameras

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Haha love these two photos taken by David and Janene of Janene and David watching a certain cycling race this week. Taken near Turckheim.

Friday, 25 July 2014

royal photo bomb

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Everyone else is sharing this so why not?

And Paul Kennedy posted this as sun set over Glasgow last night

And my women's triathlon post, "tale of three Emmas" is still the second most viewed post on this blog, beaten only by "Tidal Breathing" for some reason, possibly because of the latter's title, "διάφραγμα"!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Glasgow memories from 4 June this year

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See where we went! With the Commonwealth Games starting today, and the women's and men's triathlons kicking off the viewing (or failing that, the listening) to which I am looking forward, my thoughts go back to the wonderful day we had in Glasgow on 4 June. We were staying in Larbert right next to the railway station and we took a train to Glasgow where we walked around for much of the day. There was quite a lot of work being done to prepare for the Games, particularly along the river. This is a SMALL selection of the photos I took that day.

Construction for the Games in progress

A well dressed personal trainer (forergound) and her group at lunch time

This tunnel is actually quite a long over-pass crossing the main highway near the stadium. Note the separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists.


Masters Games