• Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    We are the speedygeese!

    Fast and slow, young and old, we run together around Australia's capital city, Canberra A.C.T.

    Our main training sessions are at Parliament House, Mondays and Thursdays, 5:30pm year round. We meet there in the public underground car-park.

    New starters are always welcome!

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Amanda Cook

    Cookie has trained with us at Stromlo Forest Park and at Parliament House specifically to run in the ATO Sports Carnival several years ago, which she won, judging pace better and blowing them away in the second half. She also played a lot of AFL, and recently has become a proud and happy mum. She is starting to run well again and is hoping to rejoin us soon.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Andrew Simpson

    Andrew is a long distance cyclist, having cycled from Adelaide to Geelong, and has a go at parkruns from time to time. And he swims. He enjoys training at Stromlo Forest Park on Sunday mornings, joining us on the occasional Monday as well.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Andy Matthews

    Andy specialises in the Weekly BBQ Stakes 6k. To avoid other races, he'd rather be fishing or dragon boating.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Brendan Belcher

    A regular at the Ginninderra parkrun, and new to our group, Brendan is relatively young and has many more decades of running in him.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Bron Sparkes

    Bron arrived in the speedygeese in 2014 with fitness already well established. She is an Obstacle Course racer and ACT champion. Husband Shane is something of a photographer (this is an understatement), frequently seen at the Ginninderra parkrun with his camera.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Bronwyn Calver

    Bronwyn is the only member of the speedygeese to have been inducted into the ACT Sport Hall Of Fame. Bronwyn played women's cricket when it was in its infancy, and represented Australia in three tests, in 34 one day internationals, and in two world cups. Bronwyn is THE allrounder, she participates in sport of all kinds, often on the same day. See the meticulously detailed record of her achievements on her blog.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Caroline Campbell

    Caroline is passionate about training and competing, travelling the world for athletic championships and triathlons. No wonder, she is unbeatable here in Canberra in her age group. In 2017 she will join the W75s. Watch out for new records!

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Christopher Lang

    Christopher arrives for training.. in his own time. And leaves from training.. in his own time. He also belongs to a singing group, which he often attends after training. In his own time? Not known. And he has been seen cycling as well.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Colin Farlow

    Colin continues to train well, and continues to run on the track. In past years he has held ACT records, 7 of them, all in relays. His all time PBs include 800m: 2:07; 1500m 4:25; 3000m 9:44; 5000m 17:28; and in the "Pennington Series" which is handicapped on age he has frequently won or placed.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Craig Wurtz

    Relatively new to our group, Craig competes in distance events all around Canberra.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Dale Moore

    Dale travels all the way from Goulburn so he is an infrequent visitor to the speedygeese training group. Dale likes to run track so we are more likely to see him in summer.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Damian Rutledge

    A blast from the past, Damian recently renewed his acquaintance with the speedygeese and appears as fast as ever. Having recently entered a new M50 age group, Damian is all fired up and ready to race again.

    Curiously if you search for Damian on the internet all you find are references to "Hawthorn"

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Dave Clark

    Dave progressed from treadmill to track, and races frequently, often straight after training. Dave has consistently improved over 5k and if he ever tapers for an event he will improve even more.

    Dave looks at his watch a lot. That's because he runs a lot.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    David Webster

    Intermittently trains with us when his sister drags him along. Intermittently races and excels as a long distance M65.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Diana Barry

    Diana is a round-Australia traveller who trained with us early in 2016. Diana could turn up again in 2017; she is not old yet.

    The photo was taken at one of our regular speedygeese post-training suppers at the Yacht Club, Yarralumla

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Dom Sparkes

    Young Dom is a talented gymnast who in a few years time will outgun us all. He very occasionally comes to training with his mom, or turns up at the Ginninderra parkun.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Ewen Thompson

    Ewen has run a lot, and is a long-time member of the speedygeese. Ewen's PBs include a 17:33 5k and a 36:33 10k. A 2:15 800m is not too shabby either. Ewen's best Half Marathon is 1:21.38 and Marathon 3:11.02. He also likes the High Jump which he practises towards the end of most races, and he has run the Six Foot Track.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Fiona Blackwell

    Fiona (second from the left) is a relative newcomer to our training group; she is a rower who runs. Therefore she is fit and strong!

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Garry Maher

    M70 Garry is quicker than most of us.. particularly if you run him over 200m and put hurdles in the way. He doesn't mind the occasional Pentathlon either, except they involve a 1500m as the 5th event. Garry usually stops during our speedygeese warmup well before that!

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Gary Moss

    Gary is another runner who has just turned 70 - and still running! Wonders will never cease. When I turn 70 in May 2018 GM (Garry Maher), GM (Gary Moss) and I (Geoff Moore) will form a relay team of M70 GMs but we need one more. Any takers?

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Geoff Moore

    Speedychief aka speedygoose. See "about me". Favourite quotes: "Be the change you want to see in the world" and "Don't call me spritely!". These days I mostly run parkruns and little else, but in the past I have run everything from 100m to 50km.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Giles Lamb

    Giles is now a regular at training, and has been a regular participant in competitions around Canberra, notably the Friday lunchtime Customs 5k, and the Gungahlin parkrun.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Isaac Muscat

    Talented youngster who delights in dropping his mum in races and everyone else in training. Currently the fastest speedygoose and will only get faster.

    Isaac is Jen's son.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Jen Bright

    Jen is a successful mum (see previous item) and still breaks 20 minutes for 5k. Jen is allergic to track so her 5k races are all parkruns or YCRC events. You can find her at Tuggeranong parkrun on Saturday mornings, at speedygeese training every Monday and Thursday, and running trails at all other times.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Joel Pearson

    Joel started training with us as a teenager, and has run the 800m in just over 2 minutes. If he starts running Vets track now, watch out. Two young children could make that a little way off still.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Kylie Malone

    Kylie was one of Warrick's training partners who joined up with the speedygeese. Just at present we occasionally see her walking around Parliament House when we are running there. Once Kylie recovers from some minor niggles, she'll be back.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Kym Chisholm

    Kym runs everything from Vets track to AMRA Mountain runs, YCRC cross country races, Customs 5ks, speedy Half Marathons, Adventure races, etc. Please don't challenge her to a game of cards; she is very good at that as well.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Lauren Denney

    Lots of crazy people have joined us recently, Lauren is one of the newest. She is fit, fast, and very keen. Hoping you are the same.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Liz Simpfendorfer

    I met Liz in 2015 at the Australian Masters Games in Adelaide as we ran together in the Half Marathon, and I invited her to join us. 12 months later she did! Her husband Peter, who is as fit as Liz, accompanied her to a speedygeese session recently.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Louise Hill

    Louise visited us briefly in 2015 and my guess is she'll be back with us soon. Louise is another very fit young lady. Keep inviting your friends, the more the merrier!

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Lucia Pietropaoli

    Lucia trained at Parliament House, and at Stromlo Forest Park with sub 4 minute km intervals. She runs evenly; her jog is almost as speedy as her sprint. Living in Indonesia for all of 2016, Lucia I think is returning to Canberra shortly.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Mick Charlton

    Mick specialises in the Vets monthly handicap. He regularly if intermittently trains with us at Parliament House, otherwise he is one of many who are enjoying life now that we have retired from work.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Nicole Bruce

    Nicole (on the right) is a relatively new member of the speedygeese, she regularly turns up to training, and runs the lunchtime handicap run each week around Lake Tuggeranong. Nicole will be an improver in 2017.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Peter Brown

    A golfer and keen runner, Peter is more commonly know as "Brownie" which we might have to call him due to having a lot of "Peter"s in the training group. Peter is pretty fit too.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Peter Burke

    Peter is one of the quicker members of the speedygeese, but we haven't seen a lot of him lately. Peter is trained as a sports masseur, so perhaps we would all like to see him more often!

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Peter Thomson

    "Thommo" is an ultra runner who seems to enjoy instant recovery from long training runs and long races. Since joining the speedygeese his times in the Tuggeranong 5k parkrun have improved sharply. And that is without ever tapering!

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Pieta Smith

    Another Tuggeranong parkrunner, Pieta vastly improved her times in 2016. Except when she has to piggyback a child in the last part of the event! Her improvement is largely due to her being able to survive quite a demanding training regime.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Rae Palmer

    Rae was a member of Females In Training (FIT) who joined us to work on her running. She races the Sydney City to Surf, she cycles, she competed in triathlons. Rae is another superfit athlete for her age!

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Ruth Baussmann

    Ruth has been training with us for many years and has shown remarkable consistency over that time. We couldn't do without her, the jellybeans at the end of our training sessions are always greatly anticipated and appreciated.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Sandeep Chandra

    Among the most regular runners at Parliament House on Mondays and Thursdays, Sandeep is enjoying getting fit and his times are showing steady improvement. Sandeep's favourite event is the Lake Stakes at Tuggeranong, which he, Ewen, Thommo, and Nicole run most weeks.

    Sandeep was the first lucky speedygoose to have his blog portrait replaced by a better one, or in his case, two.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Sarah-Jayne Miller

    Sarah-Jayne trained with us here then moved to Albury and flourished as a trail runner. She's back and it appears she will be joining us as often as her young family makes that possible. Sarah-Jayne is super fit and has lost none of her form.

    Sarah-Jayne went to France to represent Australia in Skyrunning

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Stephanie Pfohl

    Stephanie likes to run the Ginninderra parkrun and trains hard in between. We have only seen her at training a few times and she intends to join us more often in 2017.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Susan Sturgeon

    Susan is speedy over short distances and doing very well indeed racing longer ones. She has run a few Bush Capital 16k races, and completed international marathons. Susan is nearly an all-rounder!

    In 2015 Susan ran 3:46.33 for the New York marathon

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Suzie Gye

    Suzie moved to Alice Springs and much later from there to Darwin, but there is hope that she will soon be moving back to Canberra. Bringing with her the cutest new baby. She has run good times from 5k to the marathon, and is not old yet.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Thea Zimpel

    Thea can run long slow distances, short slow distances, sprints. We are working on her form. On a good day she is very hard to beat (in a finishing sprint).

    Pictured is Bron, Shane, Thea and Ruth at the Ginninderra parkrun.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Vanessa Palmer

    Vanessa likes to ski, paddle, run, cycle, and very soon may be in charge of the Queanbeyan parkrun. We will all visit her there for #1.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Warrick Howieson

    Warrick is a distance runner who for a sprint runs the City to Surf. Otherwise it’s half marathons and an occasional marathon. The halves are invariably run in around 1:45, although he has ducked under 1:40 at least once.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Yelena Pearson

    Yelena is expecting her second child in mid January. Therefore I would not expect her to return to training any time soon!

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017


    Sometimes people bring their sons or daughters to training. Sometimes these are quite grown up!

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Yuan Yuan Liu

    She came to our speedygeese Christmas dinner.... will she come to training? Photo taken running the Stromlo Running Festival 10k. She runs quite well too...

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Abi Fargher

    Before Abi became a new mum, she was a regular at training, particularly on Sunday mornings at Stromlo Forest Park, where we sometimes still meet. What is not to like about a young lady who has a beer named after her? Next time you are in Parachilna, watching the long long postprandial coal train pass by, give her beer a try. I have.

  • Speedygeese Portrait Gallery 2017

    Alex Murray

    Alex is a hockey player and world traveller who likes to train with us to maintain her fitness. She is also one of four members of the speedygeese, along with Ruth, Vanessa and Andy, who have competed in dragon boating.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

The speedygeese Calendar of Events

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**=I plan to attend
Sat 21/018:00amBurley Griffin 5k parkrun
8:00am**Ginninderra 5k parkrun
8:00amTuggeranong 5k parkrun
8:00amGungahlin 5k parkrun
Sun 22/017:30am**speedygeese @ Stromlo Forest Park
Mon 23/015:30pm**speedygeese @ Parliament House
Wed 25/016:00pmACTVAC Track @ AIS
6:00pm 3000m
7:00pm 800m
7:55pm 3000m/5000m
Thu 26/015:30pm**speedygeese @ Yarralumla Dog Park

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Selection trial: Australian team for the World Cross Country

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The world CC selection trials will be held at Stromlo Forest Park in a week's time. The speedygeese usually train there on a Sunday morning at that time, some running on the grass surface to be used for the trials, some doing long hilly runs on the trails around Mount Stromlo
The date is Sunday 29 January.
The race schedule is as follows:
- Open men's 10km - 7:30am
- Open women's 10km - 7:55am
- Junior men's 8km - 8:25am
- Junior girls' 6km - 8:45am
It will be well worth watching Australia's best distance runners in action, at close hand.
I plan to arrive early, say 7:00am, and jog around watching.
Maybe see you there?

Friday, 20 January 2017

YCRC January newsletter

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YCRC Newsletter Wednesday 18th Jan 2017
1.                 Welcome to 2017
2.                 Memberships for 2017
3.                 World Cross Country Selection Trials 29th Jan at Stromlo Forest Park
4.                 Summers Series 2017
5.                 Jogalong  Sunday 5th February – Special for OvCan
6.                 Australian Running Festival -  5k/10k Training Group
7.                 Helpers/Volunteers – Club and special events
8.                 YMCA Canberra Half Marathon 2017 and Half Marathon Training Group
9.                 TTS Training Group
1.                 Welcome to 2017
The YCRC President and Committee wish all members, their families and all runners a happy and health 2017.  Once again we a facing a very busy year.  We seek your support firstly that you join or renew your membership and promote and help the club as much as you can.
2.          2017 Memberships
Club membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December and for 2017 annual membership is only. $45 Adults, $30 juniors (under 18yrs), $75 Family Membership 
Free membership is available for those who volunteer but do not wish to take part in member activities.
We process all of our club memberships and event registrations online. If online registration is a barrier to participation for you please contact us to make alternative arrangements.
Online registrations can be made at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=22855  The club website can be accessed at http://www.canberra.ymca.org.au/runnersclub/Pages/default.aspx 

3.           World Cross Country Selection Trials – Stromlo Forest Park 29th Jan 2017   
The best male and female distance runners in Australia will be at Stromlo Forest Park on the 29th to compete for selection in the Australian open teams for males and females and the under 20 year teams.  The World Cross Country Championships will be held in March in the Uganda capital of Kampala.  The Open teams will comprise six male and female athletes and the U20 four athletes per team. Start times are as follows.
-         7:30am Open Men 10km
-         7:55am Open Women 10km
-         8:25am U20 Men 8km
-         8:45am U20 Women 6km
4.           Summer  Series 2017 – First event Tuesday 31st Jan – 2/5k at 6.15pm at  Stromlo Forest Park
Why should you come along to this series?    It is good to support your club and running in events like this can help you achieve good times in longer events. Certainly all types of speed work can help but nothing can replace racing.  These runs are aim at all standards of runners and joggers.  Stromlo Forest Park is off Uriarra Road in the new Molonglo Valley development.  On Tuesday 7th Feb the Summers Series 2k/5k start on Lawson Crescent at 6.15pm. Park at the western end of the National Museum of Australia carpark and walk down to the lake edge.
   Jogalong Sunday 5th February – 8am Weston Park, Yarralumla.   Jogalong events start and finish at the corner of Weston Park Road and Prescott Lane.
February is ovarian cancer awareness month, and to recognise this the Jogalong on 5 February will be supporting OvCan, a small local ovarian cancer awareness and support group. 

As well as the usual 6 km handicap event, 3 km fun run and 1.6 Km kids' handicap, we will have representatives from OvCan at the event, who will be providing information on this insidious disease, and are also able to take your donations. A limited range of clothing from previous Women and Girls' Fun Runs (including the teal t-shirts from 2016) will also be available for purchase at the bargain basement price of $20 each, of which $5 will be donated to OvCan. So pick up some quality running gear at a great price and support a good cause at the same time.

Don't want to bring your credit card or cash to the Jogalong? Then go online and make your purchases and donations in advance, and just pick up your new gear on the day. Get in early to get the best choice of clothing. Clothing can also be collected from the YMCA in Yarralumla or posted out if you won't be able to make it on the day. Just make sure you get your order in by Friday 3 February.

For this month only, non-members can pre-register online as well. Again this option is only available until Friday 3 February. Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for under 18s.  The link is


 And remember, start time is 8.00 am to avoid the summer heat!

Want to find out more about the Jogalong? Go you our website at 

6.      Australian Running Festival – Training Group – Commencing 14th Feb

The Club is conducting a training group for new or returning runners to prepare for the 5km Fun Run at the Australian Running Festival in April. Those aiming to run the 10 km Fun Run or other events are also welcome. This is an 8 week program commencing at 6.30 am on Tuesday 14 February, and will consist of three training sessions a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings at Weston Park. Registration includes a pre-event dinner and a YCRC singlet or T-shirt in addition to the training sessions. The fee for non-members also includes 2017 YCRC membership, and is $125 for adults. The cost for members is $80 and there is also a discount for under 18s. For further details see the Club’s Training Groups webpage. http://www.canberra.ymca.org.au/runnersclub/training/Pages/default.aspx

7.        Helpers/Volunteers
The YCRC is an all volunteers club.  We need your help to hold a summer, spring, Winter Series, or a monthly Jogalong.  We have a team of volunteers who organise the YMCA Canberra Half Marathon (see below).  We have an organiser and we need runners to help with the Half Marathon Training Group.  We provide a large group of helpers to Fairfax Events in April to assist with the Australian Running Festival. Yes many of our members participate in the events and many assist with the following tasks; Drivers, Cyclists, Course Marshalls, Start Marshall, Baggage Handlers and with the Start Drinks.  So when we call for help and it is not far off please help us, by emailing or contact our point of contact.  In the case of the Australian Running Festival our club receives payment for the volunteers provided.

8.      YMCA Canberra Half Marathon and Half Marathon Training Group.
The half marathon will be held on Sunday 28th May commencing at 8am from Lennox Gardens.  Entries are now open and the link is https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=23770
On the Saturday we will have a 1.6k Mini Jog for young children and a 5k Fun Run.  More details on these events later in the year.
Half Marathon Training Group.   This group will commence on 25th Feb, If you have basic fitness and you want to run a half marathon then join this group. The group meets three times a week on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6.30am at Lennox Gardens and at 7am on Saturday at various locations.  To register for the training group go to https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=23494    on completion of the YMCA Canberra Half Marathon this group continues as the TTS Training Group.  This group meets on Tuesday and Thursday at Lennox Gardens (behind the Hyatt) at 6.30am and on Saturday around the ACT at 7am.  Turn up on a Tuesday or Thursday for more information.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A brand new speedygosling

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A new speedygosling has arrived. Maya Vera came into the world on Tuesday 17th, sister for Vianne, daughter for Joel and Yelena Pearson. Mother and daughter are doing well! Congratulations!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hot day attendance record smashed at training

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This week's Parliament House speedygeese training sessions:
On Thursday 12th the training session consisted of very hot hill intervals. I was recovering from a doctors appointment so didn't go, and present were Dave, Ewen, Giles, Isaac, Jen, Nicole, Brownie, Ruth, Sandeep, Thea, Jennie, Celina, Chloe, Jacob, and Kevin (new).

I returned on Monday 16th, another very hot day with no respite from the sun, to put the runners through 20 minutes of relatively easy loops from the grass oval. During the session, some took advantage of the showers inside the toilet block there, to cool down. Participating were Andy, Colin, Ewen, Fiona, me, Isaac, Jen, Kym, Mick, Rae, Ruth, Sandeep, Susan, Vanessa, Warrick, Tom, Jennie, Jessica, Celina, Chloe, Jacob, Kevin, and Daniel. I am positive this is the most we have had, 23, on such a hot day.

After the session we decided we would have a fish and chips night on Monday 30th, down at the Yacht Club after training.

Meanwhile... Vanessa spent Sunday rock climbing...

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Attendace records smashed at Canberra parkruns

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Last week a record 981 completed parkrun in Canberra, with over 200 finishing each of the four events. The record lasted one week; on Saturday there were 1,041 parkrunners, with over 200 again at each venue. Gungahlin set a new record for any parkrun there.

Sarah-Jayne running her first Gungahlin parkrun. She was first woman, finishing fifth outright.

This week's speedygeese race results:
Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 10 January
Craig Wurtz 29:54
Ewen Thompson 33:45
14 finishers

Customs 5k 13 January
Giles Lamb 22:54
David Clarke 23:40
14 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #245
14 January
46 Bron Sparkes 24:31 W40
51 Kevin Miller 24:52 M35
75 Celina Miller 26:34 W35
76 Geoff Moore 26:40 M65
89 Thea Zimpel 27:37 W30
91 Ruth Baussmann 28:13 W65
206 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #170
14 January
5 Sarah-Jayne Miller 19:26 W30 *First Timer*
256 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #32 14 January
37 Craig Wurtz 21:36 M50
273 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #204 14 January
8 David Clarke 20:31 M55
52 Ewen Thompson 24:37 M55
216 Thomas Howieson 38:06 M11
251 Jessica Howieson 42:42 W10 *First Timer*
252 Warrick Howieson 42:42 M45
306 finishers

Monday, 16 January 2017

Song of the week - Lonely Cities

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Song of the week - "Lonely Cities", by Tigertown

From https://youtu.be/qSg1hJZVoL4. A very impressive video!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Tuggeranong parkrun

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All Australian parkruns are friendly
All four ACT parkruns are fast courses.
Tuggeranong parkrun is the largest of the four, it has the most competitors each week..

Parkrun is free and run by volunteers.

Tuggeranong pictures from a week ago:

Bryan and Ann. Photo by Pieta.

Tuggeranong parkrun volunteers. Pieta on the left was the official photographer for the event that week. Photography is something else she's good at, besides running!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Rob de Castella Career Highlights

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A short clip containing some of Rob de Castella's running career highlight's at the height of his marathon domination in the 80's.

From https://youtu.be/UWjwP8Gj-B4