Saturday, 29 August 2015

parkrun day

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I missed this morning's parkrun. It can wait another week. Parkrun is on 52 weeks a year in hundreds of locations. I hope you all ran well.

..not so, parkruns are free. Otherwise it's all true.

Friday, 28 August 2015

what a difference a day makes

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Thursday. Fit and well. Running around.
Friday. Sick as a dog.

Here are some grandchildren pics to cheer me up.

Sophie. And one of four new guinea pigs

Jarod. Back in Canberra again, this time for schools Mountain Bike championships.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

pizza cat

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

I was a bit surprised how few joined us for training this week.

Thursday at Dickson under lights: Dave, Kathy, Roger, Susan, Thea and Tory attended, running 4 x 3 minutes on the track, plus a shuttle relay.

Sunday at Stromlo Forest Park: just me, running 13k and enjoying feeling recovered from a seven week cold.

Monday at Parliament House: I ran early; then Susan, Jen, Isaac and I warmed up and ran 100m intervals; I did 12 and the others did 8. We were well sheltered from the cold wind and rain. Note to others: Monday training is never cancelled. I can understand people not wanting to drive in that weather. However the roads were fairly empty, just the usual handful of lunatics in a hurry to get home.

OK; on the worst of days I have done extra gym sessions, and pushed harder. Hoping you are the same.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

speedygeese race results

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Saturday 15 August 5k Cooks River Parkrun #28
8 Peter Thomson 21:04 M50
61 finishers

Tuesday 18 August AMRA Black Mountain Run-Up 2.6k
25 finishers

Friday 21 August Customs 5k
Peter Thomson 24:50
Caroline Campbell 31:23

Saturday 22 August 5k Ginninderra Parkrun #173
51 Bron Sparkes 25:05 W35
69 Thea Zimpel 26:41 W30
151 finishers

Saturday 22 August 5k Tuggeranong Parkrun #130
12 David Clarke 19:46 M55
30 Peter Thomson 21:47 M50
33 Geoff Moore 22:00 M65 New PB!
38 Julia Anderson 22:49 W45
47 Bronwyn Calver 23:59 W45
80 Marie Fischetti 27:15 W55
158 finishers

Saturday 22 August 5k Gungahlin Parkrun #96
38 Janene Kingston 23:15 W50
46 Gary Bowen 23:59 M55
101 Margaret McSpadden 31:12 W65
130 finishers

Sunday 23 August ACTVAC Half Marathon
M55 Dave Clarke 1:34:54 *silver*
M50 Peter Thomson 1:38:19
M45 Craig Davis 1:42:59
W60 Maria O'Reilly 1:45:20 *gold*
W55 Helen Larmour 1:47:30 *gold*
M60 Dave Webster 1:49:08
W50 Gabe Brown 1:53:02 *silver*
W55 Tori Hennig 2:04:31 *silver*
M65 Bill Arthur 2:07:59
W40 Susan Sturgeon 2:12:04
W70 Caroline Campbell 2:17:06 *gold*

Monday, 24 August 2015

Nothing has changed. The world is still arguing.

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Song of the week: "Dancing On The Jetty" by INXS.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

...or even a Half

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Looked like good conditions for the Vets Half this morning. I ran two thirds of a half around Stromlo instead, musn't over-race.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

getting faster while getting older

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Yippee spring arrived in Canberra today (however temporarily). Nicely timed to coincide with our 45th wedding anniversary.

I was pleased to discover that my Tuggeranong parkrun time this morning was a "New PB!" by 6 seconds. It should still be possible for me to take another minute or two off that in the next few weeks, and achieve my goal times before competing in the Masters Games in early October.

Despite seven weeks with a cough/cold, little running, lots of gym work, I seem to be OK.

It's the gym work that has kept me strong.

I am not even thinking about what I might train for after the Games.

One impossible challenge at a time.