The speedygeese train at Parliament House on Mondays.

4:00pm or so: a few of us may go on an early run before the main session. Call if interested.
5:30pm: we all meet in the underground car park, ready for our main training session.

The timing is approximately as follows:
5:35pm warm-up begins from the top of the steps out of the car-park
5:45pm: we reconvene at the top of the steps and wait for any late arrivals
5:50pm: we set off towards the area for the evening's interval session
6:00pm: interval training begins at the location of choice around the grounds of Parliament House
6:30pm: interval training finishes and we proceed to do a cool-down run
6:45pm: we are back in the car-park ready to leave for the night.

The training session varies, and can include but is not restricted to,
  • Hill sprints on one of the many slopes around Parliament House
  • Intervals along the grass tracks or along the gravel tracks
  • Laps around the flagpoles between old and new parliament House
  • Circuits on the western side 200m oval
  • Continuous relays when there are larger numbers participating
  • Any combination of the above!
Parliament House Monday & Thursday night training will never be cancelled because of the weather. Sometimes training is moved when a big function is on, e.g. Canberra Day celebrations. . You may refer to the "coming events" listing on to check.

Parking is at the underground car park as indicated by the red circle on the map below.

We are a friendly, welcoming, and inclusive group and we would love you and your friends to be part of our group. All sessions are free of charge, and available for anyone regardless of age, gender, and athletic ability. Sessions are planned and will be adapted according to the needs and abilities of those present. Feel free to attend as many or as few sessions as you wish, starting whenever you wish.


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