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Three weeks of speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 22 April long run report [Dave ]: About 25 geese turned up for today’s long run, which started with the Mt Ainslie parkrun trial then a 10k loop of Mt Ainslie then a few more km for Shiree, Narelle and I to take it up to 20k (and Giles who ran to the run from home then back home). Shiree then got serious and threw in a run up Mt Ainslie (I think she was suffering from withdrawals). Narelle and Graeme did their trip to the top earlier.
With a brilliantly designed course and an expert navigator leading, no one got lost, despite Giles’ attempt to hold a coup and have a vote which way to go, which I promptly shut down 🀣
For those who have been following the Helen saga, I was told she was on the long run but that’s an unlikely story. I did spot her jumping out of the bushes 500m from the end of parkrun but it’s a fair bet 500m was it. Happy to be proven wrong if you have photographic evidence. πŸ˜‚
As the photos show, Gentleman Wil gave a helping hand to cross the creek (as he does). 😱
Coffee at The Knox in Watson was somewhat more challenging, with more people than an average sized Parkrun, reminding more of an episode of Survivor.
Welcome to our new runners, including Nadine πŸ˜ƒ
Giles will be next week’s “run director”. I’ll be doing the MS 10k so good luck to those on the long run. πŸ€“

Monday 23 April at Parliament House: 20 minutes of 3 person continuous relays followed by a little over 8 minutes of 2 person relays: I supervised and jogged 9k, Christopher walked, and participating in the relays were Lisa, Ricky, Jinny, Bernardo, Vanessa, Sandeep, Pieta, Dave, Warrick, Colin, Ruth, Tori, Jen, Isaac, James (new), Deborah (new), and Jacob.

Thursday 26 April
: At Parliament house tonight doing reps of 200-300-400-300 and repeat until 30 minutes was up, were Colin, Jen, Isaac, Brendon, Ruth, Jinny and Dave with me tagging along too.

Sunday 29 April long run report [Giles ]: With a few geese absent at various other events and locations (including the gruesome twosome of Dave and Jen), numbers were down this morning, however nine still appeared at the CORRECT start place (Paul Trumble, take note), for an adventure along ACT’s northwestern border.
Quite surprisingly, nobody got lost, no wrong turns were taken, and only one of us had to report to a casualty ward afterwards (not me this time).
We had a marvellous view from the top of One Tree Hill, discussing how much new development was going on at Gungahlin below us, before heading onwards to the northern tip of the ACT.
As we approached the turnaround point, two of the gentleman runners realised that they had to dart home - and that was the last we saw of them. For the rest of us, it was a lovely jog back to Hall and then some refreshments at a cafe in Hall. Next week is out at Wamboin, I understand.

Monday 30 April
at Parliament House: I was away in South Australia and Colin ran the show. There were 15 x 200m runs nearly achieved by everyone. At least the following were there: Ricky, Dave, Colin, Dom, Isaac, Jennie, Tori, Bron, Ruth, Jen, Bernardo and Pieta. Because they are in the photo toasting Dave’s 60th birthday.

Thursday 03 May: Speedygeese at Parliament house tonight doing 12 x 40 seconds on 2 minutes (or so) were Sandeep, Ricky, Jen, Isaac, Colin, Allie (new), Jennie and me. Brendan just did a warm-up run.

Sunday 06 May long run - Kowen - If I find a run report for 06 May I will add it in.

Monday 07 May: There will be a separate report of the Speedygeese dinner celebrating my 70th birthday.

Thursday 10 May cold and damp and windy around the ACT, but at Parliament House, training was fine. Running were Jacob, Dave, new Dave, Brendan, Ruth, Ricky while I jogged around at a leisurely pace. The session consisted of 4 x 400 and 2-4 x 200.

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